Gangaa update Saturday 27 June 2020 ( finale)

Gangaa 27 June 2020: Ganga follows Amma ji on the streets. She keeps crying for Sagar. She rushes to meet pundit ji. Ganga keeps asking her what she wants. Amma ji finally gets to know where her pundit ji is. She tells Ganga to leave her. Stop following me. where is Maharaj ji? Ganga points at a pundit ji. Amma ji goes to meet him. Please come with me. My grandson is in problem. Please save him. He goes to do a puja for some other family first. I will listen to you then. She pleads him to understand her. Sagar is hanging between life and death. Doc said that he wont live.

Amma ji pleads pundit ji to understand her. Sagar is hanging between life and death. Doc said that he wont live. Pundit ji was going to do someone else’s puja but stops in shock after hearing her. Amma ji says I don’t trust doc but Gods. Please help my grandson. You have always helped us in all our problems. Please suggest some solution to save my grandson. She touches his feet. He agrees to talk to her after completing the puja. Amma ji agrees to wait. I vow of Ganga Maiyya. If anything happens to Sagar then I will die by jumping in Ganga Maiyya itself.

Pundit ji checks Sagar’s kundli. He explains that there is a fair possibility of death on your grandson. There is a solution though. Sagar’s death will postpone only when someone will put in vermilion of his name. Ganga is confused while Amma ji is all the more boggled. He is a kid. How can a girl put vermilion of his name on her maang / forehead partition and why? Pundit ji says this is the only option. That will become a shield for him. No problem will ever touch him again. You should think. I will do Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap till then. A girl will have to fill her maang / forehead partition with vermilion of Sagar’s name.

Amma ji sits down dejected. Ganga gives her hope. It is only vermilion. You can put it. Amma ji shakes her head. I cannot do anything for Sagar. I cannot put it. I can die but not this. Ganga asks her if she will let Sagar die. Amma ji warns her not to say this again. I wont let anything happen to him. From where will I get such a girl? God please show me the way. Ganga thinks of pundit ji’s words.

Ratan talks positively to Madhvi. Nothing will happen to Sagar. Pulkit and Madhvi are about to leave for hospital when Ganga comes there. She tells them of what pundit ji has said. Please put vermilion of Sagar’s name on your maang / forehead partition. Madhvi scolds her for speaking without thinking. Ganga still insists. I am only saying what pundit ji said. Madhvi refuses. I cannot do it. I am his mother. Ganga does not understand her logic. Amma ji scolds Ganga for talking stupidly. No one can put vermilion of Sagar’s name, neither your Bahu ji nor I. Ganga still cannot understand it. Why can it not happen?

Punditji only said so. Pulkit says Sagar will get well after operation. She asks him why doc said only God can help now. Someone will have to put vermilion now for that. She asks Prabha but Prabha too cannot do it. Ganga requests everyone to save her Sagar. Don’t let him die. Everyone stands there helplessly. Everyone leaves for hospital as it is time for Sagar’s operation. Pundit ji’s words keep echoing in Ganga’s head. Amma ji dint make anyone understand. It is just a matter of vermilion.

She notices Mehri standing there. Mehri too declines. I am already married. Vermilion is not just a colour. You wont understand. I too am concerned for Sagar but I cannot do this. She goes upstairs. Ganga talks to Maharaj ji. Pundit ji spoke about a girl or I would have asked you. I know you wouldn’t have said no. He nods. Mehri is right. It isn’t a game to put vermilion of someone else’s name. She remarks that no one is worried for Sagar. No one is helping me. I wont talk to anyone if anything happens to him!

Sagar is confused to see everyone crying by his bedside. I don’t want to get operated. I am scared. Madhvi calls him her brave son. You have to get well. He asks her if he will die after this. I will meet you all again, right? I don’t want to go for it. Amma ji assures him nothing will happen to him. Sagar repeats he doesn’t want to get operated. Nurse comes to make Sagar wear hospital gown. Sagar refuses to let go of his Dadi and mother. Niru asks Amma ji to come. Nurse will take care of him. Amma ji asks doc to take care of Sagar. She kisses on sagar’s maang / forehead partition before leaving. They all go outside reluctantly.

Ganga cries hugging Jalebi Prasad. No one is ready to listen to me. What should I do now? How do I save Sagar? From where should I find such a girl who will put vermilion of Sagar’s name in her maang / forehead partition? Tell me! Sagar is right. I am stupid. I took so much time to understand it. there is a girl. She goes outside for a second.

Nurse helps Sagar change his clothes. On the other hand, Ganga stands before a mirror. Nurse readies Sagar for the operation. A mantra plays in the background. Ganga picks up the box of vermilion and runs downstairs. Maharaj ji calls out after her but she does not stop. Ganga runs on the streets. She reaches hospital and meets Sagar directly. She says I wont let anything happen to you. You are my best friend. I wont let you go anywhere. They both look at each other. She tells him what pundit ji said. No one is ready to do it. I will do it. She shows him the box of vermilion. I will put it. I am ready to do this to save your life. Put it in my maang / forehead partition. He asks her why. She repeats what pundit ji said. That girl will become your shield.

Outside, Niru comforts Amma ji. We are all here. Amma ji goes to meet Sagar for a minute.

Ganga says I will become your shield. All your problems will come to me first of all then. I will send them far away from you. Nothing will happen to you then. Put this vermilion in my maang / forehead partition. Amma ji is on her way. Ganga says maybe this is why God united us. Amma ji stops outside in shock. Sagar is in thoughts. Ganga asks Sagar to do it. Amma ji is about to intervene but stops thinking of pundit ji’s words. Ganga assures Sagar he will get perfectly fine this way. Put it. He nods. He fills her maang with vermilion. Amma ji looks on stunned. Ganga tells Sagar to rest now. He lies down.

Ganga turns and finds Amma ji standing there. Amma ji signals Ganga to be quiet. Ganga assures her nothing will happen to Sagar now. Amma ji asks her to go home. Ganga denies. I wont go anywhere till Sagar gets well. Amma ji tells her to hide / cover this vermilion. no one should see this. Ganga refuses to hide it. I wont hide it ever now. Amma ji sends her home. Ganga walks away, smiling to herself.

Sagar is being taken away for operation.

Maharaj ji notices Ganga coming home. Mehri and Maharaj ji don’t see her from front. Ganga goes directly in her room. Sagar’s operation starts. Ganga puts more vermilion in her maang as she stands in the temple. The family members pace anxiously outside the operation theatre. Ganga sits down to pray for Sagar. The operation gets over. Ganga asks God if her Sagar is fine or not. Doc tells the family members that the surgery was successful. Sagar is out of danger now. Amma ji happily hugs Niru. The entire family shares a group hug.

At night, Sudha has come to Chaturvedi Sadan. Maharaj ji had called her over. He leaves for the hospital. The landline rings. Sudha picks it up. Pulkit tells her that Sagar’s surgery was successful. Tell Ganga. She is very much worried for Sagar. Sudha agrees. She keeps the phone down. Sudha picks up the puja thaal. The lights are off. Sudha shares that Sagar is perfectly fine. Ganga says I knew it already. She lights the diya. I put vermilion of his name after all! Sudha is stunned to see her. She drops the puja thaal in shock. She switches lights immediately. What did you do? She says I dit what pundit ji had said. Sudha pulls Ganga outside.

You did the worst thing today! You do whatever you like / wish. Amma ji wont spare you if she sees you thus. Ganga says Amma ji knows everything already. She saw me as I put it. Sudha is taken aback. Ganga asks her why she wants to remove it. Amma ji dint say anything. Amma ji comes there. You think I agreed as I kept quiet? Ganga nods. You would have scolded me otherwise. Tell Sudha Bua. I wont remove this vermilion. Why are you quiet? Sudha walks up to Amma ji. She is a widow. She has broken the rules of scriptures. She has done adharma. Amma ji stands there all quiet. Ganga requests Amma ji to speak. I did this to save Sagar’s life. Sudha understands Amma ji’s silence. She takes Ganga towards the tap. Don’t act mad. This sin wont go away even if you cry.

This vermilion isn’t for you. You have lost the right to put it. How do I make you understand! She pours water over Ganga’s head to remove vermilion from her forehead. Ganga keeps requesting her not to do it. She recalls the past when Sudha had done a similar thing when she had lost her husband. She was forced to remove vermilion from her forehead in a similar manner. Sudha keeps pouring more water on Ganga to clean her up. She mentally speaks to Sagar. Sudha Bua cleaned it up. Amma ji too dint say anything to her. What if anything happens to you? I wont let anything happen to you. I wont clean my vermilion. She comes back and puts more vermilion in her forehead.

Ganga comes to Amma ji’s room afterwards. She shows the partition to her. You asked me to hide it. I did it. But don’t ask me to remove it ever! This is of Sagar’s name. How can I remove it? Amma ji sits there speechless. I know nothing. I am only a widow bound by rules. I left everything on God. Ganga turns to God. Leave it all on me. I am with Sagar. I will never remove this vermilion. I know this only has saved his life. Amma ji looks at her. Ganga decides to not let any problem come in Sagar’s way. I will take care of him for as long as I will live. Nothing will go wrong with him till I am with him.

The end.

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