Gangaa 2 Update for Tuesday 22 January 2019


Ganga wonders how Pulkit Bhaiya agreed for the alliance. Did anyone push him for it? Supriya looks relieved. Everyone eats sweets. Janvi tells Ganga she knows Sagar better than her. He always does what he says! You knew the younger Sagar. I know the grown up Sagar! Ganga replies that she isn’t worried about Sagar but Bhaiya here. Ganga questions Pulkit on his decision. He shares that he overheard Supriya’s convo with her step mother. She talks badly to

Supriya and worries about the dowry which Chaturvedi family might demand from them. Supriya later suggests Pulkit to back out from the alliance if they expect dowry from them. My father will break down if the marriage breaks down later because of dowry. He asks her if any such instance has happened with her in the past. She nods. Flashback ends. How could I say no after hearing all that? Her step mother would taunt her all day and night. Ganga says husband and wife are bound by love.

Will you be able to love her? He does not know it yet. I only want to give her a family where she isn’t taunted, where she does not have to worry about her father’s plight. I couldn’t say no to her after seeing that. How can someone live such a life? She reasons that he is cheating her. How would she feel after finding out you love someone else? Will you be able to accept her ever? He understands he could not get his love, but it is right if this can help that girl and her family gain respect.

Amma ji calls out for Ganga as she needs her medicines. Supriya’s step mother observes them. She asks Amma ji about Ganga. Amma ji tells her about Ganga’s background. Supriya’s step mother says she has mixed so well with the boys of the house. I don’t find it right.

Amma ji greets pundit ji as she begins to leave with Ganga. She mutters to Ganga that she always counters her. Ganga notices Sagar and Janvi together. He introduces Ijaz to Janvi and Sahil. Amma ji calls Ganga. Ijaz asks Sagar about Janvi. Is she your girlfriend? Sagar nods. Don’t tell anyone though! Ijaz teases him. Ganga looks at Sagar. I thought I will talk to you about this alliance but you don’t care at all! You look so happy.

Janvi signals Sahil towards Ganga. Sahil offers to keep the luggage that Ganga is holding. She absentmindedly gives it to him. Ganga thinks you (Sagar) have really changed. Is it really easy for you to forget love or did I really make a mistake in recognizing you?

Supriya and her family greets Niry and Madhvi as they are about to leave.

Niru asks Ganga to sit in the bus. We are getting late. He notices Ganga looking at Sagar and his friends. Madhvi tells him that they will come with Ijaz in the jeep. Ganga too decides to come with them. Madhvi looks uncomfortable. Amma ji too is tensed to know about it. Sagar gets to know that Sahil and Ganga will take the bus.

Ganga decides to confront Sagar. You will have to answer my questions today. What is love! How much pain one has to go through while in love! people can forget themselves but not love! Sagar drives away thinking Ganga will be in the bus. She runs after the jeep but cannot be heard as he plays loud music. The bus is long gone by then.

Ganga feels sad. Sagar dint hear me. He left with Janvi. The bus left too. He dint even ask me once who will I go with. He dint even look back. She recalls pundit ji’s words. Wild animals roam here at night. She is about to call Sagar but then decides against it. My existence does not matter to you. Let it be! I will only go home now when you will come to take me. She switches off her phone.

Sagar, Janvi and Ijaz reach home. Amma ji asks about Ganga. Sagar says I thought she was coming with you. Madhvi denies. She was going to come with you all in jeep. Janvi says I thought she will get to spend time with Bhai. Amma ji realises that Ganga is still in Ashram. Sagar worries for Ganga.

Ganga is waiting for Sagar. You left me alone here. The area is complete isolated and quiet at night. She hears some sounds and gets scared. It is the sound of some wild animals. She shouts back at them. Come and eat me! Sagar does not care about me. He has no idea where I am. It is so late. Or it might be he lost his way. He has stayed out of India for too long. I should go and check.

Sagar and Sahil leave for the Ashram in jeep.

Ganga is walking alone at night. It is so late. I wonder where Sagar will be. She comes across two drunk me. They block her way when she tries to go. She keeps asking them to let her go or she will hit them. They challenge her. She picks up a stick but they aren’t afraid of her. She decides to run to save herself. They chase her. She finds one door open and gets inside. She switches her cell phone on. The men try beat at the door, asking her to open it. She is tensed.

Sahil keeps trying Ganga’s phone as Sagar drives. Sahil says we are only 5 minutes away. Sagar is very much concerned for Ganga. 5 minutes are a lot. Anything can happen. We should reach there soon.

The men keep hitting at the door to break it open. Ganga puts a bed against it to hold it for long but fails. She waits anxiously for Sagar. Come and save me! The guys succeed in opening the door. They walk towards her. She warns them not to come near her. She throws things at them but they are cheap people. They hear the sound of an approaching car. They run away. Sagar notices them too. He runs towards the house but then stops.

Ganga is sure it is Sagar. Sagar sends Sahil ahead. Ganga notices the shadow. I was sure you will come, Sagar. Sahil steps forward to clear her misunderstanding. She is taken aback to see him. Where is Sagar? He asks her to come with him. She is heartbroken to know Sagar has not come to take her. Where is he? Sagar hears her from far. Sahil stays mum. Sagar calls Sahil.

He asks Sahil to bring Ganga home. Don’t tell her I came with you. I am heading home. This is a good chance to be a hero in her eyes. Sahil is not so convinced but Sagar insists. Sagar leaves. Ganga asks Sahil again about Sagar. He did come with you, right? Sahil lies that Sagar is waiting for them at home. I came alone. She is hurt. She quietly goes towards the jeep.

Sahil and Ganga reach home. Sagar is already there. Everyone is relieved to see them. Madhvi asks Ganga if she is fine. Ganga nods. Amma ji mutters she gave everyone a lot of trouble. Ganga refuses to eat anything. Sagar talks to Ganga. I was worried for the wild animals. They were in danger. Ganga leaves from there without saying a word. Janvi asks Sahil if everything is ok. Ganga looked tensed. He shares that she was completely quiet on the way back.

In her room, Ganga packs her stuff. She sadly thinks of how Sagar did not come to take her back. I thought he will come running to get me. I was so wrong. Amma ji comes there all tired. Ganga massages her feet. Amma ji asks her why she did that. You could have come with me in the bus. I kept trying to make you understand but in vain! A lone girl in that isolated area! It is so unsafe. Ganga says I made a mistake again. I should be punished for it. Amma ji is surprised. Ganga says I will be punished.

Next morning, Sagar gets to know that Ganga left for Ashram even when everyone tried to stop her. Today is Pulkit’s roka ceremony. Sagar thinks it means Ganga is very upset with me.

In the Ashram, Ganga mutters why she should be upset with anyone. Sudha Bua says I dint say anything like that. Tell me honestly, is everything ok? Ganga asks her if she has problem with her coming here. Sudha Bua denies. It is up to you. You can come and go as you please. Looks like this time you will be staying here for too many days. Ganga stares at her. Sudha Bua holds her head.

I cannot ask even a direct question now. Don’t stare at me like this please. Stay for as many days as you want to. I have kept a Satsang today. Join us. Ganga agrees. Sudha Bua leaves. Ganga tearfully thinks of the past time when she had made kheer for Sagar. In childhood, our world revolved around each other only. It is still the same way for me. Your world changed maybe. Sudha Bua calls out for her. Ganga wipes her tears.

Sudha Bua tells the ladies the story of Radha Krishna’s love. Ganga thinks of the past and the present time. She is disturbed thinking about Janvi. She turns to Sudha Bua. Krishna ji was always surrounded by Gopi’s. Did Radha ji never feel jealous? Sudha Bua replies that Radha dint like it. She dint want to share her Krishna ji with anyone else.

But Krishna ji made her understand that he can see her in every Gopi. All of Radha’s complaints go away then. She thought of some ways to understand Krishna ji’s love for her. They helped her understand his love for him. Example, if Radha gets hurt then is Krishna ji in pain as well. If it is indeed then their love is true and eternal. Sagar stands outside the Ashram. Sudha Bua continues. Krishna should understand if Radha is angry or upset. This is how the relations bound by soul work. You don’t need words. Silence speaks in itself.

Sagar says I know Ganga you are upset with me. You may not tell me but I know which act of mine angers you. He goes inside.

Ganga wonders if Sagar understood her pain, her restlessness and anger. Sudha Bua says if Krishna ji remembers even the smallest and oldest details related to Radha, then it means he loves her immensely. Sagar walks ahead. I am seeing your anger since childhood. I know what all you can do when angry.

You haven’t changed in all these years. You are exactly like you were in childhood. Sudha Bua says Radha could see that her problems worried Krishna. Ganga says you mean Krishna ji would come to help Radha ji in her problems, even when she hasn’t told him? If our love is true then it brings that person to us who we love? Sudha Bua is speechless. Sagar walks in just then. He calls out for Ganga. Everyone turns to look at him.

Ganga is emotional. Sudha Bua observes her. Sweet music plays in background. Ganga keeps looking at him. He asks her to come home. I have come to take you. He holds his ears. Please forgive me now. She smiles through tears.

Madhvi and Amma ji are selecting sarees. Janvi too joins them. She goes aside to attend a call. Madhvi says it is good if Ganga stays in Ashram for a few days. Sagar says I brought Ganga home. I did not let her say anything. I simply held her hand and brought her here! He holds her hand to show them the same. Ganga looks at him lovingly while Madhvi and Amma ji are tensed. They stare at their hands.

Ganga notices it and frees her hand. She goes to keep her stuff in the room. Sagar too heads to his room. Janvi and Sagar collide. She tells him about Madhvi purchasing jewellery and saree for her. Amma ji tells Madhvi I too feel now you were right. Ganga should have stayed in Ashram for a few more days. Madhvi asks Janvi to check the sarees.

Ganga has made preps for the bhog to be offered to Shaligram ji. Amma ji is having pain in her legs. Janvi comes dressed in Indian clothes. Madhvi compliments her. Amma ji too looks at her approvingly. Madhvi notices Ganga’s expressions. She tells Amma ji that Janvi will do the puja today. Ganga looks at her in surprise. She again looks at Janvi. What will she know about Shaligram’s bhog and aarti!

Janvi lights diya in the temple. Ganga guides her to use her right hand. Janvi does as she is told. She keeps one kind of incense in the plate to which Ganga is allergic. She is about to point out the same to Ganga when she hears Sagar calling out for Maharaj ji. She thinks of the old time when she used to sneeze after smelling the same particular incense.

A flashback is shown. Sagar takes the plate from her. You are allergic to it. You start sneezing. He brings honey for her but forgets the spoon. He feeds her using his finger only. Flashback ends. Ganga smiles thinking about the memory.

Janvi asks Ganga how to use this incense. Ganga guides her. Sudha Bua’s words echo in Ganga’s head. She starts coughing. Ganga follows Janvi outside in the courtyard also. She begins to sneeze. Ganga keeps looking at Sagar but he is busy talking to Sahil. I want to see how much you remember this. Will you be able to stand this test or not?

Madhvi happily watches Janvi spread incense around the house. Niru too takes aarti and lovingly pats at her head. Sagar notices Ganga sneezing. He looks at Janvi. He calls out for her. Everyone looks at him. Sagar takes the plate from her and gives it to Maharaj ji. He takes Ganga with him. Can you not tell you have allergy to it? Come with me. Janvi looks on. Madhvi sends her to eat breakfast. Amma ji and Madhvi look at each other.

Sagar scolds Ganga for being careless. What would have happened if I hadn’t come? She keeps sneezing while he looks for honey. She is in tears. He cannot find a spoon but seeing her in tears, he feeds her the same way. Madhvi looks on angrily. After a few minutes, Ganga gets better. You do remember it. My Sagar remembers everything related to me!


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