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Gangaa 26 May 2020: Gangaa says I proved myself but you still aren’t worthy to be called my friend. You will have to prove yourself too if you want to be my friend! Sagar is confused. Ganga walks out of the room. Yash smiles. That girl insulted you!

Madhvi asks Pulkit to wake up Sagar as it is 10 am. He notices the wound in his hand. Sagar tries to hide it but Pulkit insists. Tell me how it happened or I will call everyone. Sagar finally tells him everything. Pulkit realises that Ganga doesn’t know anything. Tell her everything. A bigger problem would have arisen if you hadn’t gone back stage. Sagar doesn’t want to be great in front of her. Let her stay like that. She will understand my importance once she finds out the truth. He takes promise from Pulkit.

Maharaj ji questions Ganga. Sagar extended his hand for friendship and you declined? Ganga replies that she has many friends. Why should I depend only on him? Sagar overhears this. Dadi brought you in the house because of me. Why dint you go to their houses then? I too am not dying to be friends with you. I have lots of friends. I don’t need you. Maharaj ji says you hurt him again. Ganga reasons that she too feels bad. He hid me in the closet when his friends came. He refused to acknowledge me as well. He should understand this too. Maharaj ji is confused about the kind of relation they share. You both keep on fighting with each other yet do everything for one another too. You both cannot see each other in pain but still hurt one another with words!

Yash wants to play or see some movie on laptop. He picks up one CD.

Pulkit and his girlfriend are talking on phone. Pulkit takes the CD from Yash’s hands. These are horror movies. He gives him another set of CDs to choose from. Pulkit tells his girlfriend that they will be meeting outside a cinema hall.

Yash wants to see a horror movie only. Sagar isn’t interested. Yash thinks of scaring Ganga today. She was acting so arrogant yesterday. Wont you seek revenge? Let us call her here.

Sagar and Yash come to Ganga’s room. Yash invites her for the movie. You like seeing movies? Come we will show you one. She denies. Sagar tells Yash to let it be. She will get scared. We will watch a horror film. Girls aren’t so daring. They are cowards. Ganga says I don’t get scared of anything. You both will get scared instead. Yash and Ganga make a bet as to who will get scared while watching a horror film!

Mehri is doing oil massage in Ganga’s head. Ganga shows her the oil bottle. Bappa used to say that it is very good. I am making garland for you so I asked Mehri Didi to put it. Amma ji reads the ingredients of the oil. They discuss about the same. Ganga says my hairs are so good because of this oil only. Your hairs wouldn’t have been white if you would have put it too. Amma ji and Ganga cutely talk over the competition. Amma ji still hopes Sagar would have won. He is still the best. Ganga replies that it is good that no one made her the judge. Amma ji tells Ganga to work faster.

Door bell rings. Amma ji tells Madhvi to ask first before opening the door. It is Niru. He asks her why she was not opening the door. I was riming bell since so long. Why are there constables outside? She says come in. I will tell you everything. Amma ji is glad to see him back. Your phone was unreachable since last 3 days. Niru says there was no signal in the area where I was since last 3 days. What was the emergency? Why are there constables outside? Amma ji shares everything with him. Prabha adds that she came over to live here after hearing this news. There should be a man in the house. Who can try to steal here if a man is inside the house? Madhvi says we spoke to police and deployed two policemen outside. Amma ji asks him who is after him. You were attacked also. Niru thinks. It maybe someone associated with that case. He goes to freshen up.

Both the boys think of sitting on the bed while Ganga will be sitting down on the floor. Yash decides to darken the room so they can feel that they are watching it in a movie hall. Yash also switches off the lights.

Niru is talking to Raghav ji about Solanki’s case. Was it an accident or he was attacked? He gets to know about the CD which contains some proof regarding the case. What could be in it?

Sagar picks one CD. He gives a chance to Ganga to think through. She insists that she never gets scared. He puts the CD in the laptop. They watch the CD but are confused about the people in it. They are actually watching the CD which Solanki had put in her bag. Sagar notices that Ganga’s face is all pale. What happened to you? Yash smirks thinking that Ganga got scared by watching this much only. What will happen if she sees the rest of the film!She screams out in shock. These were the same people! I had seen them only. Niru hears her scream. Yash and Sagar try to calm her down but in vain. Niru and Maharaj ji come there.

Sagar says she got scared by watching a film. It was not real. Niru thinks otherwise. She cannot get so scared by watching a story. There is surely something. He checks the CD. The same guy who had attacked Niru is also seen in the CD. The scene of the ghaat is also shown where Ganga is screaming for her Bappa. Ganga shouts. Niru tries to assure her but she runs out of the room. He also stops Sagar from going after her. Let her cry her heart out.

MLA is shocked to know that Niru is back. The goon says Raghav ji is keeping a tab on the hospital where Solanki is. MLA is irked as Shankar has been nabbed. If he speaks up before police then everything will be over! You all are good for nothing. Scare that lawyer; beat him; do anything but get me a good news! I will have to make Niru away from the case.

Niru cannot understand how that CD came here. We don’t know but those people know it which is why they came here in my absence. Sagar asks him if they will come back again to get it. Niru assures him that nothing will go wrong as he is here. Don’t tell anyone about this CD. Both Sagar and Yash nod. Maharaj ji says Ganga looks scared, worried and tensed. Niru knows that she got a big shock. It will take some time. Niru thinks that this CD can help unravel lots of secrets.

Ganga is holding her Bappa’s made cycle in her hand. She remembers all the times that she has spent with him in the past. Sagar brings milk for her. Please drink it. I know you are thinking of your Bappa. Dadi says all the dead people are called by God. He likes good people. Please stop crying. Ganga says my Bappa wasn’t called by God. A bad man has killed him. He shot which is why that stampede happened. My Bappa too died because of it. I don’t know why that guy did so. Why did he snatch my Bappa? She walks away sadly.

Niru is talking to someone about the CD. They killed Mahesh after which they noticed Solanki. In their attempt to catch hold of him they reached Ghaat. Lacs of people were present there. They shot at Solanki. People heard the gunshot. Stampede happened and many people died in it. Ganga comes there. My Bappa was also one of them. It is a sin to kill someone. They should be punished. Niru nods. They will be punished. I will fight a case against them. They will surely be sent behind bars. Amma ji asks him to sit with her. Yash was about to say something but stops mid sentence. Prabha and Madhvi feel that something is wrong. Electricity goes off. Maharaj ji brings candles. Only our electricity has gone. Niru thinks that maybe there is problem with the fuse. He begins to go to check it when someone throws stone or something at the windows. Everyone ducks down behind a sofa to save themselves.

A man challenges Niru to step out. You will see the consequences of speaking the truth now. NIru gets up but Madhvi stops him. Sagar talks positive to Ganga. Papa is very brave. He will save us. Landline rings. Someone threatens Niru to be careful as there is still time. Stop interfering in this case. The man counts all the family members. Why are you putting their lives in risk? Niru refuses to stay quiet. DO whatever you want to!

Niru tells the goon to tell the MLA that nothing is bigger than law. I know he is behind it. I will put m everything but wont back down. I will send that MLA to jail. I got one CD because of which I can put you all behind bars. He disconnects the call.

How dare they threaten me! I wont spare anyone. Amma ji asks him about the CD. Niru realises that he shouldn’t have spoken about the CD in anger.

MLA gets to know that Niru has got the CD. Do anything but get him off the case. He notices his daughter enjoying chaat with some guy (Pulkit). He stops his car. He gets down and confronts his daughter. He slaps her. Pulkit tries to say something but gets slapped too. MLA makes his goon beat Pulkit. I wont spare you if I see you with my daughter again. He takes his daughter with him. In the car, MLA scolds his daughter for wasting time with a local cheapster! MLA’s daughter later tells him that Pulkit is a very good guy. His father is also a very good person and you know him already – Mr. Niranjan Chaturvedi! MLA is surprised. He is Niru’s son? He asks his driver to reverse the car. Pulkit gets up with difficulty.

Amma ji is shocked that Niru hid such a big matter from them. Niru dint want to trouble anyone. Yash speaks up. Fufaji had asked me not to speak about it too. Madhvi sends the kids to their rooms but they stand at the stairs to know what’s happening.

Constables come in. Raman questions them about the guys. They say that they went to a nearby shop for 2 minutes. it happened in that time only. Niru dismisses them. They aren’t at fault. Rama suggests lodging a complaint in the police station. Prabha thinks that MLA will surely have good connections. What if they attack the entire family? Let us go to our home. What if naything happens to us? Raman stops her. Madhvi reminds her that she came to stay with them on her wish.

Amma ji supports Prabha. These people are very dangerous. They can go to any extent to save themselves. Niru wont take this case! I cant let anything happen to my family. Niru doesn’t want to be a coward but Amma ji stays put. Niru says I studied law to help innocent people.

You are asking me to turn my face away from justice? Madhvi too says the same thing. Niru cares for his family but he cannot compromise with his professional ethics. Amma ji is not interested in hearing anything about honesty and law. You will risk everyone’s life if you take up this case. This is madness!

Ganga runs to her room. She takes out the potli from the trunk in which all her wedding jewellery is kept. She thinks of the unfateful day when she got separated from her Bappa. She packs them back in the potli and rushes out.

Amma ji makes it clear to Niru that she has taken a decision. You wont fight this case. Ganga comes there. Everyone turns to look at her as she calls out for Babu. She holds out her jewellery in her hand. I know that Amma ji doesn’t want you to fight this case. You wont get money in this. Take all these but don’t stop fighting for my Bappa. I have only this much. My Bappa had bought them for me. If this is less then I will give you everything that I earn when you grow up.

It is ok if you want to listen to Amma ji. I will feel bad if anything happens to you because of me. Call another lawyer and give this fee to him. Request him to get all those punished who killed my Bappa. Amma ji warns Niru not to melt down now. Don’t be mad. Niru takes the jewellery from her. This fee is too much. I would never want another lawyer to take so much fees. I will certainly fight this case! Amma ji scolds Niru for listening to this girl again. You will not listen to your mother. He clears that he wants to follow the right path. Would Dad have done it? Amma ji tells him to do whatever he wants to. I wont say anything. She leaves. Niru tells Madhvi that he wont let any problem befall on any of his family member. I will make Amma ji agree. Ganga looks at her hands.

A Constable comes to tell Niru that they have arrested Pulkit. He is in lock up. Everyone is stunned. Niru asks him what he has done. Constable replies that he was teasing a girl. No one can believe it. Constable says Ms. Saloni has complained. Sagar points out that she is Chandan’s sister.

His father is a big man. Constable remarks that they are the kids of MLA Srivastava. Niru understands that MLA is behind it. Prabha wonders what will happen next. Please leave this case. Ganga is confused. Niru leaves with the constable. Ganga wonders what would have happened to Pulkit Bhaiya.

Inspector gives a confession letter to Pulkit to sign. I was after Saloni since so long. I got a chance today to molest her. Saloni has clearly given this statement. Pulkit requests him not to do it. My career will be ruined. Inspector stays put. You should have thought of this before. Pulkit signs the papers.

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