Eternal Love Update Sunday 28 February 2021


Eternal Love 28 February 2021: Starts with Rohit and Sonakshi romancing. He gets a call. He says you… Some time back, Rohit and Sonakshi are leaving. Yash runs to stop him. He says Nishi and I wanted to talk something imp. Rohit says yes, Sona just check if Ravi got the car, I will come. Sonakshi asks is everything fine. Yash says yes, we need to discuss about hospital marketing. Payal says someone came to meet you. Suman asks Rohan what work did he had. Pari discusses work. Rohan asks her to come on site. Suman says Pari won’t work with you, she needs to focus on her acting career. Pari says yes, I need to focus on my career, I m sorry. Suman says Pari will email you the files, we have to leave now. She asks how is Tanya, you should be busy with her also. He says yes, okay then, bye. He goes.

He thinks what happened to her, Suman is so irritating. Rohit says we can’t tell Sonakshi. Nishi says we have to tell her the truth to save ourselves and you. Rohit says avoid Pooja’s questions, we can’t tell truth to Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks did you come to say this. Netra says I couldn’t talk on sets. Sonakshi says I didn’t interfere in creative decisions, I m married. Netra says relax, our TRP didn’t get high, we can show your romantic chemistry with Sumit. Sonakshi says I can’t handle here with my in laws. Netra asks shall I talk to Rohit. Nishi says Pooja’s truth has come out, this second truth can also come out, you will get the slap, you will be most affected. Sonakshi says Rohit respects my profession, its my decision, I don’t want to do this. Netra says I understand, think about it once. She goes. Payal says Ravi is waiting. Sonakshi says we are coming, why didn’t Rohit come. Rohit says Sonakshi can’t know this, everything will shatter.

Yash says its imp to tell Sonakshi, she is your wife. Sonakshi comes and asks what happened, is Pooja fine. Rohit says yes, we have to go now. They leave.
Nishi says Sonakshi can learn this from outside, it will be better if Rohit tells her. Rohit and Sonakshi are on the way. They think of their problems. She asks what happened, is it about Pooja. He says she wants to meet… forget it, what did Netra say. She says let it be, we didn’t get quality time. He says yes, we will concentrate on each other. They hug. Ravi sees them and plays a song, Tumko dekha to….plays…. They smile. Ajit asks Pooja to forget it. Pooja says mumma knows about my real parents, she doesn’t want to say, maybe my real mum and dad saw my pic, maybe they miss me. A lady cuts the article and keeps Pooja’s pic. Pooja says maybe they want to see me once. Sonakshi sees the gift. She sees the red handcuffs. She says why did he gift this, what’s on his mind. Rohit shuts the door and asks how is the room. She says very nice, I will just come. He says gift has come, Sonakshi is great in giving surprise. He sees the handcuffs. He says Sona got this, I m getting nervous, what does she want to do.

The lawyer asks why do you want to do this Rani, its wrong, let it be, you know Sonakshi is famous actress and Rohit Sippy… The lady goes. Rohit says what is she thinking, is she wearing any costume. Sonakshi says I feel like daily soap bahu, I can’t even run. He calls her baby. She asks baby? He asks are you fine. She says I m fine, who is going to handcuff me here. He says I m gone today, be ready for anything. She comes and says one more gift, did he get a hunter now. He says she didn’t wear costume. She asks do you want me to wear costume. He says no. She says I didn’t do this before. He says I didn’t play this game before. She asks what game. He says your chor police. She says I will become police. He says I will become police, you do acting. She asks what did you think. He says why are you upset, I m ready. She says you are the thief. He says its your idea. She asks my idea? He says yes, of course. He shows the handcuffs and says I didn’t get it. She says I didn’t get it, of course not…

They say Payal… He says she looks sweet and simple, its her idea, I asked her to ask madam about arrangements. She says she called me,I asked her to do whatever you like, I didn’t know she thinks such about you. They laugh and hug. The lady is on the way and sees Pooja’s pic. Sonakshi says I will change and come. He says check my gift, I promise Payal didn’t get it, I got it for you. She checks the nightie. He says this will look pretty on you. She goes to change. The lady is calling Rohit. Sonakshi comes. Rohit smiles. Aaj phir tumpe…plays…. They romance. His phone rings. He says let it ring. She says it maybe medical emergency, you are a doctor, go. He answers the call. She says its me… He says you…. He goes away. He asks why did you call me, I won’t come to meet you. Sonakshi asks is everything fine. He says yes. His phone rings again. He worries.

lady asking why did Sonakshi come to my room. The man says you are her duplicate, so she had come to meet you. Some time back, Rohit says I will not spare you if you call again, I m warning you, I m with Sona here. Sonakshi asks what happened, is it an emergency. He says yes. She says then go, your patient needs you, I will wait for you here. He says sorry. He says I m coming and ends call. He says I will come soon, sorry. Rohan drinks. He calls Pari. She doesn’t answer. Tanya comes to him. He sees Pari in her. He says you have come, and hugs her. She says thanks, I knew you are missing me a lot. She takes him upstairs. He says you know my wife is pregnant, even then I want to spend time with you, because I love you. She gets shocked. He falls down. She says does he have an affair with someone.


Rohit asks the lady to get lost, if she tries to contact anyone in his family, he will kill her. He goes. Ravi asks where shall we go now. Rohit says Sonakshi is in the hotel, we will go there, Sunita or Sonakshi shouldn’t know where we went and whom we met. Ravi says sure. Sonakshi wakes up by a call. She sees Rohit beside. She asks when did you come. He says you look so beautiful while sleeping, sometimes I think I don’t deserve you. She says I m just yours. He asks will you leave me and go. She asks what happened. She says never, even if you say, why are you asking me, what happened, is your patient fine. He says old patient is bothering me a lot, I was an intern that time, I have to manage it well, so that patient and his family don’t get hurt, complications got high. She asks him to give his best. He says don’t know what Bappa wants, leave it, our suhaagraat is incomplete. She says TRP will get high. He laughs. Netra calls her. She says I had to remind about rain sequence. Sonakshi says I didn’t talk to Rohit. Rohit says then talk to me. She says you don’t know about it. He says she called me.

Naren gets ready. Veena watches the show. She drops his jacket. She says sorry. He says you are watching Sonakshi’s serial openly now. She says she was fighting terrorists alone, never estimate the power of a house wife, and you know Sonakshi and Sumit’s romantic scenes…… wow…. Naren asks what do you mean. Sonakshi says its a romantic rain song. Rohit says so what, Parvati’s husband is Sumit, its your work, what’s strange in it, this show gave you everything, KPK is your identity. She says I know, everyone has a problem that I m an actress now. Naren says Sonakshi is married, she is our Bahu, she shouldn’t do such scenes. Veena says its her work, we permitted Tanya and Pooja to work, Pooja does modelling. Naren says Tanya works from home, Nishi is a cosmetologist, I strictly asked Pooja to just do decent modelling, but Sonakshi can’t romance a stranger. She says sorry, I don’t agree. Rohit says I m fine with it, just go, when people like your and Sumit’s chemistry, I will feel proud about it.

Netra comes on the sets. Sumit asks did Sonakshi agree. Netra says yes, I called a duplicate for close scenes. He jokes that I want Sonakshi. Sonakshi comes. Netra thanks her. Sonakshi says thank Rohit, I feel lucky to get him. Netra says don’t worry, I called your duplicate. Sonakshi and Sumit go to meet her. She asks where is Raima. Sumit says she left for Chandigarh, she didn’t wish me to tell anyone, its my mom’s call, go and meet the body double. Sonakshi goes to the duplicate’s room. She says I came to meet my duplicate. The man says maybe Rani is in washroom, get ready. She asks whose bag is it. He says maybe of Rani. The bag drops. Sonakshi picks the things. Rani comes and hides. The man says its okay, I will do it. Sonakshi goes. Rani says I will do it, you go from here. He says you are Sonakshi’s duplicate, get ready. She gets shocked and recalls Rohit’s words. She says no, I can’t do this work, call someone else. He says you can’t back out. She says sorry, you didn’t tell me before. She goes.

Tanya gets lemonade for Rohan. He says my head is aching, help me, I feel sleepy. She asks who is that girl, Rohan. He asks which girl. She says the one you were missing, you told me everything being drunk, why Rohan. He worries. He says sorry Tanya. She says why, I m very happy. He says why. She says you said you love me a lot and I m yours forever and ever. He says of course, I really love you a lot. She says I m so lucky to get a caring husband. He says I m also lucky to get a wife like you. She asks him to go and have food. He goes. She says you played enough games, now its my turn, you will tell me that girl’s name, I will not leave you bother.

Netra asks how can she go, get her. The man says she refused to become Sonakshi’s body double. Sonakshi asks why, I will talk to her. She goes and stops Rani. She asks what’s the matter, did I do anything, we never worked before, are you uncomfortable about romantic rain sequence. The coordinator says don’t worry, she will work. He asks what happened Rani, you wanted work, you had to meet your daughter. Rani says let me go. Sonakshi says you at least do the work for your daughter, if you leave like this, you may not get work again. Rani says fine, I will do this work. Sonakshi thanks her.

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