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Gangaa 25 May 2020: Ganga tells Sudha that she wont sit quietly and will neither let her stay quiet anymore. You all too should not stay quiet anymore. Why should you? Tell the world your story! Let us show your story to everyone through the competition. People can only know it if we will tell them.

Vasundhara comes to a temple. She tells Kanha ji that she cannot take it anymore. My life has fallen apart today. You are my only support now. Please help me. Ganga comes to temple. Ganga tells Kanha ji that she wont accept defeat so easily. Bappa used to say that you test everyone. You have been testing me since I have been born. I have passed all your tests and have never complained to you. Bappa used to say that weak people complain. I am not weak. It was very difficult to make everyone agree for the dance competition especially Sudha Bua. I don’t have clothes for the competition but I will arrange for them somehow too.

Bappa used to say that you love playing games. I will play all your games and win too. I will get the new clothes before the competition. You will be really proud of me when I win. Badi Ma keeps looking at her from a distance with amazement. A lady collides with Ganga. She is about to fall when Badi Ma holds her. Badi Ma likes the way she talks and what she talks. What did God do to you so you were fighting with him? Ganga finds her a good person so tells her about the competition. Badi Ma advices her to seek help from her parents but Ganga replies that God took them away but gave me a very good house in return. They take very good care of me.

They have already done a lot for me. I cannot depend on them for everything. I wont seek God’s help for every small thing. I will have to think of someone. I will do anything but wont give up. Bappa says that nothing comes to those who depend on fate. Any test can be cleared by hard work. I will do everything and anything to get what I want. Badi Ma is sad that she doesn’t have as much strength as Ganga. Your God tests everyone differently. I am in search of someone whose name or address I don’t know.

I have to find her though I don’t know if I will be successful or not. Ganga gives her hope that it will happen. Come with me. Bappa says that it is a good thing to help elder people. I don’t want to lose this chance. You stopped me from falling. It is my turn to help you now. My Babu is a very big man of the city. He will certainly help you. Badi Ma does not want to trouble anyone but Ganga insists.

Badi Ma has come to meet Amma ji in Banaras as per the photo that Kaveri Bua shows to Pavitra.

Bhoomi, Ansh, Pavitra and Bua reach Banaras too. Bhoomi and Ansh hope to reach Badi Ma before Pavitra and Bua can find her. Bua notices Shankar in a lane. She goes aside to talk to him. She signals him not to react. Maybe Pavitra is someone from his relation. Bua calls him Chandar but he corrects that he isn’t her Chandar but Shankar. Shankar asks her what story has she told to Pavitra. She shares that I told her that Vasundhara has come here to meet one of her old friends who can help her prove it that she is innocent.

Shankar is angry as he couldn’t make her agree that that night. I crossed my limits but I couldn’t make her sign the property papers. I will finish it off tonight. The work will be done by tonight. Vasundhara (Badi Ma) has come to meet Kanta aka Amma ji. I will take care of that Amma ji. Her story will end tonight! Kaveri looks happy. No one should find out that you only are Chandrakant and that woman (Amma ji) saw you misbehaving with Vasundhara. He assures Bua (Kaveri) that he will handle everything. He leaves. Pavitra asks her about the man but Kaveri Bua dismisses her questions.

On their way, Ganga keeps talking to Vasundhara about the competition and all the problems that are surfacing in the process. Pavitra notices them while crossing a road. They begin to follow Ganga and Vasundhara. Badi Ma also notices them. She asks Ganga to hurry up. Maybe they have reaslied that I have come here to look for proof of my innocent. Ganga asks her if she is running away from someone. Vasundhara does not want to put Ganga’s life in risk. Ganga points out at a corner. I can help you. I know of a place. I know those women are following you. You will have to change your appearance if you want to save yourself.

Ganga brings Vasundhara (in an orange saree) to Chaturvedi Sadan. Shankar wonders how she got to know where Kanta lives. Kaveri calls him. He tells her that Vasundhara is inside Kanta’s house. There is no one else inside the house. Kaveri suggests him to kill her both of them. Send me the address. We will reach there directly. Bhoomi and Ansh notice them. They decide to follow them so they can reach Badi Ma.

Shankar sends a few goons inside the house to execute the task.

Ganga tells Vasundhara that no one is at home at the moment as they have gone to a nearby temple for puja. Vasundhara notices Amma ji’s photo kept there on a table. She recalls what had happened in the past. She calls out for Ganga. Who is this lady in the photo? Ganga says this is my Amma ji. Vasundhara asks for an old photo of her. Ganga points out at the wall on which all the photos are hung. Vasundhara looks relieved.

At Chaturvedi Sadan, Badi Ma sees Amma ji’s photo. She asks Ganga if there are some old pics of Amma ji in the house. Ganga points out at the wall where all the photos of the family are hung. There is one old photo of Amma ji there. Badi Ma recognizes her. She is the same lady! The goons knock at the door. Badi Ma understands that some goons have come to kill her. Ganga spills marbles on the floor. Don’t worry Mai I will handle them. Goons enter and slip on the floor due to marbles. They notice Ganga. Ganga starts running. She drops a plant pot on one of the goons because of which he falls down. The goons finally surround both of them. Ganga pours kerosene over them while Badi Ma holds the matchbox.

She warns them to let them go or she will set them on fire. The goons give them way. Shankar notices them coming out of the house. He thinks of following them when he finds Amma ji and Sagar returning home. He orders his goons to bring the car and kidnaps them.

Pavitra and Kaveri join Shankar in the car on the way. Badi Ma and Ganga meet Madhvi. Ganga tells her everything. Madhvi gets concerned for Amma ji and Sagar as they left for home a little while ago. All three of them run back towards Chaturvedi Sadan. Amma ji and Sagar are not at home. Kaveri calls on the landline number. Madhvi picks it. Kaveri asks her to give the phone to Vasundhara. Kaveri tells Badi Ma that she has kidnapped Amma ji and Sagar. Come to one of the old factories alone.

Don’t inform police or anyone else. The call ends. Badi Ma announces that she will go alone. Ganga wants to accompany her but Badi Ma does not want to put her life in risk. She leaves on her own. Ganga starts following her as soon as she is outside the house.

The van stops at a secluded spot. Amma ji gets down from the van. She is shocked to see Shankar. You are still alive? He smirks saying he is. Now I will kill you and Vasundhara both. He tells his goons to take them both inside. She curses him that he will be punished soon. Pavitra once again asks Kaveri about Shankar. Kaveri only replies that he is an old enemy of Vasundhara.

Ansh and Bhoomi also reach the place while following the van. They begin to look for them when Shankar kidnaps Bhoomi too when Ansh is looking in the opposite direction. Ganga reaches there. They both introduce themselves to each other. She tells him that she came here looking for her Mai. She takes him with her to show him where she has gone.

Badi Ma reaches factory. Amma ji and Sagar are tied to a pillar. Badi Ma requests Kaveri to free them. Shankar brings Bhoomi but Kaveri signals her to keep her away for a while. She next tells Badi Ma about the same. Badi Ma gets worried for Bhoomi. Ansh comes there as well. Ansh beats the goons. He asks for Bhoomi. Shankar comes there along with Bhoomi. Shankar holds Bhoomi on gunpoint. Ansh and Vasundhara get worried for her.

Vasundhara recalls how he had threatened her in the past. Ansh tries to walk forward but Shankar tells him to stop. I will kill Bhoomi. Kaveri too warns Vasundhara that if she does anything then she will see Bhoomi dead. Amma ji hugs Ganga and Sagar close. Shankar’s goons tie all of them. Ansh questions his Bua how can she so bad to his own family members. She advises him not to talk in between elders. You will have to bear the punishment if you have meddled in my affairs. She tells Shankar to kill everyone. Shankar thinks of killing Bhoomi first. A gunshot is heard. Vasundhara shouts Bhoomi. Shankar falls. Police comes there. Kaveri suggests Pavitra to flee from there. If we will be alive then we can try one more time.

Madhvi rushes to where Amma ji and both the kids are. Ansh, Bhoomi and Badi Ma share a hug. They turn to look at Kaveri and Pavitra but they are nowhere to be seen. Shankar is injured. Ansh looks everywhere but cannot find them. Amma ji is glad that they left. The real culprit (Shankar) is finally caught! Years ago, this man has misbehaved with your Badi Ma. Your Badi Ma too attacked him to save herself but unfortunately, he is still alive. I had gone to Raigarh in a wedding a lot many years ago. My son was quite small.We were coming to Dharamshala when I heard loud noises coming from a room. I went there. I saw Chandrakant trying to kill your Badi Ma.

I told her to run from there. She stood for a while but then left. This man was still alive. I ran for cover. I saw him now after so many years. I got scared. I couldn’t inform you as I dint know where you live. Police takes Shankar away. Ansh asks Badi Ma if she will come with them now. Your innocence has been proved. She nods. She also thanks Amma ji for her help. I wouldn’t have been alive that day if you weren’t there. Today is the same. Amma ji stops her from folding hands before her.

Ganga says I told you Mai that everything will be fine and we will win. Badi Ma nods. She is very intelligent. If I try to give her something then her self respect will not let her accept it. I would like to donate some money to her school instead. It should be rewarded for teaching kids like you. I will provide whatever monetary help is needed to your school for the competition. Ganga smiles broadly.

Amma ji tells Badi Ma to be careful as the ladies are still roaming freely. Ansh assures her that they will do their best to save Badi Ma. Both the families head separate ways.

Kaveri reminds Pavitra that she has 5 reasons of getting inside Prajapati mansion. I will tell you the most important mission today. I want you to finish the task which Shankar has left incomplete. You will kill your mother with your very hands. Pavitra looks shocked.

Ansh, Bhoomi and Badi Ma are heading towards the airport. There is no network in their phones. Ansh is very anxious to tell everyone that his BAdi Ma is innocent. You dint kill anyone. They did wrong to you. Badi Ma says they are not at fault. Pavitra and Kaveri had filled their ears. Plus I had no proof. I am glad that you both helped me. Nothing can go wrong till the time you both are together. The driver talks about a very old Devi Ma’s temple where all the wishes get fulfilled.

Ansh does not want to miss the flight but Badi Ma wants to thank God. Bhoomi too seconds her. The driver shares that the idol is 200 years old but very beautiful. They reach the temple. Bhoomi and Badi Ma go inside to do darhsan while Ansh moves to another corner to talk to his father. Two men are already praying in the temple. Priest welcomes them. The taxi driver excuses himself for a second.

Ansh is talking to his father. We had come to Banaras to help Badi Ma. His father is angry. Bhabhi Ma had herself accepted her crime. Why help her then? Ansh denies. What we know is half of the truth. I will tell you everything when I return home. The signal drops. The call disconnects. Ansh decides to tell the rest of the story when he is home. Ansh turns. Someone hits him on the head. Goons (the priest, the people already praying in the temple) kidnap Badi Ma and Bhoomi. Ansh faints as he tries to go after them as someone hits him on the head one more time.

Chandan keeps pestering his sir to let him go on stage to get the trophy. Raghubir yet again says that this isn’t the right time to talk about this. Mr. Chauhan tells Principal Madam that they came in time to register for the new song. She goes inside as she has to talk to Mr Chauhan about something. Raghubir asks Ganga if they will be able to practise on the song in this much time. Ganga nods. Principal Madam comes and takes Ganga with her.

The girls leave with Ganga. Bulbul is curious. I don’t know where all these girls are heading to since last 2-3 days. I will find out about it today. Chandan comes there in his car. She looks hesitant but Chandan asks her to sit inside. He knows that she has never sat in such a big car before today. I thought to give you lift today. He makes the driver (Bulbul’s father) bring ice cream for both of them. He leaves. Chandan talks about Ganga. You are a better dancer but she has overtaken everyone. She has got hold of everyone. Your school is anyways not going to win. That girl will become the leader of the girls. You will lose everything. Bulbul finds sense in his words. I have to take my revenge from Ganga.

Madhvi informs Amma ji that Vasundhara ji has reached home safely. Ganga comes gives the puja thaal to Amma ji. She also touches her feet. She asks Amma ji to bless her. Amma ji blesses her. Ganga is sure God will listen to her as she prays so much and so diligently every day. Sagar comes downstairs. Amma ji gives him Prasad. Yash too wants Prasad. Amma ji gives him Prasad too. Sagar asks Amma ji not to bless Ganga. T

Today is the inter school competition. I only should win. Amma ji agrees. Ganga smiles. I already took her blessings. She blessed me to be happy. I will be happy only when I win the competition. Amma ji has blessed me already. Sagar looks at her through gritted teeth. She leaves. Prabha talks negatively about Ganga. She is too smart. Be very careful of her. Prabha and Yash head to the dining table. Amma ji suggests Sagar not to give heed to Ganga’s words. You only will win. He says the same thing.

The dresses and everything have been arranged for with the money that Vasundhara ji gave. The ashram ladies wish good luck to the girls. She doesn’t want to go where normal people talk ill of widows. Ganga requests her but Pishi Ma seconds Sudha. What’s the point of going in front of people who hurt you with their words? Sudha has taught you everything. Principal Madam agrees too. You helped us in the time of need. The ladies are glad that they are representing their story in front of the world. The girls thank Sudha Bua. She is teary eyed.

Ganga waves sweetly at the ladies. Pishi Ma waves back at her and all the ladies join in. Sudha too does so but doesn’t show it that she is happy. Ganga suddenly stops. She gives an invitation card to Sudha Bua. I know you will come. You want to see us dancing. I know you want us to win and congratulate us. I will still ask you to come. It will make me happy. Sudha keeps a straight face. The kids leave.

The girls are in Lawrence School in a green room. Principal Madam tells the girls to get ready. She goes to see Mrs. Chautala. The girls are a little sad as their clothes, shoes and everything isn’t as good as of the other kids. What if we lose? People will joke on us. Ganga tells them to only focus on their dance.Sagar goes to see where his sir is.

Ganga motivates the rest of the girls. It is a test. We focus only on studies at times. Sudha Bua has tried so hard. My Bappa used to say that one shouldn’t lose just by thinking about things and not doing anything. We must try out things and never accept defeat. They might have good clothes, shoes but we should prove ourselves through our performance.

Raghubir is with Chandan and Bulbul. I accept that I stole the song. I thought that now the girls will have no option but to give up on the thought of competition but they are too stubborn. They got another song also and are ready to participate?! Sagar overhears their convo. It means Ganga was right. Sir did steal her song!

Ganga says we had nothing at all in the beginning but slowly slowly we got everything. We will prove everyone that we might be from a small school but we know a lot. We are strong. We will have to dance. No one should think that we poor girls have tried so hard so they we should be declared the winner. We will have to do hard work in order to win. We will do the best dance. Bappa used to say that one should put their hearts into everything. We have to do that only. We will show Sudha Bua’s story to everyone in the best possible way. Forget everything for 5 minutes. It will all be fine. The girls slowly join hands with her.

Even Chandan is worried. What if they defeat us? Raghubir has a plan. He points out at the stage. Think how this design is joined to the stage. The rope gets cut and the design will fall. Who can perform when in fear? I and my team will be far from the stage. Bulbul can do it. She is from the same school so no one will stop her from going to the stage. Sagar thinks that this is wrong. This is not what happens in a competition. Bulbul is concerned about the girls. Will they get hurt? Ragubir replies that they might get hurt a little in the process but wont die. It is fair in a war.

Raghubir only wants him team to win. He also knows that Bulbul wants her school team to fail. This will serve both purposes. Sagar finds it wrong. You are going against the rules of competition. This is wrong. People can also get hurt. You are doing it wrong. He thinks of telling everything to Ganga but all the participating teams are called on stage right then. There is no time to tell Ganga now.

The Banaras Inter-School Competition begins. Sagar and his team go on stage when their school’s name is announced. All the teams are also called on stage one by one so the people can become aware of all the participating teams. Sagar keeps looking at the rope worriedly. He looks at Ganga. You think you will win everyone’s hearts? But sadly, you are going to be cheated today. The teams go to get ready for their performances. Sagar wants to tell Ganga everything. He begins to rush towards her but Raghubir sends him to the green room.

Sagar is waiting for Ganga. Ganga is talking to her friends. The team which is going to perform now is very good but we have to do better. Sagar pulls her aside. You are going to land in a big problem. Don’t participate in the competition. Ganga asks him why he is saying so. Reena and the girls ask her what happened. Ganga shares that Sagar is asking her to back down. The girls ask Sagar if he is scared of losing. Sagar says I am saying for your good. Ganga tells him not to worry for her or them. She leaves along with her friends. Sagar thinks what to do. What will happen if the stage falls on her? What should I do!

Sagar finds his Principal. He tries to talk to him but Principal tells him to focus on his performance at the moment. Sagar’s team is all set by now. Raghubir sends Sagar to get ready. Sagar is highly tensed. Ganga dint hear me out. Ganga wishes good luck to Sagar. Yash and Chandan come there. Yash asks her why she is wishing them good luck even when they are her opponents. She reasons that they should do well. That will only motivate us to perform better. Competition should be good / equal. Sagar adds that no cheating should be done in the competition. He asks about it from Chandan. Chandan fumbles in his reply.

Amma ji is sure her Sagar only will win. He won last time too. Madhvi is missing Niru. Both Sagar and Ganga are performing this time. He would have been so happy. Prabha is eagerly waiting to see her son on stage. Lawrence School’s team performs on their song. Ganga and her friends too watch their performance. Mrs. Chautala is worried as everyone is giving great performances here. We will have to do better.

The girls are excited as their parents will be seeing them performing them on stage for the first time in life. Ganga misses her Bappa. It would have been great if you were here. She sees her Bappa in the group of spectators. He waves and then does thumbs up at her. She smiles. He disappears. She knows that he is looking at her from wherever he is. It is your daughter’s test today. Bless me. Everyone’s parents have come today but my Bappa and Guru (Sudha Bua) aren’t here.

Sudha reaches school. She has covered her head with a shawl. She enters inside after showing the invitation card. Ganga notices Sudha Bua as she enters inside the hall. She smiles broadly.

It is the turn of the last performance of the evening. Madhvi is glad that Ganga will get a chance to perform on stage for the first time. It is a great chance for her. Amma ji talks about Sagar’s victory.

Sagar decides to know that Ganga and her team are just about to go on stage. I will stop / save her.

Ganga and her team start their performance. Raghubir is sitting in one of the rows. Sagar too comes in the hall. Chandan and Raghubir exchange glances. Raghubir signals him something. Chandan looks at Bulbul. Sagar notices Bulbul leaving from there. Meanwhile, Sudha smiles through tears as she watches the girls perform brilliantly.

Sagar reaches the place where Bulbul is busy cutting the rope using a knife. He tries to stop her. I wont let you succeed in your plan. They both fight over it. Raghubir wonders why the screen is not falling. Bulbul pushes Sagar. She finally manages to cut the rope but Sagar holds them in time. It is a little difficult for him thought but he does not want Ganga and her team to be harmed in any way.

Everyone claps for the girls as the performance comes to an end.

The design starts moving. It becomes difficult for Sagar to holds onto it anymore. All the girls sense it. They rush for cover. Ganga too hears some noise. She turns to see the design falling. The speaker pulls Ganga to a safe place. Everyone is taken aback. Raghubir regrets trusting Bulbul. The plan failed. The announcer calms all the guests.It is time for results.

It is time for results. Lawrence School comes second. Amma ji thinks of Sagar. He must be sad that he came second. He will still be the best for me. Ganga’s school wins the trophy. Ganga and the girls jump in joy. Sudha Bua has tears in her eyes. Madhvi, Pulkit and Babli get up from their seats to clap for them.

Amma ji too gets up reluctantly. Mrs. Chautala whistles as the girls come on stage. Raghubir feels bad. Yash looks at Ganga. Prabha is irked. She doesn’t deserve a first proize. The judges must have felt pity for her.

Principal Sir gives the trophy to Ganga. You did what you promised. Ganga refuses to take the trophy alone. I haven’t won it alone. My team is still incomplete. She asks for the mike. This prize isn’t mine. The Gurus teach us everything. How can we forget Gurus while taking the prize? I know Sudha Bua that you are here only. Amma ji is confused. Ganga points at her. Sudha Bua dint want to come on stage as she is a widow but it isn’t a sin to be a widow. Everyone claps for Sudha as she gets up from her seat. Ganga holds her hand and takes her on stage. Bappa too comes in the hall. He feels proud as he looks at the people clapping for his daughter and her team. Ganga smiles seeing him. She picks up the mike again. I want to say something else too. My Bappa used to say that you lose if think that ways and you win when your mind is positive. Principal Sir gives the trophy to Sudha Bua on Ganga’s insistence. All the girls proudly hold it too. Amma ji wipes her tears. Raghubir walks out of the hall. Sudha is overwhelmed.

Raghubir scolds Bulbul for the delay. Bulbul says it all happened because of Sagar. He saw me cutting the rope and saved it. Raghubir calls him stupid. He wanted his school to lose? Sagar denies. I wanted our school to win. I worked hard. I did what you taught me on stage. I made no mistake but I dint want to win by cheating. It is wrong to cheat someone. Bulbul calls him a cheater as he has cheaten his team. He corrects her. You have cheated your school. You don’t like Ganga which is why you did this. You always find ways to trouble her. He turns to his Sir. I respect you a lot. I fought for you with Ganga. I scolded her when she blamed you for stealing the song. But I heard everything when you were talking to Chandan and Bulbul. I still dint take your name before Principal Sir. So many people were around. What would they have thought of you? You dint do the right thing!

Ganga and her friends enjoy their win. Ganga gives the trophy to Principal Madam. Keep this trophy in your room. You can proudly say now that our school has won. You must be happy. She indeed is. My dream came true because of you all, especially you Ganga!

Sagar comes there with his team. Principal Madam goes to meet the organizers. Sagar compliments their dance. Ganga too says the same for them. Reena adds that they had thought of doing better than Sagar’s team as you did great. A girl (from Sagar’s team) says you were the best which is why you win. Sagar says I was really ashamed to introduce Ganga to my friends earlier. She cannot talk properly and says anything before anyone. But she is my best friend from today onwards. I don’t feel ashamed to call her my best friend anymore. She reminds him that she had felt bad when he had refused to acknowledge her as his friend. I had made up my mind to become good enough for the same.

Gangaa says I proved myself but you still aren’t worthy to be called my friend. You will have to prove yourself too if you want to be my friend! Sagar is confused. Ganga walks out of the room. Yash smiles. That girl insulted you!

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