Forever Yours Starlife: Full story, Plot Summary, casts, teasers

Forever yours on starlife is a series that celebrates the undying love between married couples despite internal and external interference. It shows how strong a woman can be to keep the peace and love in her family despite all odds.

Note: Forever Yours returns to starlife by April 2020 as part of fill-in programs for running series that will go off air due to the covid-19 pandemic that has affected productions worldwide.

Full story / plot Forever Yours starlife:

Anshuman is the  owner of Rathor Mansion in a city called Shimla. He was married off by his father to a girl named Paakhi when he was still young. However, tension between the two families stopped Paakhi from going to live with her in-laws. And because of this gap,  Anshuman married a girl of his choice when he came of age, unfortunately she died in a car accident and left him with a son named Ayan.

Time passed and the widowed Anshuman decides to marry Tanya she is the daughter of a rich businessman. But when the news of his first marriage and wife gets exposed, he unwillingly has to take Paakhi in.

But because Anshuman desperately wants to marry Tanya, he and his sister, Lavanya (played by Rukhsar Rehman), try to taunt and bully Paakhi into agreeing to a divorce, but Paakhi is resolute towards not leaving her home. Soon, Anshuman begins falling in love with her unknown to her.

But sometime later, she is manipulated into signing the divorce papers. But when it is revealed that it was actually Anshuman and not just Lavanya who had been behind it, Paakhi, not wanting him to be blamed for their divorce, calls the media and announces that she is the one who had wanted the divorce in other to get part of Rathor property as alimony.

After Implicating herself, Paakhi prepares to leave The Rathor Mansion but her brother-in-law Girish (played by Sachin Shroff) convinces her that Anshuman is actually in love with her and not with Tanya.

Paakhi returns to Rathor Mansion and asks for a week’s challenge in exchange for the divorce papers. The challenge is that Tanya has to manage the household on a weekly budget.

Tanya wins the challenge, but Anshuman says that he still cannot ask Paakhi to leave as she has become like a real mother to Ayan. It is then revealed that Tanya cheated in the challenge by taking money from Ayan’s piggy bank, and that she brainwashed Ayan to believe that Anshuman had killed his first wife (his mother) so he would side with her.

Realising that her plan has fallen flat, Tanya tries to kill Paakhi in her desperation but fails. Anshuman drives Tanya out of the house and declares his love for Paakhi.

Tanya now bent on revenge creates circumstances leading Anshuman to believe that Paakhi is cheating on him. He confronts and humiliates her, which causes her to leave. Later, Anshuman realizes that he misunderstood Paakhi and so writes to her to come back.

Paakhi writes back saying she can’t live with him again. Anshuman visits her village to convince her to return, but she had moved to New Delhi. There she meets Devki (played by Anita Raj), Anshuman’s long-lost mother who was banished by his father and accused of cheating, when he was still a child.

She reunites her with her son Anshuman, and follow him to beg Paakhi. Paakhi forgives him and agrees to return to Shimla with him to restart their life.


Soon after they return, Paakhi’s dreams and happiness are destroyed when Anshuman is killed by his younger, look-alike brother, Aryaman. Paakhi stops grieving and grows stronger as she realises she has to look after her husband’s business and after Ayan.

Anshuman’s cousin Veer Pratap Singh (Varun Badola) helps Paakhi do this and she later marries him under pressure by her family. Paakhi also adopts a troubled teenaged girl named Priya (Jasmine Avasia) who has been thrown out by her father. Veer and Paakhi realise that she will never be able to move on from Anshuman’s death and they get a divorce.

Paakhi is content on being a widow after losing the love of her life, hence the title forever yours. The series has only one season with 269 episodes in total. 

Forever Yours Starlife casts:

  • Shraddha Arya as Paakhi Shekhawat / Paakhi Anshuman Rathore / Paakhi Veer Pratap Singh

Forever yours starlife


  • Divyam Dama as Ayaan Anshuman Rathore
  • Vijay Kalvani as Ashok


  1. I love Paakhi,she is so sweet n loving although she face a lot of hardships she never gave up …..I have leant form Paakhi a lot

  2. how come all thez dramaz have to loose thea main male casts,,,,no happily ever after…..just tragics only so annoying!!!!sme Indian movies a rly smthing thea soooo long but terrifying indeed reading thea scripts makes UE leave them on the way indeed

  3. Very nice story at the bigning but turns out to be a nightmare to viewers after realising the death of Anshuman Rathore, he’s more likely the main character as paakhi but he’s death tells alot that he was never a main character along with paakhi as they both should be fulfilling the title of Forever Yours hence the title it’s just paakhi’s memory of Anshuman

    After reading the summary of the story I suddenly become exhausted and actually in Indian movies of one best character always dies out of nowhere reasons and makes the drama meaningless….I really plead with Paakhi n Ayaan for Anshuman’s death

    Keep guys keep on trying make your dramas perfect

    • I really felt weak going through the script discover that my paakhi husband dies. now don’t feel like watching again.

  4. Why is it that Indian movies makes viewers think Indian ppl are stupid and they’re sadistic. Why must Ashuman die for goodness sake, all the suffering of paaki the husband now died. What is the gain of been a widow in India?

  5. I love this film, but the director is not good enough, why can’t you say it Was Tania that died why paakhi husband? The beginning of was so interesting but the end was rubbish

  6. In the beginning the story is really beautiful..and interesting, however towards the is quite disappointing..watching this series for in hope for a happy ending makes one lose faith in a good love story..Its a silly plot.

  7. How can you disappoint your fans? Covid-19 already made the world sad 💔 and we don’t want And human dead. Please kindly review that ending and bring Anshuman back to his Pakhi. Love is only beautiful when it’s celebrated by living people.

  8. Thank u Avid khan. What use is d love dat is btw d living and d dead. Nd u ruined d whole purpose of d film. Must Anchuman die. Indian series are getting soo pathetic snd stupid. If u continue diz way, pple are gonna stop watching ur movies as it always ends d same way. TRAGEDY

  9. This is a very interesting movie. But I think Anshuman shouldn’t have died something could have happened to his supposed brother instead. So the prayers and fasting Paakhi and her in-law did were of no use? It makes the movie lose its content and value. The beginning was very nice. Lessons are really learnt from Anshuman and his wife,Paakhi. If it’s based on a true life story, cool but if it’s not, then the writer or director could have done better. Rather unfortunate.

  10. This is a very interesting movie. But I think Anshuman shouldn’t have died something could have happened to his supposed brother instead. So the prayers and fasting Paakhi and her in-law did were of no use? It makes the movie lose its content and value. The beginning was very nice. Lessons are really learnt from Anshuman and his wife,Paakhi. If it’s based on a true life story, cool but if it’s not, then the writer or director could have done better. Rather unfortunate.

  11. This movie is really crap If anshuman didn’t want pakhi to move in with him why the hell did he go to the village then the silly excuse anshuman have pakhi was that they wanted to promote their business that is one problem then another problem is that when pakhi moved to signapore because anshuman called her “characterless” y’know the rest how anshuman went to signapore they made up they moved back to India it would have been really nice if anshuman, pakhi,ayaan and the rest of the family lived happily ever after for those who believe in fairy tales but the producers had another thing in mind anshuman had to die it was really sad because of all the things pakhi and anshuman went through but I will like to think that they wanted us to know that there is life after death and every body is gonna die someday grief is real, death is real and we just have to move on we are not gonna kill ourselves because somebody is dead we have to move on but that doesnt mean we should forget them but we are gonna see them in heaven and if that isnt moral of the soap opera then the series is worse than bullshit apart from that Anuja is really silly.

  12. 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆
    “Theoral” is meant to be ‘the moral’ note the mistake I made above.
    Also a movie is meant to have a happy ending…….. Pakhi was also too nice for her own good……….. Sorry for the long note😏

  13. A well acted drama…l love how Paakhi endured all the hardships but taking off the main character, Ashuman leaving Paakhi a widow just ruined the whole script…after all he went through in Singapore and Chittor…

  14. Now that Ive seen the episode that Anshuman dies, Ive lost my interest in this series.
    Why forever yours….. Paakhi deserves better storyline. 18 yrs away then starts her married life…. ups and downs etc then just when it ges interesting to see them in love…Anshuman is killed.

    Great actors but I dont want to watch no more episides

  15. The story was sooo good and all of us were looking for a happy ending. Not fair for the main character to die. I also can’t go on watching 😰

  16. As someone that hates Indian films I tried to watch it but how did the writer repay me? He killed my anshuman, I will never forgive the writer of this film. Infact the writer should never receive an award again for writing this rubbish. I hate indIan films now it’s crap. Instead of that aryaman to die, my anshuman died. It’s everytime that they will be acting nonsense. Mtcheeeew

  17. I don’t believe you guys did Anshuman really deserve to die….Pakhi really suffered and so doesn’t she even deserve any happiness… How can you make Ayan an orphan?
    What kind of a story is this…. Must your great characters die in all your movies?
    Am done with your movies completely

  18. This is a tragedy film. Why will Anshuman dies? All Paaki sacrifices was just in vain, after many years of pain, everything still ended with pain. And for Anuja, it’s better she didn’t show up at all. No point in watching the series again, it simply means sacrifices made for love is meaningless…..

  19. Why kill Anchuman . You lost it. The drama was so interesting now why should I watch it. No Anchuman No forever yours

  20. Like seriously l wonder yyy the director of this movie said it is titled forever yours instead of another title coz how can Anshuman the film star die and that stupid mother of theirs Anuja who doesn’t think of real love rather for that fool Ayriaman

  21. The story was good and interesting at first…. But the end is really annoying…. Especially after I read the story that Anchuman dies…… I thought it was just a framed up death….perhaps he still survived and trying to heal up and hiding aswell…. But nah…. Come to think of it. The family issue is gradually turning to a curse… Anchuman lost his dad while young and again the innocent son…. Jezz…..this story is not gud enough…. Annoying story….. Even if at all there will be tragedy,,,, its shouldn’t be like this one… Who knows what will happen to Anyan when he grows up and have a kid as well…. Does that mean that he will also die and his own child too will be fatherless???? Its turning to a curse already…. Bad luck…. Jezzz….
    And again what about Parkhi???? A good woman with a golden heart without her own child!….. She lost everyone that loves her…. This story is really bad and annoying…. The writer of this story is very bittered

  22. I am not getting the meaning of forever yours in this Indian drama after the death of Anshuman.I don’t see the reason of killing Anshuman

  23. The story looked good from the start and we expected challenges on the way with a happy ending. All actors are good but most compliments goes to good hearted Paaki, Anshuman and Ayan who are the main actors though Anshuman should not have died.

  24. nice story no much to say but i wonder why anshman had to die…and the tittle forever yours left meaningless though it is said paakhi’s memories over anshman …..

  25. You don’t kill the main character in a series. It becomes meaningless. I stopped watching. The same with chasing my heart. Went through the script and stopped watching after I realized the main character will die somewhere

  26. At the begging the movie was so interesting now it has poor ending.. lost interest in indian movies 🙄

  27. Indian movies are just too tragic. I don’t understand why the main actors will suffer from the beginning of the movie with all sorts of quarrels and interference and just when there’s a ray of happiness or reconciliation one of them will die just because they want him or her to marry someone else. Very annoying.
    What is the essence of Pahki marriage to Veer? And what gives Lavanya so much power over Pahki when she can’t even maintain her relationship? Annoying set up


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  30. it’s so sad that Anshuman dies after a long struggle by Paakhi to win his love. if Paakhi was telling the story to her kids or teaching other women to be patient it is understandable.

    One thing I don’t understand about Indian movies is that they don’t get intimate even after marriage why? what is the reason behind that? For example, after Paakhi and Anshuman finally find each other’s love they don’t get intimate. Same old story in The Promise, Game of Love, Family Affairs etc.

    another observation is that why do Indians end up getting married to someone other than the expected man or woman.


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