Thursday update on King of hearts 25 April 2019


Thursday update on King of hearts

Roshini calls Siddharth and he walks towards her. Roshini asks Siddharth to fix her broken roof, Siddharth complies. Siddharth talks to God saying that in my life I’ve never done this kind of work, just make sure I don’t lose my dignity.

Siddharth goes up and Roshini from the base of the ladder throws up a piece of tarplin. Siddharth is coming down the ladder and he slips, falling on Roshini and both of them have a romantic moment.

DD is in her cabin, frustrated that she didn’t get to meet Mr Mehta properly. Just then Mr Mehta and his son, Krish comes outside her cabin. She welcomes them in and asks what brings them here? Mr Mehta has a proposal that will benefit them both. He is hinting about marriage between Krish & Roshini.

Thursday update on King of hearts

A song is playing in the background, Siddharth-Roshini are having fun in the rain. Suddenly, she gets a call and goes inside. Her Uncle tells Roshini to come home before DD comes home. She tells Siddharth that she has to leave and goes.

Nani is pacing around at home, worried about Roshini. Roshini surprises Nani from behind, Nani is worried about what will happen if DD sees Roshini like this? Roshini is imitating her mother scolding her, when Nani freezes. Roshini turns around to see DD watching her. DD comes to Roshini and glances at her appearance. DD calls for Vimla and asks her to clean up the mess and take care of Roshini.

Nani w onders about DD’s behaviour?
Siddharth throws a stone on a house and Siddharth’s Mom starts screaming. Siddharth comes in and sends his Mom away. Siddharth yells at his dad for not helping him with his problems! Siddharth’s Mom realizes that Siddharth is playing with her. All of them goes to bed.

Thursday update on King of hearts

The family is worried as DD hasn’t come out of her room yet. Roshini again starts imitating her mom. Right then, DD comes and tells Roshini that she can go wherever she wants to go to. Naani is worried about DD.

Roshini is talking to her school kids. The Kids divert the topic to Siddharth, and Roshini says she will thank him later. Roshini says Siddharth is busy. Just then, Siddharth comes and talks to the kids. Siddharth-Roshini smiles and look at each other. The kids asks Roshini to thank Siddharth. Siddharth instigates the kids to make Roshini say more than a sorry.

Siddharth starts rambling about all the problems that could have happened if he had gotten hurt🤕 then. She says what do I have to do? Siddharth says spend some time with me, but then later changes his statement. Roshini declines and Siddharth hugs the kids and leaves.

The kids get angry and sulk. Roshini calls Siddharth back and says okay. The Kids jump in joy. Siddharth also gets happy and promises Roshni that she will have lots of fun.

Sid and Roshni takes the NGO kids to chowpati and buys them snacks. The Kids also asks them to have snacks. They both say they are not hungry. Sid ask the kids what else they need? The Kids tell their favourite snacks and asks Roshni to help Sid bring the snacks. Roshni thanks Sid for his help.

Thursday update on King of hearts

Resham asks Naani about DD? Naani says she has not come out of her room yet. Resham sees DD’s slippers and thinks she should sell them to get money for her beauty parlour bill and picks them. Naani sees that and asks why she’s stealing slippers from home like she’s stealing from the temple? Resham sees smoke from DD’s room and tells Naani about it.

Sid buys faluda Falooda (A cold dessert) for the NGO kids. He takes out money to pay the shop keeper, but doesn’t have enough money. Roshni sees that and pays the remaining money. She thinks he has better heart than her mother.

Naani and the whole family worriedly open DD’s room door and see DD burning papers. Naani asks what happened to her? DD says she realized that she has failed in fulfilling her responsibilities. Naani asks what happened? DD thinks she should tell Naani about Roshni’s marriage proposal.

Sid sees the kids making mud house and says they made it very small. Roshni says Mansions are big and Houses are small, happy people live in houses. She then gets emotional. Sid asks what happened? She says he gave her the happiness ☺️ of the whole world in just 2 days and she likes him, but she hates Sidharth Khurana who is rich and doesn’t care about people’s emotions. Sid thinks he hopes Roshni likes him as Sidharth Khurana like she likes him as Sidharth Kukreja.

Sid’s Mom asks his dad what is happening in Sid’s life? He says nothing is happening. She says She’s worried that nothing is happening. He says Sid is habituated with something. She worriedly asks what?

An event management company organizes competition at chowpati. The NGO kids say if they win the competition, they will get a lot of things, like bat, doll, and so on. Sid and Roshni participate in the competition and wins the competition, they fall down on the ground together and look at each other romantically.

Naani calls Bablu and tells him about DD acting weirdly and asks him to come home. She sees Resham drinking bottles of cold drinks and asks why is she drinking so many bottles? She says she is feeling hot. Once naani goes, Resham collects bottles in a bag to sell them.

Sid and Roshni drop the kids back at the NGO. Sid asks Roshni at what time will they meet tomorrow? She says for what? He says he wants to help her in shopping. She says she will manage alone. He asks with whom she will have coffee then? She says she will not have coffee, and calls taxi and gets into it.

Sid sadly waves her bye. She then calls him and asks him to tell his boss that he would be off tomorrow and he’s going on shopping at 10 am. Sid gets happy hearing that.
Naani calls Roshni and asks her to come home soon. Roshni asks what happened? She asks her to just come home soon. Roshni gets worried.


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