Gangaa update Saturday 11 April 2020

Gangaa 11 April 2020: Niranjan enters just when all the ladies are going out. It means the puja is over? He stops in his tracks when he notices Sudha and other widows at his house. Everyone looks at him. he apologizes to his mother for being late. I tried to come earlier but could not! Is the bhog also done? He finds everyone all quiet and is curious.

Why is everyone standing quietly? Sudha tells Amma ji that you should not forget that this girl (Ganga) has brought insult to you and your family today. I am worried that if she stays here only then it will become a problem for you to live in the society with respect. Sudha leaves with all the other ladies. Prabha too fills Amma ji’s ears against Ganga. I am feeling bad for Pulkit. He did the ritual but could not get anyone’s blessings.

Niranjan is all the more confused. Did anyone do any mistake? Amma ji walks up to Ganga, holds her hand and takes her inside with her.

Ganga pleads her to let go as it is paining. Everyone follows them. Niranjan wants to know what Ganga’s mistake is. Amma ji blames Ganga for everything. You are a widow. I will teach you what a widow’s life is and how to live it. Madhvi tries to say something but Amma ji tells her to be quiet. I listened to everything that you all said but now I cannot let you continue this adharma. Now that you have brought the girl to my house then I will set things right with her. I will guide her my way.

She repeats to Ganga that she is a widow and will remain so till the end. Everyone said so much to me because of you. She marks a dot on Ganga’s forehead using Chandan. Ganga starts crying. Everyone is pained to see her thus. Ganga looks at Niranjan and Madhvi. She even tries to reach out to Babu but Amma ji pulls her back. Niranjan tells her not to be so harsh with a little girl. Amma ji makes it clear to him that Ganga is not a girl but a widow. I gave in to your demands and allowed her to stay here but it doesn’t mean that she will dance on my head.

Niranjan still tries to explain but she is not in a mood to listen to anyone else. I wont take her life but she will have to learn all the rules. I tried to teach her everything so many times but she doesn’t want to. I will have to be strict with her then. prabha agrees with Amma ji but goes quiet when her husband looks at her pointedly. Amma ji tells everyone that Ganga will stay in her room from today onwards, under her vigilance. I will teach her all the rituals, rules that a widow follows.

If anyone is feeling love for her then books my ticket for Haridwar. Niranjan gets angry but she warns him to talk to her in lower tone. Madhvi takes him upstairs. Ganga cries out to Madhvi too but in vain. The kids too leave from there. Prabha is happy to see Ganga in vain. Ganga tries to go but Amma ji holds her hand tight. Enough of your drama! Now you are in my hands. Don’t dare to go out of this room without asking me. She tells Maharaj ji to bring Ganga’s stuff in her room. Ganga continues to cry. Amma ji too sits down on the floor and holds her head sadly.

Niranjan paces in the balcony angrily. Madhvi tells him that if he will counter with whatever Amma ji says then she will feel that you don’t listen to her. she has been saying from the beginning that this Upnayan should happen smoothly. She has explained it to Ganga too. She should have understood. All this would not have happened if she had not come running to the place where the puja was going on.

I don’t think Amma ji is wrong in being upset with Ganga. She only wants Ganga to be a little disciplined. What’s wrong in that? She has even scolded Pulkit and Sagar too for this. Niranjan is not against discipline, but strictness is good up to a limit only. I am scared that Amma ji might become stricter than it is required with Ganga. Ratan is sure it wont happen. Madhvi Didi will take care of Ganga. Madhvi nods.

Leave all this matter for me. Amma ji will feel that her son is answering her back because of Ganga. Niranjan agrees. But it is your responsibility now, make sure Amma ji doesn’t trouble Ganga while trying to teach her rituals / traditions. He asks for a tea as he is having headache.

They hear Amma ji scolding Maid for mixing all the utensils together (normal and puja). She even scolds Maharaj ji for being too slow in folding Ganga’s bedding. He drops Ganga’s bangles on the floor. Amma ji tells the maid to throw away all the stuff. Ganga tells them all to stop. Bappa had brought them for me. No one will dare to even touch them. They all look at her in amazement. She picks up all the bangles herself. Sad title track plays as Ganga recalls the unfortunate day when her Bappa left her. Amma ji also stands there quietly all this while. Ganga next picks up the kalash (of ashes of her Bappa) and keeps it on a side table. She picks up her bag on her own and goes inside Amma ji’s room.

Sagar is worried about Ganga. Dadi is very angry with her. Pulkit says Ganga made a mistake. Why did she have to play near the puja kalash? Sagar replies we were playing in the hall only. I don’t know how she reached there. He looks at Yash and recalls Yash guiding him about where to hide (while they were playing during the puja). Ganga was blindfolded. Tell me the truth. You had told me to hide behind the sofa. Yash declines making Ganga go to the puja place. I dint do anything.

Sagar asks again but Prabha comes there just then. Pulkit stops Sagar from saying anything. Yash too diverts the topic and hurriedly leaves with his mother. Pulkit knows that Prabha always supports her son. There was no use telling her. We are not sure about it. Sagar is sure Yash is behind it as he doesn’t like her. Pulkit feels bad for Ganga. I am sure mom will take care of her.

Madhvi is making mathri’s. Maharaj ji praises her cooking. She tells him to call the kids for lunch. Tell Sagar to call Ganga too. Maharaj ji leaves. Maid comes to give Madhvi her phone. Prabha Bhabhi is on line. Prabha complains to Madhvi about what Niranjan did at the railway station yesterday. Rashmi might have called her father (who is Ratan’s boss) and he would have stopped the promotion order. Your brother is so dedicated.

He works day and night to make things happen but this time Niranjan ji ruined everything. Madhvi feels bad for her brother, but those people were at fault. Prabha feels NIranjan ji could have been a little more practical. Ganga has met him 4 days back and he forgot all his old ties? He scolded other people for a stranger (Ganga). Who causes harm to your loved ones for a stranger? I had thought it would be better if my husband’s salary increases but why to blame Ganga when destiny is not in our favour! She ends the call. Maharaj ji returns and finds Madhvi lost in thoughts. He takes over from henceforth.

Pulkit and Sagar come downstairs. Sagar goes to call Ganga. She is making a garland. He knocks at the window pane but Ganga signals her that Amma ji is here. Ganga asks for her permission but Amma ji signals her to be quiet so she can continue her puja. Amma ji falls asleep in between her puja. Ganga smiles hearing her snores. Ganga cross checks that Amma ji has indeed fallen asleep and then very carefully goes out of the room. Why did you call me here? Amma ji has strictly told me not to go out of the room. Sagar tells her about what mom has cooked. She is tempted and hungry too. They go to eat.

Niranjan is discussing about the case with Raghav ji. Madhvi comes inside and sits on his chair. Rahgav ji notices her. He tells Niranjan that maybe she has to talk to you regarding something. Niranjan tries to divert her but she insists that it is very important. Raghav ji excuses himself. Madhvi says Ratan bhaiya’s promotion was stopped. He had no idea about it. She remarks that he will only know about other things if he looks beyond his files and court. He deduces that her mood is off. Your brother’s promotion stopped, right? He is not his boss.

Be glad that I dint send them (Gupta’s) to jail or if anything would have happened to Ganga then! Madhvi asks him if Ganga is everything for him now. It doesn’t matter if anyone else is there or not, right? I have only one brother. He has a responsibility of a wife and son. He is a very hard working man. Niranjan straight away asks her what she wants. She says you know so many people. Why don’t you get Ratan Bhaiya’s promotion done (through your contacts)? He declines. I cannot recommend anyone. She reasons that she has always supported him.

I am only making a small request. Recommendation is against his values. She understands his values and respects them too but cannot take it if her brother’s happiness is affected because of it. I wouldn’t have asked for your help if that Ganga had not come in between all this. He asks her why she is bringing the little girl in all this. What’s her fault? Madhvi shakes her head. it is my mistake actually that I expected something from you. She walks out of the room.

Pulkit and Sagar fight for mathri’s. Ganga looks on happily. My Bappa used to tell me that my Maiyya used to cook very tasty mathri’s. She excitedly holds the mathri given to her by Maharaj ji but Amma ji holds her hand in time. I closed my eyes for puja and you ran out of the room. She even keeps the mathri back in the plate. It is fried. A widow cannot eat anything past evening time.

Amma ji keeps the mathri back in the plate. It is fried. A widow cannot eat anything past evening time. Sagar and Pulkit request her to let Ganga eat one mathri atleast but Amma ji tells them to be quiet in this matter. She scolds Maharaj ji next. She takes Ganga with her back to her room. The kids continue to request her but in vain. They then approach Madhvi for help. Madhvi tells them to wait but the kids continue to pester her. She shouts at Sagar angrily. Dadi has said no so it will be the right thing only. She is elder to us and much more experienced.

Pulkit is concerned about Ganga which irks Madhvi. I cannot argue with Amma ji for that Ganga. I have no right to question her on anything. Pulkit and Maharaj ji are very much shocked by her reaction.

Amma ji pushes Ganga on the floor, telling her to sit there quietly. You wont move from here till I tell you to. Ganga tells her that she is hungry. Amma ji gives her a plate full of fruits and sattu. Ganga refuses to eat all that. I want to eat what Madhvi ji has made for her. Amma ji sits down in front of her and holds her cheeks. I have told you so many times widows don’t eat all that after the sunset. Ganga reasons that one still feels hungry after sunset. Amma ji replies that it is written in the scriptures so they have to abide by it. Ganga questions it.

Why can’t I eat it when Sagar and Pulkit Bhaiya can eat it after sunset? Is it because I am a widow? Amma ji is rendered speechless / stunned for a minute but then she nods in agreement. It is because you are a widow. Ganag holds her hand as she gets up. She very sweetly says that this is wrong. Bappa used to say that everyone is equal for God. Does God hate widows? Amma ji is indeed shaken by her innocent questions but she dismisses them. Why do you have to argue with elders all the time? You will have to remain hungry if you don’t want to eat it. I don’t want to malign my dharma by falling for your words. If you don’t eat now then you wont get to eat anything till tomorrow. Ganga looks at the plate. She picks it up and keeps it back in its place. Amma ji looks at her in amazement. Ganga goes and sits down near the window. Amma ji mistakes it for Ganga’s arrogance. Stay hungry!

Sagar asks his brother of Ganga will remain hungry for the whole night. Wont Dadi also let her eat? She has not eaten anything since morning. Should I tell Maharaj ji? Pulkit shakes his head. Dadi has told all of us not to say anything. Sagar and Pulkit wonder what has happened to their mother. Only she could help Ganga. She always used to support Ganga but don’t know what happened to her today. Is she also upset with Ganga?

Madhvi is talking to Ratan. She feels bad for him but he is all calm. I will get promoted next year, if not this year. There’s no big deal about it. Please don’t worry about me. They end the call. Maharaj ji asks Madhvi about her mood. You look tensed. She denies. he asks for the key to the storeroom but she takes the container (of mathri’s) from him. you can go and check the main door if it is properly locked or not. He leaves. She keeps the jar in the storeroom and locks the door from outside.

Prabha gives bills to Ratan that are overdue. We haven’t paid them for the last 2 months. I wont stay in this house if the electricity is cut. Yash enjoys watching them. Ratan asks her as to why she has not paid them till now. She replies that she doesn’t have money. He gives her his entire salary as soon as he gets it. She complains that it isn’t much. I know how hard it is to run this house with such a meagre amount. What do you get by working so hard (and honestly)? He tells her to manage the house with whatever he earns. We can curb the extra expenses (on cosmetics, etc). She starts her drama. I cannot see my little son yearning for every small thing.

She starts her acting and calls out for Prince. You wont eat ice cream from tomorrow onwards. She signals Prince to leave when her drama has a desired effect on Ratan. He says I cannot do anything, even my promotion got postponed. She suggests him to talk to Madhvi. Niranjan ji is a very big lawyer. He will recommend you and you will get a very good job, with good salary and we will be rich. Please stop being so honest. He refuses to cheat and earn or be a corrupt man. I will neither ask Jija ji for a recommendation nor will he ever agree for it. She tells him to live with his values then. why care about your wife and son! Brother (Ratan) never says anything while the sister can do a lot yet she wont do anything. She is living an easy life.

Amma ji is snoring at night. Ganga feels very hungry. She decides to drink water to satisfy her hunger. She moves around quietly yet Amma ji’s sleep is disturbed. Don’t make noises and ruin my sleep. Ganga drinks water and then lies down again.

Niranjan tells Madhvi to make breakfast early tomorrow. He has a meeting lined up in the morning regarding a very big and important case. It is one of a kind person, they fix appointment based on the stars. Madhvi says you meet and help such people yet you cannot do anything for my brother. He replies that people respect him for what he does. It is what I do, it is my work. People don’t call it a favour. If I take someone’s help today then I will have to make a compromise with my ideals tomorrow. She drops the matter but he explains that he too will have to pay a price for seeking help from someone. People might force me to prove the wrong thing right. She calls it his excuses. He gives up and then switches off the lights. She watches it all quietly and is in tears.

Ganga is still hungry. She thinks of the time when her Bappa was cooking Malpue for her. She was equally hungry that day too. He had reasoned that it takes time to cook Malpue so you will have to wait. She talks to her stomach. You will get to eat something good tomorrow morning. She clutches onto her stomach and lies down. Sagar flashes torch on her. He signals her to come out but she points out at Amma ji. He insists so she goes out stealthily.

She asks him why he called her outside at this hour. why dint you sleep yet? He replies that he couldn’t sleep as she had not eaten anything. She is surprised and happy to find out that he dint sleep because he was concerned of her. He knows where his mom keeps all the food. Go to storeroom and eat something. She refuses to steal as her Bappa had told her against it. he reasons that Kanha ji too used to eat butter stealthily as he loved his mother a lot. So, whatever mom has cooked for you will be for you only. If you eat it then mom will understand how much you love her. she is still scared of committing such a sin so he offers to do it for her. she doesn’t mind sleeping hungry for a night. Don’t take this sin on your head. He sticks to his plan.

They head to the kitchen to get the key for storeroom. They reach kitchen. She tells him to think one more time. We might get in some problem. He tells her to let it be and goes to get the key. He crawls on the floor to reach out for it when Maharaj ji holds his feet. The kids are taken aback.

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