Force of attraction update Wednesday 19 June 2024

Force of attraction 19 June 2024: Shiv says to Nandu that he will find the culprit. Otherside Mandira tells Padma that Shakti is opening her grave by trying to find proof against me, Shiv and Shakti will fall in that and I will bury them in. Otherside Shiv tells Nandu that I am sure the minister locked Shakti in the store room and when she got the scholarship then he published our news.. who else would frame us? I have to expose that enemy, we will bring out the truth. He says I should call Shakti and tell her that I am going to find the culprit soon. He calls Shakti.

Ranjan’s family comes to Manorama’s house. Shakti is busy serving them and doesn’t see Shiv calling her. Shakti tells Ranjan that I was joking when I asked you to say no to the marriage. Manorama says Rimjhim wanted to say

something. Rimjhim goes from there, Manorama says she must be shy. Rimjhim goes to the kitchen and says Keertan must have been angry that day, I should try to talk to him again. She calls him again and he thinks its Shakti calling. She says I wanted to talk to you. Keertan shouts I don’t want to talk to you, you have no standard in front of me, I have no interest in talking to characterless people like you. Rimjhim says please talk with respect. Keertan says where was your respect when your mother was beating me with a broom? you think you are pretty but your class shows with your antics. I am telling you for the last time to stay away from me. Koyal comes there and asks who is he roasting? He ends the call and says that cheap Shakti is trying to explain things to me. She is very desparate. Koyal says she must have realized that you are better than Shiv. He says I am the best.

Otherside Rimjhim wipes her tears and thinks if he doesn’t care about me then I shouldn’t also. She goes to Ranjan and says I realize he is my prince charming and I am ready to marry him. Shakti whispers to her to not lie if she doesn’t want this marriage but Rimjhim stops her.

Shiv is waiting for Shakti’s calling. Nandu says are you looking for a way to meet her? Shiv says we are a team so I won’t do anything without her. He calls her again. Nandu thinks if Shakti comes in his life then he would be so better, you both are a team and I just hope soon they can become a couple too.


Manorama does aarti of Ranjan and asks him as his groom. She says the proposal is final now Ranjan’s mother gives bangles to Rimjhim and says she is our daughter from now on. Chacha checks kundlis and says we have a good time after 7 days. All are happy but Shakti says its too soon. She takes Manorama aside and says we shouldn’t hurry so much. Manorama says we don’t have much choice so just shut up. Ranjan eyes Shakti and leers at her. Manorama sees Shiv calling Shakti and gives it to her. She asks her to put it on speaker so she can hear too. Shakti takes the call and Shiv asks why wasn’t she picking his call? you are my partner so you have to work with me. Can you meet me at the hospital in 20 minutes? she says right now? He says you were saying big things that they have to find the culprit so what happened now? are you going to cancel the partnership? Ranjan comes there so Shakti ends the call. Ranjan asks Manorama if he can go out with Rimjhim for a movie? she says sure. Ranjan asks if he can take Shakti too because Rimjhim might feel uncomfortable. Manorama says no.. she has to study for her medical exam and has to go to the hospital. She asks her to go. Shakti hugs her and thinks Chachi is worried that she won’t find a good groom for Rimjhim because of the news but if I expose Mandira then she wouldn’t have to settle for this Ranjan, I have to expose her soon, she goes from there. Ranjan leers at her and thinks to keep himself calm.

Shiv is at the hospital and watching CCTV footages. Shakti comes there and says sorry the bus was late. He says she could have taken a rickshaw. Shakti says that’s too much money. The CCTV footage is playing Shakti with Mandira when she locked her in the store room but Shiv doesn’t see that. Shakti says what are we doing here? He says to check the CCTV footage. He sits with her and lets rewind, he comes close to her and Shakti sees him touching her hand, they both look at each other. Shakti smiles and recalls Rimjhim asking if she has fallen for Shiv? She says I am going crazy. Shiv asks if she has a disease of talking to herself? I do that too. He rewinds and Shakti thinks he doesn’t know the criminal is his own family member.

Shiv is about to rewind but the manager comes there and turns off the cameras. Shiv says what is this? I am the director of the hospital. He says I know that but I am a manager here and you are not allowed to see all that, you can leave now. Shiv says I will call Mandira and talk to her. The manager says she is already here so go and talk to her.

Mandira comes to the hospital with Ragunath and others. She says I don’t know why they called a board meeting suddenly. Ragunath is shocked to see Shiv coming there with Shakti. He says this girl is here again? Mandira tells Shiv to come with them for the board meeting. He nods and goes from there. Shakti thinks I feel like Mandira is playing a big game. She looks inside and sees Shiv angry in the meeting. She says what is going on? She sees the news of Radha getting arrested in a murder case, she says this can’t happen. I have to go there. She says I have to leave, she messages Shiv that she has to go and save an innocent person.

Shakti, Dua, Radha and others lift the Indian Flag in the festival and salute to it. Dua says we have to leave from here. They start driving away but the police arrive there and stop them. Dua talks with the officer and Radha hides from them. Shakti shows her ID and the officer asks who is sitting in the back? Shakti thinks they can’t find its Radha. Radha shows her ID which says ‘chief guest’. Dua thanks the officer and they drive away. Dua gets Ravi’s call and he says that I have sent Radha’s family to safety but there are checkpoints so you will be caught. Dua’s car gets stopped by Shiv. Shakti smiles seeing them. He says I am in the ambulance so no one will stop us. They all sit in the ambulance and he drives away.

Radha thanks Dua for helping her, Dua says I know what its like to lose your husband. Radha tells Shakti that she saved her just because of one meeting before. Shakti says relationships can be made in one meeting. Radha tells Shakti that I knew you would find a right partner. She looks at Shiv and says like Radha is incomplete without Mohan, Shakti is incomplete with Shiv. Shakti blushes hearing that.

Shiv and Shakti are going back in the car. Shiv asks what was she whispering to Radha? Shakti says nothing. She asks what happened in the meeting? Shiv recalls how the board was angry with him. He says it was nothing. Shakti says I felt you were stressed, I feel like you are hiding something. Shiv arrives at his house and tells Shakti that the driver will drop her off. He leaves from there. Nandu comes out and says what is Shakti doing here? if the family saw them together then there will be a huge trouble. Shakti asks what happened? Shiv says its nothing. Shakti sees many people going inside the house and asks if everything is okay? Shiv says yes and asks her to leave but Shakti holds his hand and they both stare at each other. Sun Saathiya plays. Shakti asks if he saw the CCTV footage? Shiv says we can’t see that footage, its not allowed. Shakti says who would stop you as you are the main trustee. Shiv says we already know that the criminal is that minister so let it be, just go home as your sister needs you. He makes her sit in the car and asks her to go home. Shakti is confused and thinks I am sure Mandira is behind all this. She drives away. Nandu asks Shiv if they should tell everything to Shakti? Shiv says no.. she is good person and she would start blaming herself for anything, she should focus on her studies. Nandu says I am not sure if we should blame her but this all is happening because of her. Shiv looks on and leaves.

Shakti comes back home and says why Shiv wants us to drop this plan? what happened in the meeting? She sees the house decorated. Manorama says tonight is Rimjhim and Ranjan’s engagement. Shakti thinks I have to stop this marriage and for that I need to expose the real criminal.

Shiv enters the house and sees it getting decorated. Padma comes there and says I didn’t want this to happen but you should find peace in all this. He nods and leaves. Padma says Ragunath slapped Nandu because of him so now he will be destroyed. Mandira comes there and gives a suit to Shiv, she says I am sure it will fit you, he nods and leaves. Padma says you are showing affection to him? Mandira says I am just waiting for 7 PM and Shiv’s destruction will start.

Ragunath comes to Shiv and says don’t be sad now, I knew this would happen, I told you to not go behind that girl but you didn’t listen. What will you do now? Shiv stops him and hugs him. Gayatri sees all that and cries. Ragunath is about to hug him back but stops himself. Shiv tells him that all this happened because of me and this is the right thing to do.

Gayatri prays to Lord and says you are snatching what’s most important to Shiv, please don’t let this happen.

Mandira comes to Keertan and says we dreamed of getting this and now you will get it. You might not deserve this but you are my son so you will only get the best. Keertan says thank you but Shakti.. Mandira glares at him and says what Shakti? are you out of your mind? do you know what will happen with Shakti? I will take her scholarship and destroy her. I will bring her and her family on the road.. it will start from today. Shiv’s reign will end tonight and Shakti’s destruction will start.

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