Game Of Love Update Tuesday 2 February 2021


Game Of Love 2  February 2021: Gauri says he came to our home yesterday and now he is no more. Shivaye recalls Rakesh’s words. Om says this is life, its unpredictable. Anika says we are feeling so bad, think about Rishabh, Rakesh was the reason for his life. Shivaye says its not an accident, he didn’t die, he was killed, it was a murder. Bhavya says its not like that. Shivaye says its like that, Rakesh told me that his brother will kill him and this happened. Anika says you mean to say Rishabh has murdered him, we were with Rishabh, did you forget, this can’t happen. Rudra says Rishabh loved him a lot, who carries boiled water for his brother. Shivaye says I just know Rishabh is involved in his murder, Bhavya I know this case is officially closed, still I want to find the truth to get rid of my guilt, I couldn’t help Rakesh, I
want Rishabh to get punished if he is involved, Bhavya can you help me unofficially. She says if Rakesh has been murdered, then I will help you catch the culprit. Shivaye says great, I will need everyone’s help. Rudra says we are always with you. Anika asks what do we need to do.

Rudra says the house is visible, what should I look for. Om says we have come here to investigate and you are shouting. Rudra says okay, I want to tell you something, whatever happens, don’t leave me, I don’t want Rishabh to kill me. Shivaye asks why will he kill you. Rudra says these serial killers follow a pattern, he is following R pattern, R for Rakesh and then Rudra. Shivaye asks shall we do for what we came here. Om says go and talk to Rishabh. Rudra asks did we come here to chit chat, we came here to spy. Shivaye says how will we enter the house until you divert him. Rudra says so, I m the scapegoat for you. Om says shut up now, just go. Rudra says Okay, I m going, what will I talk. They push him. Rudra rings the door bell. Rishabh sees him and asks how come you are here. Rudra says I have come here to meet you as a good neighbor, I know you must be feeling sad and lonely. Rishabh says I prefer my privacy, I m good, thanks. Rudra says we don’t know each other, Dadi says sorrow gets less when its shared, don’t worry, I have come to share your pain. He sees the alcohol on table and says you are celebrating here. Rishabh says sorrow is in heart, I m trying to lessen it. Shivaye says Rakesh’s body was here, the live wire was there. Om says door was locked, how can the murder happen.

Shivaye says I m sure we will find something if we fine. Om says bags are packed, it means Rishabh is preparing to flee, but where is he going. Shivaye says London, he is leaving tomorrow. They see the dog. The dog barks. Rishabh says Disco is barking, there is some reason. Rudra says dogs bark, listen to me. Shivaye says don’t you move, no… Om asks Disco to go out. Rudra says it must be someone else’s dog. Rishabh says I know my Disco’s voice well. He opens the door and sees Disco sitting calm. He checks his passport. Rudra signs Om. He says come, lets go. Rishabh goes with him. Disco barks again. Om says you have to go what you did before, come on fast. Shivaye says shake hands. Om clicks their pics. Shivaye says don’t tell anyone that I have shaken hands. Bhavya says Julie’s statements matches with the CCTV footage of Rakesh’s house, no one entered or left the house, Julie was listening to Rishabh’s show and working in kitchen. Anika says Rishabh was with us, why is Shivaye feeling Rishabh is the killer. ShivOmru come home. Shivaye says we will have to stop Rishabh before he leaves for London. Rudra says I have a great plan, lets call the airlines and cancel the flight.
Om says its an international flight. Anika asks what happened. Bhavya asks did they find out anything. Gauri asks them to say. Om says he is leaving for London tomorrow. Bhavya asks what, how can he leave when his brother just died. Gauri says maybe he is trying to overcome his sorrow.

Shivaye says no, he booked the tickets a week earlier. Rudra says it means he has already planned it. Shivaye says he didn’t even inform anyone about it. Rudra says he was partying at home, he was drinking and eating Fish tikka, chicken and kabab, he was watching an item song on TV. Bhavya says I m also getting a doubt on him now. Shivaye says I m sure he is involved in Rakesh’s death. She says if we know the murder motive, we can prove him guilty. Anika asks how will the motive prove his crime. Shivaye says we have to stop him from going to London. Om asks how. Shivaye says I have a plan. Rishabh asks prayer meet, but why are you observing the prayer meet for my brother. Shivaye says its our duty, you are not in that state of mind, so we will manage everything. Rudra says you didn’t even remember about it, I mean you forgot in your sorrow. Shivaye says we are organizing in our house. Om says tomorrow evening. Rudra asks are you busy. Shivaye asks are you going somewhere. Rishabh says nowhere.

Shivaye says call your relatives. Rishabh says no, I have no relatives. Shivaye says we are here, it will be enough. They leave. Om asks do you think he will come. Shivaye says he has to come.
Next day, Anika says we are mourning for Rakesh’s death and praying for his soul peace, I would like to call Rishabh here, I request him to say a few words about Rakesh. Rishabh asks me? Shivaye says yes, who else will know more about him. Rishabh gets a call and says its an urgent call. He goes out. Shivaye signs Rudra. Rudra sees Rishabh signing some papers. Rishabh goes. Rudra calls out the guy and says you resemble his cousin, come and have food inside. The man says I m not his cousin, I m an insurance agent. Om says Rakesh died a day ago and Rishabh is meeting an insurance agent. Shivaye says lets not forget that he is running away to London, it means he has killed Rakesh. Rudra says it seems money has overpowered love. Shivaye says money….

well said Rudy, you wanted motive Bhavya, money is the motive behind this murder, find out about the insurance. She goes to find. Rishabh comes and says you all supported me a lot and did a family’s duty, thanks, I shall leave. Shivaye asks are you going out. Rishabh says I m tired and want to take some rest, thanks. He goes. Bhavya comes and says the motive is clear, Rakesh had an insurance cover of 100 crores, his close relative would get the amount only if he died in an accident. Shivaye says Rishabh made his death appear as an accident, we have to know how he did this, he is leaving for airport, we just have 2 hours to get justice for Rakesh.
Shivaye checks the CCTV footage. Anika says you have seen this footage repeatedly, please don’t strain your eyes. He says everything looks normal, except one movement, disco is going inside and is coming out too, I don’t get this. She says you are thinking too much, now you will claim that Disco has killed Rakesh. He asks what. She says take a break, I got black coffee for you, have it. She goes. He says Disco… Anika is too much, how could Disco, no. He sits drinking coffee. He switches on the tv. He watches a show. The man says dogs are very intelligent, we can make dogs do anything if we train them properly, dogs work in army, bomb disposal squads and anti drugs squads all over the world, a trained dog can open a door, shut the door, jump too, dogs are so loyal that they obey only their masters. Shivaye says oh my God. Everyone asks what, this can’t happen, is this possible.

Shivaye says this has happened.
Anika says it would have happened for the first time. Bhavya asks how will we prove this. Shivaye says I have a plan. Rishabh sees everyone at the door. He says you all are here. Rudra says who does this, you left without having food. Shivaye says we thought to get food for you and give you company too. Rishabh says I have an urgent meeting. Rudra says it won’t matter, make the excuse of traffic. They all insist him to have food. Rishabh says Shivaye I m getting late. Om asks are you going somewhere. Rishabh says yes, I m returning to Delhi, this city doesn’t suit me. Rudra tries to command Disco and check. Disco doesn’t go. Rudra goes to Shivaye and says he is not following my order. Shivaye says we need to try something else.

He says Rishabh we were thinking, you and Rakesh came close to us, we will miss you. Om says we don’t wish to let you go. Shivaye says we should listen to his radio show before he leaves. Rishabh gets shocked. Anika says the same show in which Shivaye and I argued a lot. They say we all want to listen to it. Shivaye connects to the bluetooth speakers and plays the show. Rishabh gets tensed. They listen to his show. Rishabh says Shivaye please stop it, it reminds me of my brother. Shivaye says everyone wants to listen, don’t know we will meet again or not. Disco hears Rishabh’s words and barks. He goes to Rakesh’s room. They follow. Rishabh asks Disco to come back. Disco pulls a wire and leaves it on Rakesh’s bed. They all get shocked.Shivaye says so you killed your brother this way. Rudra says by training your dog. Om says I can’t believe this. Shivaye says nobody would believe this, if we wouldn’t have seen it by our eyes. Rudra says we have recorded the video.

Bhavya says police believed that its an accidental death, but I understood it now, Rakesh’s death was a well planned murder. Rishabh worries. Shivaye recalls Rakesh. He says you knew Rakesh’s routine and made the plan, you trained Disco according to the geography of this house, Disco went to Rakesh’s room the moment it heard your command on radio…Gili gili choo hoja tu shuru, he went to Rakesh’s room and did what you told, it was perfect plan, you were not at home, so no one doubted on you.Om says it means you killed your brother with the help of Disco.


Rishabh says yes, right, I have killed Rishabh because I hated him, he used to stay sick since childhood, he used to get mom and dad’s attention, love and care, he became a burden on me after their death, I used to take care of him as his servant, I had to get rid of him as my personal life got over, I thought of taking advantage of his death by proving it as an accidental death, I got an insurance policy worth 100 crores done and killed him in such a way that it looks like an accident, I trained Disco to obey my command, nobody could suspect me as I was with you two at the radio station but…. Shivaye says you thought we are fools. Bhavya says you accepted your crime, you will be punished. She calls inspector. Om says I can’t believe a brother can kill another brother. Rishabh says money can make a person do anything. Shivaye says money is not greater than love and relation. Rishabh says these are just words, you won’t agree to me, but one day money will become a barrier between the three of you. Shivaye asks are you done, inspector take him.

Rishabh goes with police. Bhavya thanks Shivaye and says a criminal has been arrested because of you. Anika says I told right, Disco has killed Rakesh. Shivaye says Rishabh has killed him. She says but you got hint by my idea. Gauri asks Rudra what happened to him. Rudra says money won’t become a barrier between us, right? Om says definitely, never. Shivaye says never. Anika says you too promise me, money won’t come between us, you will let me bargain. Shivaye says don’t do it in front of me, I can’t even tell you about the slipper. She asks him to get quiet. Om is in kitchen and gets angry on his phone. Shivaye and Rudra come and get shocked. Rudra asks what, was there an earth shake in kitchen. Shivaye says its called an earthquake. Rudra says it means the same. Shivaye asks what are you cooking. Rudra says that too, all by yourself. Om says I m making a cake. Rudra says sugar is less, its not sweet. Om says I knew it, Shivaye please fix it, it has to be perfect. Rudra says relax, its not a painting to get a big loss if something goes wrong. Om says its imp than painting, it has to be perfect, I m making it for Gauri, she stays upset, I want her to feel nice, she will be happy if I do anything different. Rudra says you should have made indian sweets. Om says she regularly eats that, I wanted to make something which she has never tasted.

Shivaye asks didn’t she taste sake ever. Om says spend less time with Rudra, she has eaten cakes, but not lemon cheese cake. Shivaye says then say it clearly. He asks Rudra to keep his jacket in his room. He says don’t worry, Obros are here, have no fear, tell me what can we do. Om says we can’t do anything till we get all the ingredients. Shivaye says its okay, tell me what do you need. Om says we need lemon zest and compote. Shivaye says its okay, we will call Khanna. Om says he is an idiot, I sent him with a list, he has not returned yet. Shivaye asks did you call Khanna. Om says I might have called 500 calls, he is busy. Shivaye says he seems distracted, there is something, go and call him.
Rudra goes to Khanna and asks is everything alright, Shivaye is calling you inside, come. Khanna looks sad. Rudra says Shivaye won’t come outside, come.

Shivayeasks Khanna about the ingredients in Gabbar style. Khanna says I didn’t get anything. Rudra says its the limit of unprofessionalism. Khanna says sorry, I will get it now. Om says what’s the use now, Gauri would have woken up, you ruined my plan. Shivaye asks where are you, you look distracted. Khanna says sorry. Shivaye says I have ordered a new uniform for you, I got bored seeing you in this uniform, so wear the new uniform and come with a new spirit towards work, with a smile, bye. Khanna goes. Om says this is of no use now, I have to make halwa now. Shivaye says we will mix ingredients and match, we will make it man. Om says we will make it man, but from where to get lemon and compote man.

Shivaye and Rudra sing don’t you worry now Om, heaven’s got a plan. Rudra says just say that Oberois never quit. They sing Zindagi milke ……and join hands. Rudra applies flour to Om. Om turns serious. Shivaye laughs seeing him. Om smears flour to his cheek and laughs. Anika and Bhavya come and laugh. Shivaye applies flour to her cheek and laugh. She does the same with Bhavya. Rudra laughs. Bhavya stares at Rudra and throws a handful of flour at him. She laughs. They laugh. Gauri comes. Om hides his face. Anika gives flowers to Gauri and dances. Gauri asks what’s all this. Anika says this is a small surprise from us. Om gets the cake and winks with a smile. Gauri cries seeing the cake. He says a sweet cake for my sweet wife. Gauri asks did you bake this cake for me. He says yes, to make you happy, but to make you cry, do you know why, because when you smile, it feels like life is smiling.

Anika signs on their romance. Om says please forget whatever happened. Anika says enough now, you may do this in your room, we shall cut the cake now. Om says I think my old Gauri, the bold Bareilly girl should cut this cake. Gauri wears the goggles and shows her old style. She throws the candy at the wall and eats. Anika and everyone look on. Anika asks are you okay. Om claps and gives the knife to Gauri. They cut the cake. Lafzon ka yeh…..plays….. They all have the cake and smear Gauri with it. Rudra asks why are you taking us to office. Shivaye says we need to sign some papers, we have a meeting for the new project. Rudra asks will we be taking the chopper. Shivaye says no, by car, where is my car, Khanna where is my car. Khanna says sorry I forgot. Shivaye scolds him. Khanna says sorry Sir. He goes to get the car. Shivaye and Omru see some men throwing stones. They bend down to get saved. Guards come in front. Anika asks why have they come here.

Shivaye shouts go inside. The man shoots in air and says this was just a trailer, the picture is still left. The men leave in their jeep. Anika asks who were they. Shivaye says no idea. Bhavya asks why will anyone do this, I will call the police headquarters and get the details of that vehicle, I won’t leave them. Khanna says no, don’t call the police. Om asks are you in senses, people pelted us with stones, they have threatened Shivaye. Khanna says that attack was not meant for Shivaye, but for me. Shivaye says look into my eyes, what did you do that they are after your wife.
Anika says you got married. Gauri says you didn’t even tell us. Shivaye says you have hidden such a big thing. Khanna says I m sorry, situation was such that I couldn’t inform anyone, I had eloped. Shivaye asks what do you mean. Khanna says my wife Mitali’s family was against our marriage so we eloped. Shivaye asks the problem. Khanna says we belong to different communities. Shivaye says you should have told us, we would have convinced them. Khanna says I don’t want to trouble you. Shivaye says you have hurt me a lot, since you didn’t share your problem with me, someone is threatening my family member and I have no idea about it. Khanna asks who is that family member.
Shivaye says its you, idiot, you are like family Khanna, if you can take the bullet for my life, then I can also risk my life for you, if someone tries to harm you, he will be my enemy as well. Anika says Shivaye is right, you should have told us. Gauri says if you got married, then why do those people have a problem now. Khanna says they think they lost their respect in the community because of me, so they want to take revenge. Bhavya asks are they mad, didn’t they think what would happen of their girl, if something happens to you. Khanna says they kidnapped Mitali and wants to get her remarried. Shivaye says they can’t get her remarried, without her consent, that can’t happen.
Khanna says they can go to any extent, I love Mitali a lot, I can’t live without her. He cries. Rudra says don’t cry, now we understand why you were not able to work since so many days. Shivaye says I promise you that we will get Mitali back. Anika says Khanna’s bride…. Om says will just be of Khanna. Shivaye says we will talk and convince them, we will get her back. Khanna goes. Anika asks Gauri and Bhavya to pack some food. Shivaye says we are not going on a picnic, you don’t need to come. She says they won’t listen to you, its related to a girl, you will go there and say, don’t say why, just say Shivaye, who will listen, let it be, we now how to handle this issue. Shivaye says you don’t know the risk. Rudra says we Obros will fix everything, don’t worry. Anika says the risk is ssame for you, if you feel we will relax here, then this won’t happen, we are coming along. Shivaye says no way. Khanna gets kidnapped. The men make him in the car. A guard says some people have kidnapped Khanna. Shivaye says come, they might have not gone too far. ShivOmru leave.

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