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Gangaa 8 May 2020: Ganga tells Niru that she cannot see Sagar crying. I consider him my friend even if he thinks of me as his friend on not. She turns to Madhvi. You scolded Sagar which made him sad. He wasn’t at fault. It was my mistake. I felt very bad. That is when I made up my mind to get his laptop repaired come what may.

Sagar continues to request them. One of the ladies asks him about the money. We paid for it. Sagar reasons that if they take away that cycle then they will take away her last memory of her Bappa. She is a very strong girl. She loves her self respect. She must have promised you and she never breaks her promises. It is my last chance. Please give me that cycle

Amma ji asks Ganga about money. Where did you get it from? Prabha asks Yash to get her purse. Ganga repeats that she never steals. I worked hard for it. Bappa had told me to make wooden toys. I got money from that only. Everyone is surprised. Niru says one needs to be courageous to do all this. Youu shouldn’t have done it. One uses hammer and nails in wood work. What if you got hurt? Ganga is hiding her hand behind her back. You will talk to us next time if there is any problem. We will help you. Yash is glad that he had damaged the laptop. I don’t have to be scared of Sagar anymore. Amma ji tells Babli to ask Sagar to check if the laptop is working properly or not. Prabha points out that Sagar is not at home since morning.

The tourists give Ganga’s cycle back to Sagar. He thanks them and tries to return their money but they don’t want it. Life is priceless. I am impressed with this girl. she did such a fabulous job. She gave us a lifetime memory. This Indian girl is really great. Sagar affirms. He thanks them and runs back towards home.

No one at home knows where Sagar is. Amma ji says he must be playing with his friends. Sagar enters and is about to run upstairs when Madhvi calls out for him. Sagar drops the cycle behind the plants. He lies that he went to play with his friend. Sorry. Niru advises him not to do things for which he will have to say sorry in future. Amma ji interrupts them. He must be hungry. Sagar asks for Ganga. He runs upstairs. Amma ji is irked that Sagar is back to the same track again. He has again started thinking of Ganga again.

Ganga is trying to study. She is confused about why earth is round but everything is of different shapes. Sagar smiles after hearing her logics. He explains it to her nicely with good examples. She answers him a little.

Sagar stares at her. She asks him about it. Should I study somewhere else now? Sagar is about to retort when he recalls what all she has been through to get the laptop in working condition again. He asks about her thumb. She is surprised that he knows about his wound. He replies that he can see everything. Is it paining badly? She takes her hand back. Are you worried about me? It isn’t possible! You don’t worry about anyone which is why you went out without telling anyone anything. You also lied to everyone that you went out to play. You were not at home since early morning. He is surprised that she knew that he lied about playing outside. I know everything about you and when you lie. Tell me where were you? Sagar tells her to go down and look at the plants kept near the stairs. You will understand everything.

Ganga goes downstairs. What is there to see in a flower pot? He must have hidden something. She checks every plant. Sagar watches her from upstairs. Ganga finally finds her cycle amidst the plants. She is all emotional as she holds it. How did it reach him? She looks up at him. He leaves from there and she runs upstairs to ask him about it. You went to those tourists to get it? He nods. This means you worry for me. Sagar says you too sold your favourite thing to repair my laptop. This means you are worried for me. She refuses to keep it. I had sold it. I took money for it. One cannot take the sold thing back. He stops her. What is the worth of this cycle? She says how I can tell its price. M Bappa had made it with so much love. He nods. This is what I am saying. Mumma says some things have no value. This too cannot have a price as it was made with love by your Bappa. Take it. Don’t talk about self respect. You got my laptop repaired and I got this back for you. We are at an equal level now. He goes downstairs. Ganga thinks that she cannot understand Sagar. He fights with me, worries for me, cares for me, helps me in everything. I just don’t understand him. I got thi cycle back. I will go to temple today.

Sudha comes to temple. It is Ekadshi today. Omkar too reaches there. He keeps a hand on her shoulder and she is taken aback. I recognized you from far. I come here only when I am in town on Ekadshi. He greets the priest. Priest gives Sudha her thaal back and she finishes her puja fast. Omkar comes from the opposite side and intentionally collides with her. The puja thaal falls in the process. She runs out from the temple with Omkar following her. He finally nails her to a wall outside the temple. Why do you run away from me? Why dint you come home since past few days? She requests him to leave her. I will call people and insult you if you don’t leave me. He pins her all the more strongly. She had a doubt on him already. This proves that I wasn’t wrong. He nods. How can you be wrong? You have understood me perfectly. She still tries to break free but in vain. Omkar tells Sudha to be happy that a good man is trying to fill colours in her sad life. You are a widow after all. Sudha angrily slaps him. Ganga witnesses it. Omkar is shocked by the slap on his face. Sudha scolds Omkar. You don’t know your own value! You are useless. Don’t dare to do this again. Omkar is stunned to see Ganga. I will have to stop her or she will tell the truth to everyone at home. Ganga starts running as he begins to approach her. Omkar cannot run like her. She spills out everything. She will tell everything at home. I will have to stop her.

Maharaj ji makes pakoras. Prabha eats one and her tongue burns as it is too hot. Niru teases her. Prabha asks Maharaj to make a little cold pakoras next time. Amma ji jokes that next time he should make pakoras in cold water for Prabha. Ganga reaches home. She decides to share about the incident with Niru.

Prabha notices Ganga. Where are you coming from? Everyone turns to look at her. Amma ji asks her if she ran away using the rope of sarees. Ganga turns to Niru. I want to talk to you about something really important. Amma ji dismisses her questions when Madhvi shares that she had gone to temple.

Prabha wants her to ask the reason behind it. Sagar diverts the question. A Baba comes to ask for food. Amma ji goes to give it. Niru calls Ganga. She cannot tell it before everyone. Omkar ji is so big. Everyone will mock him if they find out that he was slapped.

Amma ji gives food to Baba. He blesses her and her family. Tiwari ji comes just then. He tells her that he will not be able to come to teach Ganga today. tell her not to worry about the exam for her admission. There is still time. I will help her make all the preps. Amma ji is confused. he explains about the entrance test in Sagar’s school. He leaves. Amma ji is amazed that Niru is thinking of getting Ganga admitted in Sagar and Pulkit’s school. He dint even ask or tell me.

Prabha takes Yash aside. Ganga tries to say something when Niru asks her about her preps. She only had to study history and English. I know everything else. Everyone smiles as she keeps on adding subjects one after the other. Babli and Madhvi tell her to study hard. We don’t have much time. Ganga says I will study well. Madhvi holds her hand. we know you aren’t afraid of working hard. She notices the wound in her thumb and become curious. Ganga says it is a small wound. I will write it. Niru removes the band-aid. It isn’t a simple wound. You should have told someone. It is aggravated.

Niru tells Maharaj ji to take Ganga to the doc right away. Ganga tries to deny but Niru insists. Ganga turns to go with Maharaj ji when Omkar enters. She looks at him and recalls the incident at the temple. Omkar is sure Ganga would have told everything by now. Niru notices him. He calls him for tea. Omkar joins him. Niru tells Ganga not to be scared of anything. You will have to write in the test. You must get your wound treated. Amma ji affirms. She will give the test only when you will get her treated. She will join school once she clears the exam.

Niru asks everyone who told this to Amma ji. She can understand that he is shocked that she knows it now. You have set everything aside / on risk for a stranger girl. Niru has become so big that his mother’s words don’t matter to her. Ganga tries to say something in Niru’s favour but Amma ji stops her. I still take decision for my family. This girl won’t study! Niru tries to say something but Amma ji is in no mood to hear anything. She heads to her room. Prabha enjoys the drama.

Niru thinks of talking to Amma ji. Ganga feels bad that Amma ji is upset because of her. Niru sends her to the doc with Maharaj ji. I will talk to Amma ji in a while when she calms down. She wont listen to anything as of now.

Niru paces in his study room. Madhvi comes there. He asks her if Amma ji had food. She shares that Amma ji is very angry. I had told you to share it before. She is upset as she has found from someone else, not you. She will feel bad. Niru is more concerned about Ganga at the moment. I don’t know how she will study as Amma ji is angry. Maharaj ji enters with Ganga. She has a plaster on her right thumb. Ganga wont be able to give exam. Doc said that the injury isn’t small one. You should talk to doc once. Ganga wants to give the test and study. Niru agrees to talk to the doc. I will see what he says. Sagar witnesses this from outside.

Niru is talking to the doc. Ganga has a ligament. It will take 6 weeks to recover. Ganga wont be able to give test this year then. Prabha is surprised that Niru is still after Ganga’s study even though Amma ji had clearly told everyone against it. Omkar is only worried thinking what if Ganga tells everything to everyone. My respect will go down the drain then.

Niru tells Ganga that she won’t be able to give the entrance test this year. We can do it next year only. Ganga still refuses to be let down. I will write it. He denies. Doc has strictly told against it. you too know that the injury will only aggravate if you put pressure on the injured hand. It is just a matter of six weeks. You should drop the idea of going to school this year. Madhvi comforts Ganga. The time shall pass. Prabha too tells Ganga to wait. You won’t become a doc or engineer in a year’s time. Amma ji has anyways told you against it.

It is good that her thumb is injured or you (Niru) will have to take a stand against it. God has saved you. Amma ji surprises them all by saying that Ganga can give the entrance test. She can go to school also if she clears the exam. I am talking about this year though. Let her give exam. Omkar and Prabha cannot understand why Amma ji had a change of heart. Niru cannot believe it that his mother has no objection to Ganga’s study anymore. Amma ji is still angry with Niru and Madhvi for keeping her in dark. Ganga has been studying so hard. Why should I stop her? Let her give the exam. We all know how stubborn she is! She too must know what’s in her destiny. Niru is glad that she has given permission to Ganga. Doc has told her against it though. Amma ji has faith in Ganga. She is very strong. Will you do it? Ganga says I was saying the same to Babu. Ganga confirms with Amma ji if she has willingly agreed to allow her to give the entrance exam and go to school. Amma ji tells her to make preps for the exam. Prabha and Omkar are still in shock.

Amma ji finishes her puja. She turns to Prabha. I know you are thinking why I did what I did. I can understand that it is tough for everyone to believe me. What could I have done? If I hadn’t agreed then Niru would have fought with me. There would have been arguments and I would become the bad person in front of everyone. Prabha says you accepted defeat so easily just to stay a good person in everyone’s eyes? Amma ji denies. God has helped me by breaking Ganga’s thumb. Doc has said that she cannot write. Why should I still become the culprit then? I won Niru’s trust this way. I hit two birds with one stone. Ganga will surely fail.

Niru and my wishes are fulfilled. Prabha reaches for her feet. Your brain is too good. Who says only educated people are smart? They are nothing in comparison to you! Amma ji tells her to stop it. Study hard Ganga. Make all the preps. I know the result already. This girl will not pass in any case!

Ganga enjoys playing in rain. I will clear this exam. This rain is a blessing from God and Bappa. I promise I will study hard and study in Sagar’s school only. She imagines herself in the school uniform. Madhvi and Niru call her cute. This uniform suits you. Sagar comes there and both the kids leave for school. Niru and Madhvi wave at the kids. Back to the present, Ganga is still waving her hand when Sagar calls out for her. You started dreaming again? You wont pass just by seeing dreams. She is sure she will pass in the entrance exam. My dream will certainly come true. He asks her a question. She takes a lot of time to think about the answer. Sagar reasons that she will fail if she takes so much time in answering one question. You will have to be quick. She retorts that how does it matter to him if she passes the exam or fails. Have you started worrying about me? You cannot think of anything good for me. I helped you so much in your kite flying competition, drama and everything but you always talk negative stuff. You are selfish! You only think about yourself. He denies. I think about you as well. I know that you are not going to pass. He holds her hand.

You got hurt this bad? Have you thought about how you will write? She pulls her hand back. I will write. He says you will understand the pain when you will sit down to write. She has no option but to clear this exam, whether he trusts her or not. Don’t support me but I will show you I can do it. it is very important for me to clear this exam. He calls her stubborn. She doesn’t understand that it wont be possible for her to write with such a wound. She wont even ask me for help. She makes an angry face and goes inside.

Next morning, Omkar stops doing puja when Ganga comes there. He pins her to the wall. Did you tell anyone about the yesterday’s incident? Niru goes to his car while Madhvi goes to bring Ganga. Omkar warns Ganga. I will throw you out of the house if you share it with anyone. You know how much Amma ji trusts me. Enough of your time in this house! You will understand the meaning of life when you will be thrown out of this house! Madhvi notices them and asks them aloud what they are up to! Omkar and Ganga look at her. Madhvi asks Ganga what’s going on. Omkar lies that he was just wishing good luck to Ganga as her exam is going to start soon. she has done lots of hard work. He tells Ganga to listen to his advice to gain success. Madhvi takes Ganga. We have to meet the admission officer. She eyes Omkar suspiciously and then leaves with Ganga.

Once outside, Madhvi asks Ganga about what Omkar was saying to her. Don’t be scared. You can trust your Bahu ji. Ganga tells her what she had witnessed yesterday in the temple. He was telling me not to share it with anyone. Did he have a fight with Omkar? Madhvi too is confused. Why did Sudha ji slap him? What would have happened between them? Madhvi tells her to forget it. You have to focus on your exam for now. Don’t share it with anyone else including your Babu too. I will tell him at the right time. The car pulls up in front of the house. Madhvi and Ganga sit inside.

Madhvi, Niru and Ganga are at the Principal’s office. Principal tells Niru that they cannot postpone the date for just one student. Niru asks him if there is an alternative. She has studied very hard. She is ready for her exam. Principal suggests giving her a helper who will write the answers in place of her. Niru and Madhvi get happy. Ganga is confused. How will someone else write in place of me? I have learnt the answers. Niru explains that she will tell the answers to her helper. She will say the answers and he will write it. he next thanks the Principal. You can also make a teacher stand near Ganga to check that she only is giving the answers. The proxy writer won’t write on his own. Principal nods. Ganga is still confused.

Babli hears Ganga out while she practises her answers. Ganga forgets the name of India’s capital. Babli helps her. Ganga thinks that she will have to study a lot so she can get admission in Sagar’s school. Yash overhears this. He angrily throws the ball at her. You will take admission in our school? She affirms. I will study in your school only. He calls her a servant. A girl like you cannot study in our school! Babli scolds Yash for talking like that to Ganga. Don’t call her a servant again.

Gangaa doesn’t mind it. I wont become a servant just by someone saying so. I will take admission in your school only. Yash grabs her book. You will only get admission when you will study. He runs while she runs after him to get her book back. They fight over the book on the end of the stairs. Ganga finally grabs it but Yash slips. He calls out for his mother. Everyone gathers there. Yash blames Ganga for his fall. Ganga tells them the truth but Prabha refuses to believe her. Babli too talks in Ganga’s favour. She was studying. Yash was pestering her for no reason. She got her book from his hands and Yash fell on his own. Prabha still blames Ganga. Madhvi advises her to check on Yash first. I will put turmeric on his wound. Prabha still wants Madhvi to scold Ganga first. She only has pushed my son. you are going against your own nephew for this stranger girl! This is very wrong. Babli goes to bring first aid box. Amma ji asks Ganga why she was after Yash when he ran away with her book. Will you be able to write with this broken thumb? Niru shares the new development. Ganga doesn’t have to write. She will get a proxy writer who will write for her. I know who it will be. Niru asks Sagar if he will help his friend. Amma ji is tensed. I called trouble upon myself. I only wish now Sagar refuses to help Ganga somehow. Sagar is in thoughts.

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