Force of attraction update Wednesday 10 July 2024

Force of attraction 10 July 2024: Chacha tells Manorama that my Shakti can’t be wrong. Manorama shouts my Shakti is wrong this time. I thought she would protect Rimjhim but she did wrong with her, it was her haldi and she was having an affair with Shiv. Shakti says how can I do that? once Shiv wakes up then he will tell you the truth. Manorama says if I don’t trust my upbringing then how can I trust Shiv’s words? Dadi tells Ragunath that she is giving their love a wrong angle.

Mandira’s husband says she is saying too much against Shiv. Dadi stops him and says we can’t force them if we want to ask for Shakti’s hand. Chacha tells Manorama that Shiv is innocent, look at his face. Manorama says you think Shakti can’t be wrong and Shiv is innocent so I am wrong? you are not trusting

me? if Ranjan was wrong then I would have thrown him out but this time Shakti is wrong, he is telling the truth. Ranjan smirks. Rimjhim says at least listen to Shakti. Manorama says not anymore, I won’t let Shakti destroy your life, I would have done the same with you. Ragunath asks Dadi if they should say that they have no issues with Shiv and Shakti’s relationship? Dadi says this moment is not right but we had to talk about their relationship soon, we shouldn’t let kids’ image get tarnished, maybe Lord wanted this, we should talk about their relationship, maybe Chacha and Manorama will calm down. Mandira says you are right, you should talk to them but what if their story ends before even starting? Padma thinks if she is agreeing then it means they shouldn’t talk. Mandira messages Ranjan’s brother and smirks.

Ragunath comes to Chacha and Manorama, he says I just wanted to say.. Ranjan’s brother says sorry but this is our matter and this is all happening because of your son. Ragunath says don’t you dare bring my son in this. Ranjan’s brother says this marriage won’t happen now, Shiv beat up Ranjan and Chacha is still trusting him over Ranjan, we won’t do marriage now. Shakti is characterless so how do we know what Rimjhim did? this family is filthy. Chacha shouts at him to stop it. Dharam says I will beat you up both. Ranjan tries to push Chacha but Dharam shouts don’t you dare touch my father otherwise I won’t spare you. Ranjan’s brother says this is their manners. Ranjan says he is right, I won’t marry in a family where I am not respected. Manorama asks Chacha to apologize to them, don’t destroy Rimjhim’s life. Chacha says I think her life will be destroyed if she is married to Ranjan, I rather keep Rimjhim in my house then marrying in their family. Ranjan’s mother says we should leave, their daughters will remain unmarried. Ragunath says don’t be mistaken, people will question your family too. He asks Chacha to calm down and think before taking any decision. Dadi says it take years to make relationships so think before you take any decision. Chacha says they are questioning Shakti and Shiv. Mandira says we all know Shakti has a nice character but don’t take hasty decisions. Chacha says they are insulting us in front of everyone so they won’t respect my Rimjhim once she is married. Mandira thinks she has to stop Chacha from breaking the marriage. She hints at Ranjan and points at Shiv. Ranjan says to Chacha that we won’t do this marriage but I want to show you Shakti’s truth before leaving. Chacha asks what? Ranjan says its marked on Shiv. He shows Shakti’s mehndi on Shiv’s kurta. He is about to take Shakti’s hand but she says don’t you dare touch me. Manorama says you should question yourself first, she shows her mehndi and Shiv’s name is written there. Shakti is confused. Manorama says what is this? Dadi recalls how she had got it written there. Shakti says I don’t know how this name came here. Manorama tells Chacha that I was hurt like you only, we gave her good upbringing but we couldn’t stop her from going on the wrong path. Shakti says I don’t know how this happened. Manorama says you kept trying to prove Ranjan wrong but he was never wrong. Your Chacha can’t even look at anyone because you are wrong today. You have destroyed our honor. Shakti tells Chacha that she isn’t lying, she didn’t do anything wrong, your upbringing wasn’t wrong, I don’t know how his name came on my hand. Chacha pushes her away and takes off his hat. He puts it in Ranjan’s feet. All are hurt seeing that. Chacha apologizes to Ranjan and says please don’t break off this marriage, I didn’t know you were right. I apologize on Shakti’s behalf, please don’t break off the wedding, I couldn’t see Shakti was wrong. Shakti says please trust me. Chacha says enough.. I am begging you to stop it. Dadi says please listen to me. Chacha says I respect you a lot but I am requesting you all to leave and please don’t come in the wedding. Dadi and Ragunath are shocked.

 Dadi tries to talk to Chacha but he apologizes to her and requests them all to leave, he says I would request you all to not come to the wedding. Ragunath and Dadi are shocked hearing that. Dadi says that name on Shakti’s hand.. Chacha says please end it here now, I am begging you, its my daughter so please let us protect her honor, please leave. If you don’t go then they will refuse this wedding so I am begging you to leave. Nandu begs Shiv to wake up and protect Shiv. Mandira tells Dadi that we should leave. Keertan says they are insulting us. Mandira says pick up Shiv, lets leave. Nandu and Keertan grab Shiv and start taking him away. Shakti cries and says he has to wake up, he promised to always protect me, be my team, please wake up. Her dupatta gets stuck in his

feet, she goes behind him. Chacha tells her that if she moves out of the house then she has no place here, she will see his dead face. Shakti stops as Nandu takes away Shiv. Shakti cries seeing him. She says he needs to get fine, we need to save Rimjhim’s life. Mandira thinks I wanted to expose Shiv’s truth but Ranjan’s lie ended Shiv and Shakti’s relationship. She glares at Shakti and thinks she will destroy her soon. Shakti thinks I know she is behind all this, Shiv and Shakti are together so she can’t defeat us this time. Manorama apologizes to Ranjan’s family and says we can talk now. Ranjan’s sister you can find another groom for Rimjhim. Manorama says it won’t be good for both the families.

Ranjan’s brother says she is right, its better to talk. They all sit down. Rimjhim goes to Shakti but Manorama tells her to come with her. They all go in the house. Ranjan goes to Shakti and says what happened? your power is gone, your bodyguard won’t come to save you, I will marry Rimjhim tomorrow and you will be my half-wife then I can do anything with you. I will break your ego and you will bow down to me. He leaves. Shakti prays for Shiv to come back.

Scene 2Nandu puts Shiv in his bed. Dadi sits with him. Mandira acts and says we thought so much for Shiv and Shakti but seems like fate doesn’t want it. Gayatri comes there and worries for Shiv. Dadi says he is okay. Gayatri says this is all a misunderstanding, once Shiv and Shakti get married then everything will be okay. Mandira says they insulted us, they told us to leave so if we ask for a proposal then it will be an insult for our family. Gayatri says it was all a misunderstanding, we can find a way. Ragunath asks her to shut up, you have no say in Shiv’s life. He is about to slap her but Dadi stops him and says she is right. It was all a misunderstanding, we can solve it instead of destroying their lives. When things settle down then I will go and talk to Chacha. Ragunath says but Manorama saw them in a room together and then Shakti wrote his name on her hand, this isn’t right. I think they crossed a line. Dadi says I crossed the line, it wasn’t Shakti’s fault, I told the mehndi girl to write Shiv’s name on her hand and as for them being in a room, I don’t think anything is wrong with that. If they love each other then what’s the problem in getting them married? Chacha and Manorama have a right to be angry but once Rimjhim is married then they will calm down so we can talk then. Ragunath says they insulted Shiv and I. Dadi says their insult is nothing in front of Shiv’s past which is dangerous, you know he can do anything. No girl would marry him unless she loves him. Shakti loves him and all allegations are untrue, her love for Shiv is true though and it will give her strength to be with him, even after marriage it will allow her to support him. Shiv and Shakti are made for each other, we can’t separate them for a misunderstanding. Once Rimjhim is married then I will talk to Chacha and Manorama. Mandira thinks I will never allow Shiv and Shakti to become one.

Manorama brings refreshments for Ranjan’s family but his brother says we won’t eat anything from this house after the insult. Chacha apologizes to them and says what Shakti did was a mistake but it wasn’t intentional. Ranjan’s mother says she did everything and then slapped my son for calling her out. Chacha says please don’t punish Rimjhim for this. Ranjan’s brother says we are respected people so we want to end this matter here. Chacha thanks them and says I will call Shakti to apologize to you all. Ranjan’s brother says we don’t want apology, we want 20 lacs. All are shocked hearing that.

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