Friday Update on Mehek 26 April 2019 #mehek


Friday update on Mehek 26 April 2019

Karona says to Mahek that you know why he hates middle class people so much? because he himself is middle class, his mother was so ill but he didnt have money to get her treated and he lost her at age of 10, Kanta says it means you.. Karona says yes Shaurya is not my son, Mahek is shocked hearing it. Karona says he is son of my husband’s first wife, i still remember, 18years back, the phone call of that kid.

Flashback shows kid Shaurya calling Karona and says i want to talk to my father, she asks what is your father’s name? Shaurya says Harish Khanna, Karona is stunned. Flashback ends.

Karona says my husband Harish was middle class too but he was not like you people, he used to run behind money, he was assistant of my father and my father used to like him a lot, he used to think that Harish is hard working guy so he got me married to Harish. After 8years of marriage, i got to know that Harish was already married and he never told me that he had 8years old son.

Friday update on Mehek

Flashback(fb) shows, Harish beating Shaurya for calling Karona, fb ends.

Karona says Harish tried to hide Shaurya from me, he scared Shaurya by beating him but God is with everyone. Flashback shows Karona coming to meet 8years old Shaurya and his real ill mother, mother says my husband Harish left me because of you, i lived with it but this illness is not letting me live, he didnt accept Shaurya, his son but if you dont accept him then he will beg on roads.

Karona pulls Shaurya in and hugs him. Karona bring Shaurya to home, Vaitlana says he is dirty child, we dont even know if he is Harish’s son, Karona says Harish’s face is showing that Shaurya is his son only, Vaitlana says still keep him away from my vicky, dont know how dirty is his blood, flashback ends.

Karona says to mahek that i might have brought him in that house but nobody accepted him, he got mother but he didnt get father even if he had real father, i tried a lot but Shaurya was abused in my house, he was raised like illegitimate child. Karona says you wanna know why he hates middle class people so much? because his father is middle class and he hates his father, he sees shadow of his father in all middle class people, he is the man behind Shaurya’s real mother going away, i tried to remove poison from his heart but his fate wants him to burn and worst thing is that whoever come closer to him, gets burned too like you Mahek. Its your decision to come in party or not, to forgive him or not, its upto you, she wipes her tears and leaves, Mahek is in shock.

Friday update on Mehek

Jeevan says to family that we shouldnt go near mad dog, after Mahek slapping Shaurya, he is like mad dog so no one showed go to his show. Balwant says you are right, Jeevan says Shaurya is snake and can bite anytime, Mansi asks Kanta to say something, Kanta says i am listening to everyone, PD says ask Mahek too. Balwant says we listened to her a lot, now what we want will happen.

Mahek says you are right, what you want will happen but i want to say something, Shaurya misbehaved and i slapped him infront of everybody but nobody saw what i did with him, i didnt understand why he used to be so irritated with me, why he used to taunt me about being middle class, i taunted him about being different from his mother, how he is not like his mother not face wise nor value wise, i even called him that his mother must have brought him from somewhere and today when i got to know his life’s truth, i know i have hurt him a lot, i have scraped his deep wounds unknowingly, he could have thrown me out of competition,

It was his competition but he didnt because he does respect and value my talent, he told me once that he might hate cook but he can never hate good dish, he could have given me less marks and evict me from show but he values talent, i dont want a slap to destroy someone’s life and future, i dont know why shaurya’s chapter opened in my life but if i am ending it then i want to end with no grudge and no negative vibe.

Mahek says i wont meet Shaurya after this day but if by me going to show’s final, he can have deal with this investors then i want to go, it will lessen my guilt and will be like repent for taunting and hurting him earlier, i just want this but i will do what you people want, all think about it.

Friday update on Mehek

Mahek says to family that i just want to repent my mistakes, but decision is yours. Kanta says where did you learn to think so big? Mahek says from you, Jeevan says you are so nice, we will all go with you. Nehal says what will i wear in supercook party, Mansi says as if all will be looking at what you are wearing.

Karona comes to spercook set. Shaurya says you here Maa? she says i came to meet you and your arrangements, how are you? he says fine, did you go to old delhi? she says yes to meet Mahek, to make her understand, dont know if her family will come to party of show or not.

Mrs. Chawla enters party. Everyone congratulates her for winning supercook, reporter asks if she won because Mahek left at the end? Mrs. Chawla, i wont becuase i am talented. Investor enters party and says to Shaurya to that you know your deal depends on Mahek, i want to meet Mahek here if you want your deal.

Mahek enters party with her family, Rajiv says there she is. Reporter asks that you quit show in middle but you are back, any specific reason for that? Shaurya slightly smiles at her. Vaitlana says so spark of party has come. Shaurya comes and greets Mahek’s family by folding his hands. Karona comes there and is happy to see them, she says thank you beta(daughter), she welcomes them. They come inside.

Shaurya says to her family that you came here to respect my mother’s words, you people dont know how much you have helped me to come here, look at those investors, they are investing 50crores in my chain of hotels, if you people didnt come here then everything would have gone down. Nehal is getting Ajay’s call but she is cutting his call constantly.

Friday update on Mehek

Shaurya asks host to serve Sharma family specially, they are VIP guest. Nehal takes Ajay’s call and says i am busy, we are VIP guest of Shaurya, Ajay asks if he is dreaming? she says his mother came to apologize and invite us to party, all rich guests are here so i dont have time for you, he says dont fool me, she says i will send you video of party, she makes video and sends Ajay.

Ajay is stunned and shows Pammi, he says see your so called useless Mahek is enjoying Shaurya Khanna’s party, Sharma family is enjoying there, she asks who is sending him video? he says my friend, who is show’s AD.

Rajiv takes attention of guests and says i want Shaurya to present winning trophy to Mrs. Chawla. Ajay and Pammi are watching live telecast shown by Nehal. Shaurya presents trophy and prize money to Mrs. Chawla. Mahek recalls how Rajiv proposed for Mahek to enter this show, she is sad, Kanta silently asks if she is fine? Mahek nods.

Friday update on Mehek

Shaurya says guests, i want to take your little more time as i dont want to leave something important behind, i am little emotional, we didnt know who will win this competition but well deserving person have won but some people are above victory too, we met someone like that in show, she was relentless and could have given extreme in finals if she didnt leave show because of my misunderstandings, i want to show her journey through video, she didnt win competition but she won hearts.

Video plays, Mahek entering show’s set in start is shown, how she was nervous, how she was praised for her dishes by judges but how she ranaway from show’s set because Shaurya scared her then how she cameback and keep winning show’s rounds. How she cooked chicken too being vegetarian, how she went to Agra and fell in pool too trying to get ingredient of her dish, how she enjoyed bonfire there, Mahek is emotional seeing her journey, video ends. One lady enters party, she is foreign investor.

Shaurya asks Mahek to come on stage, Jeevan smiles and asks her to go. Karona aks Mahek to go, your place is there. Vaitlana says blo*dy show off, like father, son can stoop low in need. Mahek comes in stage, Shaurya says when Rajiv told me about Mahek, i laughed that how can dhabba worker be on my show but i was wrong to not recognize her talent, Rajiv recognized her talent and i was late to do so but we cant change what happened but i can try to rectify my mistake.

He asks Dhabba owner Ratan to come on stage, all are surprised, he comes on stage. Shaurya says i met Mahek on his dhabba first time, i still remember that salty pulse i ate there, Mahek recalls Shaurya insulting dhabba people there, and commenting on Mahek’s weight. Shaurya gifts desi ghee(oil) to Ratan and says this was first thing Mahek asked on our set, Ratan says Mahek lets share it.

Shaurya says as token of appreciation and hardwork, Khanna group of companies wants to present this cheque of 25lacs to Mahek Sharma. Nehal almost drops her phone listening it. Mahek is stunned and says i cant take it. Shaurya says this is nothing infront of your talent, i was late to recognize you, you are awesome cook but you are great person, you came here forgetting everything that happened, please accept this, i am sorry from my heart, please i am extremely sorry, please forgive me, he folds his hands infront of her, she says its okay, forget everything.

Vaitlana says wow, now he is giving 25lacs charity to beggars of delhi, wow. Reporter asks Mahek if everything is sorted between them? Mahek says everything is sorted between us and i want to apologize to Shaurya too. Mahek says i am sorry for mistake i made unknowingly, Shaurya says i will accept your sorry only if you accept my cheque, please i request you, Mahek thinks. Karona says take it daughter, you deserve it. Mahek looks at Kanta who nods in yes. Mahek takes cheque from Shaurya’s hands, all clap, Mahek smiles. Ajay and Pammi are watching on video.

Karona thanks Sharma family for coming to party. Kanta says don’t thank again and again, a lot has happened in last few months but I am happy that we are taking good memories with us, Jeevan says we are happy to be here, Mrs. Chawla says they are going with cheque too. Mahek touches Karona’s feet. Karona says your place is in my heart, its good that you saw Shaurya’s other side too today. Sharma family comes out of venue.

Mahek says to Kanta that I left my phone inside set, I will bring. Mahek comes inside show’s set and is searching for her phone. Shaurya says are you searching for it? he shows her phone, he says It was with me, Mahek takes it and says I should get going. Shaurya says delete my phone number, its useless for you, I wont irritate you by calling you and you wont have to curse me out, you go back to your life and i will go back to mine, Mahek says our worlds were never same, but the good thing is that we are not going back with grudge against each other,

Shaurya says I give credit to you for that too, you might think that I said all that just to show off but I wanna say what you did for me today, I can never pay back for that, and if you ever think you need my help for anything in life then I am a call away. Mahek smiles and says then I am not deleting your number, Shaurya smiles listening, Mahek blushes and leaves.

Sharma family is sitting at home, Mansi says we should go to holidays as we have got cheque, Mahek says why not. Kanta says this is Mahek’s money and will be going to her FD, Mahe says you all decide it, I am sleepy, she goes to her room.

Mahek comes to her room and sees oil box which Shaurya gifted her and how he gifted her 25lacs, she smiles broadly. She lies in her bed and recalls Shaurya nice words that if you ever have problem in life and I can help you so call me. Mahek says thanks Shaurya Khanna.


Its morning, Mahek has peaceful smile even in her sleep. She hears some wedding music and wakes up. She comes to lounge. Jeevan says who is playing this music? Ajay and Pammi enters their house with wedding band. Kanta says what is this new drama? Nehal is smiling. Ajay comes to her and dances around her but sits on his knees infront of Mahek, all are stunned. He shows her poster which says will you marry me? Ajay asks Mahek Sharma will you marry me? All are shocked.

Mahek panics, Pammi is dancing. Kanta is tensed. Ajay sings mujhse shaadi karogi song. He asks again, Mahek will you marry me? Kanta shouts what is this drama? she says don’t play this band again. Ajay says this is not drama but love, passionate love, I am ready to marry Mahek, he asks band to play again, band starts playing music again. Balwant says this drama is going on since Diwali. Ajay asks Mahek will you marry me? please say yes.

Jeevan screams to stop all this, band stops playing. Jeevan says you flirt Ajay, first you didn’t like Mahek but now that she came on TV so you want o marry her? get lost from here. Pammi says we have come with marriage proposal but you people are behaving like low lives, you people were dying for this proposal, don’t you remember how many times you came to my house? I didn’t realize Mahek is this nice, I was sad when Mahek was humiliated on Tv, remember I brought that posters to your house, I showed them to you as I care for you.

Pammi sits in PD’s feet and says Kanta and I bicker but I like Mahek a lot. Competition has ended but Mahek has to get married at end, I want to forget everything and start new chapter, bless me. PD says move away or else I will kick you. Pammi says I wont move from your feet till you don’t agree with this marriage proposal. Balwant says Pammi gets go inside lounge then we will talk nicely. Kanta says nobody will talk, she asks Pammi to leave. Pammi says don’t be so hard, Ajay likes Mahek a lot.

Kanta says you used to find many faults in Mahek, what suddenly happened that Ajay likes Mahek? I wont give Mahek to people who don’t value her. Pammi says we value her a lot, people don’t know what talent Mahek has but we have got to know it and we are going crazy for her now. Mansi says Mahek has become craze for you after she came on TV?

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Mehek full story

Pammi says don’t be arrogant, don’t forget she was humiliated and her character was questioned too, don’t forget that proposals can stop coming too, lets leave Ajay. Pammi says to Mahek that I am sorry to hurt you earlier, I didn’t recognize how good you are earlier, she says to Kanta that we will wait for you people to answer, we have understood Mahek’s value, its all upto you people now.

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