Game Of Love Update Saturday 17 April 2021


Game of Love 17 April 2021:  Aditi goes to tea stall to get a cup of tea. Nana says she is angry. Shivaansh says I will go wherever this madam goes. Aasya says we have to shoot a song for promotion. Shivaansh says we will do it right here, we can create a night, call the crew. He dances with the girls during the shoot on Khali peeli rokne ka nai….. He dances around Aditi. She goes. Gaitonde says Aditi is calling you, there is a special place where she gives briefing, its tough on people, but you are SSO, superstar. Nana says just come, you will know it yourself. Shivaansh goes with him and asks will briefing happen here. Aditi asks him to come. Gaitonde asks him to be careful.

Shivaansh says its a normal place, what’s wrong. His team comes. He says I will just go and come. He walks towards Aditi. He falls inside the leaf-covered pit. She stops his team. She asks him to stay alert and protect himself. She says too bad, you failed in first briefing, stop wasting your and police time, you just do romantic films. She slips. Shivaansh holds her. Hawayein…plays…. She loses balance again and falls in her arms. They have an eye lock. Flowers fall on them. Shivaansh says my life’s rule no. 1, whatever happens to me, I will never let anything happen to the girl, be it reel or real, if the girl is in danger, SSO will always save her. Everyone smiles. They leave.
Aditi says its enough, I will tell madam that I can’t tolerate him more. Shivaansh asks did you lose so soon. He taunts on the tea, indirectly on her. He thanks Gaitonde. Aditi says its better that you quit. Shivaansh says SSO never quits, I didn’t see you so rattled before, I hope its not because of our look lock. She asks what’s look lock.

He asks don’t you watch TV, moment, it happens between hero and heroine. She asks what do you mean, what happened between us. He says closeness, intimacy and restlessness. She says no. He says I had saved you, you were in my arms. She says no, you just held me. He says its the same thing, you were in my arms. She says no, one has to hold another person to rescue, like you said, this is so… He says romantic, you got more rattled, I wonder what would have happened to this heroine if this hero wasn’t there. She says look you maybe some her, but I m not any heroine, never talk to me like that, I can’t tolerate you for two mins, I m going to commissioner madam to say this. Nandini comes and asks any problem. Aditi says yes. He says no. Nandini says I hope everything is fine between you two. He says its best, perfect, this doesn’t seem like a police station. Nandini asks Aditi what does she want to say. He asks Aditi to say whatever happened outside. Aditi says I have given him my first briefing. Nandini says good, keep it up. She goes. He asks did you hear it, keep it up, why didn’t you tell madam, did that moment revive some emotions in you, such is my charm. Aditi says don’t have any misconception about me, I solve my own problems, I don’t need any hero, I will make sure that the next hours will be the worst hours of your life.

He says we shall see. Aditi works on case. Shivaansh comes. Nana and Gaitonde get a sofa chair for him. Aditi discusses the case. She says we have to meet Dara speak out the truth so that we know Gajni’s plan. Shivaansh says police can make the dead talk. Nana and Gaitonde like his dialogue and clap. Aditi asks him to let them do their work. Shivaansh says relax, I know how to make criminals speak up, I have seen this in many films. He says there is big difference in real and reel life, one has to work hard and sweat a lot to become a cop. Gaitonde says he also does much hard work. She says enough, SSO is distracting my team, they didn’t hear any word properly. Shivaansh says but I have heard it well. She asks really, just tell me what did you hear. He repeats her words exactly. They slap. She says I must admit, you are sharp. Shivaansh says ever since I was a kid, I have a photographic memory, I know the methods of policemen, I watch a lot of movies. She says great, you are ready for the first case, you can gather info from a criminal, he isn’t telling us about his gang. She asks them to take him to Dara.

She says I m going to interrogate Gajni, he can interrogate Dara and save our time, right Mr. Oberoi. He says its Oberoi, that’s not the right way. She says its pronounced such in Marathi. He says I like Marathi people. She says Shivaansh can do anything, its easy for him. He says right, Oberoi…. He goes. She says he will surely run away now. He meets Dara. Dara asks click my photo with him, I m his big fan. Shivaansh says come, and clicks pic. He says give this pic to him when he gets released. He asks Dara to say the truth. Aditi asks Gajni to say the truth. Gajni says I don’t know anything. Dara says I m innocent, just like your movie, Mohabbat ki dhadkan, you get arrested when you are innocent, I m framed. Shivaansh asks him to say truth. Dara says why will I lie, I have two children and a wife. Shivaansh says you became a criminal to raise them. Dara says yes, save me, I beg of you. Shivaansh asks Gaitonde to open his handcuffs. Dara gets free and thanks Shivaansh. Shivaansh asks say the truth, where are your partners.

Dara catches him and pushes Gaitonde. Aditi says Dara is going to say truth, you are going to die. Gajni says I just know that something is going to happen in new year party. She rushes on hearing the alarm. She hits Dara and asks who uncuffed him. Gaitonde says SSO said so. She asks have you gone mad, do you know the risk, its not a film, what if someone fell in danger. Nana says come fast, Gajni has run away. They get shocked.Aditi says Shivaansh has created a mess here. Nandini asks what type of language are you using. Shivaansh says very bad, what’s this line. Aditi says its his language, he was saying such weird lines, my work has increased, Gajni escaped because of him. Nandini says its because of you, why did you send him to interrogate Dara. Aditi says its his mistake, he asked Gaitonde to uncuff Dara, I had to leave Gajni and go to rescue him. He jokes. Aditi asks him to see his words usage. Nandini says I m not a class teacher, but a police commissioner. She asks him why did he uncuff Dara. He says sorry, I believed him. Aditi says its tough to believe loved ones, he trusted a criminal. He says I think someone special has broken your trust. She goes.


He asks Nandini has she always been like this. Nandini says some incidents change people, its a long story. He coughs. She gives him a glass of water and asks are you fine. He says always. She says thank God Aditi saved you from Dara, this work has danger, why are you putting yourself in danger. He says I can do anything for my Nani and Dadi, I want to fulfill their wish, they want to see me fight in action film, I have only done romantic films, I want my last film to be an action film for their sake. Nandini says you are too stubborn, but this shouldn’t happen again. He says sorry for this, its my fault, I promise I won’t repeat it. She says talk to Aditi. He says you talk to her. She says I will try. Khanna gets lunch for him. Nana and Gaitonde join him. They just see vegetables. Khanna says Shivaansh eats this. Shivaaansh says actors have to diet to be fit. Gaintonde says so you are so fit. Nana says maybe he observes fasts. Aditi gets her tiffin and sits.

She eats. Gaitonde says Aditi is the best cook in the world. Khanna says Shivaansh doesn’t cook or eat such food. Shivaansh sees Aditi. Khanna gives green tea to him. Aditi drinks milk tea. She gives laddoo to them. Gaitonde says its really good. Khanna says thanks, Shivaansh won’t be able to have it. She says its his wish. Shivaansh says let me eat sweets today, this is so delicious, its really good. Gaitonde says at least, you are happy now, we apologize for whatever happened. Khanna asks what. Nana says Dara attacked SSO. Khanna asks is this true, why didn’t you tell me. Shivaansh says relax. Khanna says its about your safety, come with me. Shivaansh refuses. Khanna thinks. Nani comes and asks Shivaansh to come home. She says what if something happened to you.

Aditi says its our duty to do this, what need does he have to do this, what if he doesn’t look good, who will look at him. Shivaansh says you say you aren’t my fan, but you worry a lot for me. Aditi says if you leave, we can focus on our work. Nani takes him. Aditi says thank God he is gone. She orders a tea. Shivaansh comes back and jokes on her. She asks did you forget something. He says I came to remind, I come and leave on my own, you think I couldn’t charm my Nani. He sits down and says I m back baby.

Its night, Shivaansh comes home and says why is it so dark. He calls out everyone. Some girl comes downstairs, holding a candle. Gumnaam hai koi….plays… He asks who is there… and gets scared. He hugs her. Lights come. He says I m an actor, and its you who is acting here, where is Dhruv. Dhruv says we worked so had, you didn’t get scared. They hug. Aditi gets her aunt’s call. She says don’t worry, I will reach there soon. Shivaansh asks where is Shivani. Radhika says she has stayed there for exams. Dhruv says she is a favor of parents, Om and Gauri too. Radhika says she stays with them unlike us, who stay with you, we go to London once a year to stay with our parents, still you love Shivani more. Shivaansh pats Dhruv’s face. Dhruv recites a poem. Shivaansh asks how do you recite poems like Om when you are Rudra’s son. Dhruv jokes. Shivaansh says okay, relax, I missed you both. Nani says when I see their love, I recall Shivomru, Shivaye couldn’t live without Omru, Shivaansh can’t live without Om’s daughter Radhika and Rudra’s son Dhruv.

Khanna says they are Shivomru of this season/generation. Nani recalls Shivomru and cries. They hug Nani. FB shows Rudra and Bhavya see Shivaansh and Dhruv making a tower. Rudra says Dhruv went on me, Shivaansh went on his dad, they are Obros 2.0, Shivaansh and Dhruv will be together like Shivomru. They see little Shivaansh and Dhruv, and smile. Om plays with baby Radhika.Gauri asks him not to play hide and seek. She says I don’t want another baby. Om says I have Radhika and you as well. She says what if she misses siblings. He says Shivaansh and Dhruv are there to love and protect her, like Shivaye and Rudra love me. FB ends. Nani goes and gets juice for them. Shivaansh refuses for juice. Radhika gets hurt. Shivaansh worries for her and asks Khanna to get medical kit. He does the aid. Radhika says its not hurting me as its paining you. Nani looks on. Aditi says aunt got a heart attack, I have to go to her, she needs me. Mohini asks her to go tomorrow. Aditi says keep the door locked, don’t worry, I will go. She stops and goes to hug Mohini. Mohini asks her to take care. Aditi leaves. Shivaansh says I will call a doctor, its not a little wound. Dhruv jokes. Shivaansh asks for another phone. Nani says you went on your dad, she will be fine, she doesn’t need a doctor. He says yes, see I m fine. She walks and screams. Shivaansh asks are you hurt. She says I m perfectly fine, I was joking. He hugs her.

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