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Prabha’s and maharaj’s fight resonates in the entire house. Prabha hollers for madhvi to come out. supriya and sagar come down too. prabha is insulted and screams at the way, even servants are hollering at her. madhvi asks whats the matter. prabha says that she was being insulted by maharaj and being accused of lying. ammaji comes and asks whats the matter. he says that he met sudha in the market and sudha told them that ganga doesnt stay in the ashram. they are all boggled.

He narrates what actually happened, and how noone knows now where is ganga. all are stunned and shocked. he reminds them what prabha told lies, and that the truth is ganga wasnt even at the ashram, and prabha didnt even meet her. madhvi asks prabha if what maharaj is saying, is the truth. prabha fumbles. he starts reprimanding her, for the way she lied, and talks about how ganga wasnt allowed to stay in the ashram. he points out how prabha poisoned them and their minds about ganga. ammajiasks her why she did this.

Prabha says that thinking like this, she went to search for ganga, as she must have ruined their lives, but they wouldnt turn their backs on ganga. ammaji asks her not to do any drama and actually tell what happened. all stand tensed. prabha tells her that she did meet ganga at the taxi stand. all are shocked to hear this. sagar comes down asking what happened next. prabha points out how tensed he is, merely hearing her name, and hence kept the secret. prabha makes up stories, about meeting ganga at the bus stop, where a man came to see her, whom she saw lovingly, and palced her head on his shoulders. she says that he wiped her tears, and then they had a talk, after which she sat in his car and went off. they are shocked to hear this. ammaji thinks that she thought so high of ganga and this is what happened. rudra asks her who was that person, and asks her to try and tell what he looked like.

Prabha asks what good can it do now to know what the guy looked like. seeing them getting influenced, she continues to instigate them further. maharaj thinks that he isnt able to trust prabha at all. ammaji is devastated. prabha turns to sagar, and begs him to understand that he shall get a far better girl than ganga, and asks him to be happy. he says that he isnt interested either in ganga or anyone else, and that ganga can have her rich and handsome boyfriend, as he has other important work.

Location: Sagar’s residence
Supriya is stopped from working, by sagar on the terrace pointing out her delicate condition. she asks if he feels she should only rest. he gives her more pregnant woman advise, while she instigates him to try and tell more, while he gives her knowledge as to how a pregnant woman should be happy, and at peace. she is tensed, and says that when ganga too is in this state, shouldnt she too be taken care of like that. he is tensed. she asks if he didnt think once, who would be caring for her, and how is she, and in what condition, whether she feeds and rests properly or not. he gets uncomfortably.

She says that she cares for ganga, as she has stood by them, through thick and thin, and supported them every which way, and they deserted her when she needed them the most. he says that she doesnt need them, as she has emphasises that she doesnt need anyone, and that he is sure that ganga would be fine wherever she is. He asks supriya to get ready soon, as she needed to go to the doctor, and says that he shall wait outside. as sagar leaves, ammaji sees his plight, and thinks that she shall never forgive him. all disperse while prabha stands tensed, and then leaves too. rudra eyes her going.

Location: Hospital
Ganga is brought to the hospital by the lady, and then they ask for the doctor, but are told, that she is busy, and would meet her regarding ganga’s job after sometime. the lady says that she needs to get back to her work, and cant wait here with her. Ganga asks her not to bother, as she shall easily wait here. Oblivious to this, sagar enters with supriya for her checkup. but before they can see her, a visitor comes in between, and they dont meet. supriya goes with sagar inside, in the waiting hall, while ganga waits outside. as gamnga shukla is called for, sagar gets unnerved and rushes outside searching for ganga.

Sagar hides behind the shutters, when he finds ganga sitting in the gynaecologist’s chambers. ganga tries to talk, but the doctor shuts her up. the doctor asks ganga questions about her pregnancy, as to how long has it been, when did she get to know, whats her name. ganga tries to explain that she isnt here for this, but the doctor assuming that she is a patient, continues to give her advise. the gynaecologist tells about pre-natal advise. ganga answers all the quetions diligently, but she gets surprised and taken aback, when the doctor asks her the name of the father.

Sagar too waits tensedly for her answer, in anticipation, while ganga sits surprised. She asks her to write the same name as the father too, as she bears both the responsibilities. the doctor stands confused. just then, the lady comes inside, and tells the doctor how ganga came for a job. she clears the confusion. sagar is shocked to know that she has come for a job. justy then, the doctor is asked to come in for an emergency case. she asks her to train ganga along with the nurses for sometime, after which they shall see where to place her, and then hastily leaves. ganga and the lady smiles. the lady congratulates her on her new start, and asks her to head towards the nurses’ station, while she attends a patient, and then gets her uniform too.

Ganga complies. the lady leaves. ganga is jerked towards one corner, and pinned against the wall, by sagar. she is taken aback and stands surprised. Sagar asks her why didnt she give the name of the father, and asks where is he, with whom she went that day, from the bus stop and asks where if he right now, as he should be with her through all this. she says that the father of the child is right here. he asks where, and if he is sitting in the car putside. she is apalled, as he holds her tensedly. he asks if she considers herself so smart, then why she stooped down so low. she asks what, and begs him to finish the sentence. he wrneches her hand, while she says that she is in pain. he lets go, and she is about to leave, when he stops her.

He asks what about her education, and the way she wanted to fulfill her father’s dream, and why she had to work in the hospital then, and asks if the father isnt supporting her for the child. she asks him to understand something like this, or else she doesnt want to take his help. he asks why, and if its because she doesnt love him. she tells him that she loves him so much so, that she cant narrate, but her self respect is far more precious than her feelings towards him. she leaves from there, while he stands stunned. she wipes her tears and walks ahead, while sagar rushes after her. but the nurse stops him, asking him not to go further.

Ganga rushes inside the nurses’ station. he wishes to meet her, but he is denied any further permission. just then, supriya comes and asks whats the matter. he doesnt tell and says that he is fine. she says that she is done, and was waiting at the reception. he wonders if their relationship has come to this level now, that they are behaving to each other as strangers, and thinks if the childhood memories dont matter to her at all. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Location: Raahat Ma’s residence
Some goons attack ganga’s house, and try to take kashish away, the other ladies fight them off. gangaa is hurt but not thwarted. she continues to fight with them, to stop them from taking kashish away. one of the goons takes a knife out, and then swears, placing it under ganga’s throat, swearing to kill her off if anyone acts smart. all are shocked. sagar intervenes and comes in the house, and is shocked to see the situation the house is in.

*some scene missing* Rahaat Ma and are girls face possible eviction from her residence.

Outside, the residence, as all wait outside, the lady tries everyone for help, but doesnt get through any help. she expresses her frustration at ganga and others as to how people ditch them in troubled times. she asks how can she leave the house that she stayed in for 15 years. the others voice the same opinion too. ganga assures the lady that they shall take up this place itself, and promises that they shall fight togethr, and then get back inside this very house.

Later when the lady returns, she gives food to gauri, and asks her to feed everyone. she complies. gauri asks ganga if the letter is complete. ganga says that its almost done, and that she shall put up litigation so much so, that they are repaid back in full, for all the torture that they have had to go through.

Prema, the girl asks what if they dont get keys till midnight, ganga assures that they shall get it. th landlord’s men come and try to throw their stuff away, but they maintain a strong human chain, to prevent them. onlookers gather, an old lady amongst them, and watch the secene. they are about to break the chain, when the oldlady stands up for their help, and others follow. the goons leave. ganga and ma profusely thank her for her help. she also offers them a place to stay for the night. they are overwhelmed with gratitude.

*Some scene missing. Niru is nominated for an award*

Scene 2:
Location: Sagar’s residence
Prabha talks to yash, on the phone, about how she cant stand the fact that everyone is happy, due to sagar’s father’s award, and now her next target is supriya whose child wont be born, after having separated sagar and ganga. she decides to poison her, so that the child dies before its even born. she swears revenge on the family. as she enters he kitchen, she finds madhvi preparing meds for upriya, multi vitamins. she says that she is busy and asks prabha to go and give it to her. she agrees and advises to give the meds in milk. madhvi complies.

While prabha is preparing milk, she slips the medicine that she has brought for termination of pregnancy, and then takes it up to supriya, who after much reluctance drinks it, on prabh’s coaxing. as she tucks her to sleep, prabha evilly thinks that she shall definitely kill this child with the slow poison intended for it.

Scene 3:
Location: Court room
While sagar arrives with his client, the prosecutor asks about someone legal reprsenting raahat maa, in litigation. ganga presents herself, saying that she has studied law. sagar and ganga eye each other awkwardly. The clerk asks her to produce the license, and also the proper format for public litigation, and cites her letter as worthless. ganga asks him to check nicely, while he reprimands her for trying to teach him his job.

Sagar stands watching this all. raahat ma says that she shall get everything poperly written soon. the clerk mocks them to go. as they go out, sagar smirks just when ganga is about to leave. raahat ma says that she is waiting outside. after she leaves, sagar taunts her about her inefficiency in legal matters. she is hurt as she listens to all that.

Ganga remembers sagar’s taunts, to prove that the notice is wrong. she eyes her family sleeping, and is tensed for them. she gets back to researching and starting afresh, without caring what time is it, until its morning. she leaves to freshen up. raahat ma wakes up and finds ganga’s place empty and wonders where she went. she calls up, and gets to know that ganga is already in the legal office, and says that she shall come soon.

Scene 5:
Location: Court room
Ganga waits, as she comes much earlier than even the office opens and waits for the day to start. raahat comes and then they find the ladies coming in. sagar too comes with the landlord, and then explaining all the appropriate legal formalities, she cites this legal notice as all wrong and illegal. the clerk is confounded into silence. sagar eyes her tensedly. ganga shows how there isnt any registered letter in raahat’s name, for leaving the house. the clerk orders the landlord to give the keys to raahat. he does so resignedl. sagar stands tensed. the screen freezes on ganga and sagar’s face.

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