Game Of Love Update Sunday 28 February 2021

Game  Of Love 28 February 2021: Nikhil’s mum asks Anika about the sindoor. Anika looks at Shivaye and says its the symbol of my devotion and faith. Om says they both are unhappy, but they aren’t saying anything, I will go and tell everything to Nikhil’s mum, that Anika and Shivaye are married. Gauri says this won’t help, they have left this on fate, they are doing this themselves and will blame their fates for it. Priyanka says I think the fate will show a way to unite them. Om says I really hope so.

Chachi says I was worried for Anika, Shivaye fixed everything, I hope nothing goes wrong in Nikhil and Anika’s marriage this time. Nikhil gets Shivaye and Anika’s marriage video and gets shocked. He shouts Anika…I want to talk to you right now, come. Chachi asks what happened now, you are taking her during the mehendi
rasam. He says maybe that rasam won’t be needed now. Gauri asks why are you so angry. He says don’t interfere, its our personal matter. Shivaye looks on.
Nikhil shows video and asks what’s this, you and Shivaye got married. She says I was about to say. He asks when, after our marriage. She says no. Shivaye comes and says talk to me, not to Anika. Nikhil asks what’s going on between you two, you broke our marriage and did all this to get us married, now I come to know that you both are married. Shivaye says I married her in anger, it was my revenge, my mistake, watch that video again, do you think Anika did this marriage with her consent and happiness, she was helpless to marry me, I know I was wrong, I m trying to rectify it, we both don’t accept this marriage. Nikhil says you do mistakes and want me to rectify it, you got married to Anika and want me to accept her as wife.

Shivaye says we have already started divorce proceedings, if you wish, you can ask Anika, we had nothing between us, and there is nothing between us. He sees Anika. Anika says this has happened earlier, even that day, you didn’t believe me, you are doing the same today, its matter of entire life, I don’t want to spend my life in giving or asking for an explanation, whatever Shivaye said is true, I want to ask you, whether you trust me or not. Nikhil says I trust you Anika, but my family members won’t understand this, they shouldn’t know this. Shivaye says don’t worry, they won’t know, answer me, who has sent you this video. Nikhil gives his phone.

Shivaye asks how did you get this footage. Tyagi says there are some principles in journalism, one of them is that never to reveal our sources, always keep them hidden, I wasn’t surprised seeing this video, after all, you are Shakti’s son. Shivaye shouts. Tyagi says don’t even think of raising hand on me, if you hurt me, you will be ruined, you know that such videos get viral soon, you say the price, your reputation is at stake, one crore should be fine. Shivaye calls Khanna. Khanna prepares the cheque. Shivaye signs it and says if this video gets public, I will kill you. He goes. Shivaye apologizes to Anika and says you are getting punished for my mistake, I wish I could erase that day from your life. She holds his hand. She says please stop apologizing, whatever had to happen is done. He says the video will never be public, I have fixed it. She says you always fix everything. O jaana….plays….

She says you used to hate me so much and now you are doing all this for me. He says its too less for you. She says you always know what people need, but no one knows what you need, I want to know what you need. Shivaye says I want your happiness. She asks do you think I will be happy with Nikhil. He says yes, its destiny, I had come between you and Nikhil, look what’s happening now, fate is uniting you two, its very late, I should go and you should sleep. He gets up and sees her holding his hand. She leaves his hand. He goes.
Tyagi says the work is done and shows the cheque to Daksh. Daksh laughs and says I swear, you are very useful. Tyagi says it always works when you keep an eye on rich people. Daksh says yes, you followed Shivaye and took a video of his marriage, you got one crore. Tyagi says I was waiting for right time. Daksh says its the beginning, now we won’t spare Shivaye. Nikhil comes and says we three of us will do this. They smile. Nikhil says I also want to get Shivaye’s property. Daksh says you are our secret weapon, we will attack from the front and you will backstab him. They have a drink.

Chachi says Anika has gone crazy, she is starting new rituals. Gauri asks what did she do now. Chachi says the groom’s family gets mangalsutra, Anika has bought it herself. Gauri says it doesn’t matter, get the puja done. Chachi asks why shall I do this if Shivaye is doing everything, you explain this to Nikhil’s family as well. Shivaye instructs Khanna. Gauri says Anika has selected this mangalsutra, you give it to pandit for puja. Shivaye says fine, Khanna give this to pandit for puja. Shivaye comes to Pandit and asks do you have all the puja items. Pandit says yes, I m doing puja of Anika’s mangalsutra as you had said. Shivaye says thanks and turns to go. He stops and sees the mangalsutra. He recalls Anika’s words and thinks Gauri gave this by mistake. He calls Khanna and says I want a new mangalsutra, it should be the most beautiful and expensive, just arrange it. Khanna gets it. Shivaye says pandit ji, get puja done for this. Anika comes and stops him. She asks what are you doing.

He says I m getting mangalsutra puja done. She says its already done during the wedding rituals, I don’t want to argue Shivaye. She takes her mangalsutra and goes. He goes after her and says come with me. He asks why do you still have this. She says its symbol of my marriage. He asks why are you so attached to this marriage when the marriage is meaningless. She says you won’t understand this, its my marriage, I will decide which mangalsutra I m going to wear, anyways we have left everything on fate. She goes. Nikhil asks when will I get my share from one crore rupees. Daksh says you will get it soon, when you marry Anika, everything is related to it, Anika should be out of Shivaye’s life forever, else Tia and my plan won’t work, fate united Anika and Shivaye all the time, if they are destined to be together, I will change their destiny, they will not understand what happened with them, Just like that. Anika wears bridal chunri. Shivaye comes. Kaisa bataye….plays…..

She asks do you want something. He says yes, I forgot after seeing you, you are looking very beautiful today. She smiles and says thanks. He says I thank you and turns to go. He says I remember now, I want those divorce papers.Shivaye says my lawyer is waiting, I want our divorce to happen soon, once we sign and give the papers, he will submit it in court. Anika says I don’t have papers, I have forgotten them at home. He says that’s okay, my lawyer had a copy so I got it, sign on this. She asks have you signed them. He says no, I thought you will give me those papers which I already signed, its fine, you sign, then I will do. They ask each other to sign first. He says fine, I will do, then you do. He signs, having looking at her. He says sign, Mr. Kukreja is waiting. Anika says just a min. He says the pen is fine. She looks at him. Milke bhi…..plays. She signs on the papers. She gives him the papers. Her bangle accessory and his coat sleeve get stuck.

She says relations don’t end so easily. He says it does hurt, but if a relation causes pain, its better to end it. He frees it and goes. He sees the papers and gets sad. Anika looks at him. He gives papers to Kukreja. O jaana…plays…. Shivaye turns to see. Anika hides. She cries. Gauri sees her and asks what happened, why are you crying. Om says Shivaye, I need to talk about the Australian deal. Shivaye says just a min Om and gets in his room. He shuts the door and cries. Om asks him to open the door. Shivaye throws the magazines and also its stand. Om shouts open the door Shivaye. Shivaye opens the door and says I m all right, tell me what do you want to discuss. Om looks at him. Anika says don’t worry, I m absolutely fine.
Its morning, Om asks Khanna to welcome all guests with rose water, Shivaye asked for this, taste all snacks before serving. Gauri greets him and says your brother seems to have taken up wedding planning seriously. Om says he has forgotten business and meetings, and started this.

Anika comes downstairs. Priyanka gives her a catalogue and says Shivaye said the wedding theme will be green, you can choose the green lahenga, have a look at the options, you will get it ready in 24 hours. Shivaye comes. Anika says when wedding planner decided the wedding theme, let him select the wedding dress. Shivaye asks what happened. Anika says its my marriage and you have chosen wedding theme without asking me, I don’t like green. He asks what do you like then. She says I like red. Priyanka says Shivaye has a phobia of colour red. Anika says you are scared of colours, that’s why I was wondering why you are so colourless. He says I don’t like red. She says you just wear this grey, blue, black… He says I have brown too. She says you wear just these suits. Om says we didn’t notice this much, you know the colours of all his suits.
Shivaye says stop it. Gauri says you know Anika has a phobia of water, Anika shivers when she goes near the swimming pool. Shivaye and Anika argue. Om says hold on, who is afraid and who’s not, we will decide, go and wear red clothes, and you go into the water, simple. Anika says ask him to do it first. Shivaye says no, why shall I do it first every time.

Om and Priyanka ask what do you mean, what is it that you have done first. Shivaye says nothing. Anika says its his excuses, he thinks if I don’t go into water, he won’t need to wear red, I will win this challenge. Shivaye says tell her that I have never lost a challenge. Anika says tell him that either he will lose or wear red, I think he won’t wear red colour, but he can try. Everyone is in the party. Nikhil introduces his friends to Anika. Anika says I will be right back. She asks where is Shivaye. Om says don’t know. She says maybe he is scared of challenge and he is hiding somewhere. Priyanka drops the glass in shock. They all get shocked seeing Shivaye wearing a red suit. He walks to Anika. She smiles. Music plays…. Gal mitthi mitthi bol…plays….. Shivaye and Anika dance. Om, Gauri and Priyanka dance. Nikhil looks on. Shivaye gets him to Anika. He looks at Anika. They smile and get together. Lights get dim. Everyone disappears. Shivaye and Anika sing Dil kho gaya…..Teri ore…. and dance.

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