Gangaa update Thursday 23 April 2020

Gangaa 23 April 2020: Madhvi is worried about Niranjan words as Amma ji is really strict. He is sure Amma ji will do the right thing. Sudha and Pishi Ma come to meet Amma ji. Sudha wants to know she called them suddenly. Amma ji had given us such a big amount of cash a few days back.

Amma ji acts all great. She gives them a very big yarn of soft white cloth so the widows from the ashram can get their clothes stitched. Pishi Ma is happy. it will be a lot for us for approximately a year.

Sudha knows that Amma ji has called them here for some other reason. this was just an excuse. you could have made Maharaj ji drop it to the ashram. Amma ji says you have become really smart. She takes them to her room.

Master ji lays down all the books before Ganga. I would have taught you this if it was in my hands. But Amma ji runs the house. She has ordered me to teach you Bhagvan Gita and Ramcharitmanas. You must repeat after me. Amma ji, Sudha and Pishi Ma watch them from the door. Amma ji boasts that she is the one who rules this house. You think this little girl can make my son take a stance against me and he will go far from me? Niranjan himself has given me Ganga’s responsibility. I can do whatever I want to. This little girl is clueless about life and scriptures. I have a very soft heart. I could have tried to boss over her but I follow what Lord has taught us. I cannot think of hurting anyone intentionally. You saw who rules Chaturvedi House? Sudha is all mute. Amma ji goes to drop them till the main door.

Ganga is chanting Hanuman Chalisa as she makes preps for their dinner. She recites it again for Amma ji. Amma ji appreciates her for learning things so quick. Ganga asks her if she will share it with Babu now that she listens to everything that you say. Amma ji gives a not so positive answer. She sits down to pray. She remarks (to Lord) that she makes no mistakes in life. Ganga is intrigued. Do you also make mistakes? Amma ji replies that I try not to but I do make some mistake once in a while.

Ganga wonders who points out to her about her mistake. She takes up the responsibility of doing so. Amma ji says no one has a right to boss over me. Amma ji makes her sits down next to her. You will also have to abide by all the rules that are written in the scriptures for widows. Firstly, a widow can only wear white colour clothes. Secondly, you cannot dress up or do make up. Thirdly, you will have to devote yourself to Lord for lifetime. Fourthly, a widow cannot eat anything after sunset. She tells all the other rules to Ganga too.

Next morning, Amma ji and Ganga return from the snan. Amma ji is glad that Ganga wakes up before her and has started following the rules of a widow’s life. Ganga again asks her if she will share it with Babu. Amma ji nods. She is tempted by the yummy snacks (jalebi and kachori) that are cooking at a shop. Ganga can sense it too. Amma ji denies. widows cannot do oily stuff. Ganga wants to know the reason but Amma ji points out that this is written in the scriptures. Ganga asks her lots many questions about the same. are you sure? Is Jalebi specifically mentioned in it? Amma ji is irked by her questions.

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