Force of Attraction update Monday 24 June 2024

Force of attraction 24 June 2024: Mandira asks Ranjan to come out, she has some work, he says sure and goes from there, Shakti sees that and goes behind him.

Ranjan comes to Mandira’s car and sits inside, Shakti doesn’t see that. Mandira asks Ranjan if he is marrying Rimjhim? He says she has an affair with someone else so I am not going to marry her. Mandira says what if I pay you a lot of money to marry her? Ranjan says what if I marry Shakti instead? Mandira smirks and thinks that’s what I wanted.

Shiv pleads with Nandu and says I can’t live without you. Dadi tells Nandu that Padma did a mistake so he doesn’t have to go anywhere, she leaves. Nandu tells Shiv that what Maa did was wrong but I have to go with her. Shiv says come with me.Shiv calls all family members, Padma comes there with her luggage. Dadi asks what is she still doing here? Shiv says I need to talk.

Mandira tells Ranjan that he must be greedy, you are still a cheap person and I fired you for that but now I will benefit you for that. I will pay you double for marrying Shakti. Ranjan says she will never agree.Shiv tells Dadi that don’t you remember how Padma used to take care of me in my childhood? He tells the family that Padma always took care of me and the family. She even supported me when I was wrong. I want to say that she is part of the family so we should scold her but we can’t cut ties. If she thinks she has no respect in this house then we are wrong too. He tells Ragunath that he is Nandu’s uncle so was he right to raise hand on him?

He tells Dadi that Padma has a right on this house like everyone else, she is this house’s daughter. He says I just remember Padma always taking a stand for me. He asks Dadi to not do injustice with him, he begs her to not throw Padma out of the house. Dadi says fine.. she can stay here. Padma is glad hearing that. Dadi says but if she does a mistake again then.. Shiv says she will leave the house then. Dadi nods and leaves. Padma hugs him and cries. Keertan whispers she just wanted someone to save her.

Mandira tells Ranjan that don’t doubt my plan, people talk about Shiv and Shakti together but it will Ranjan and Shakti. She asks him to get lost. He goes out of the car and it drives away. Shakti sees that and is confused.Ragunath tells Shiv that he made everything fine, Shiv says not at all. Shakti came here when it was her sister’s engagement, her family must be angry at her but she came here to protect me, my dream and our honor but you insulted her family.

Then you insulted Shakti here, you should thank them for saving us. I think you should go there and apologize to Shakti’s family. Mandira comes there and says have you gone crazy? my brother won’t go there. Ragunath says I will go there, I did a mistake and that girl saved my son’s dream. I will go there and apologize to her. Mandira says I already apologized to her. Ragunath says its my mistake so I should apologize. Shiv gets happy and hugs him, they both leave. Mandira says this father-son duo is showing too much love but I have already planned to destroy Shakti’s life.

Ranjan comes back to Manorama’s family and agrees to marry. Manorama thanks him for saving their honor. Shakti comes there and says you were saying no till now but how come you changed your mind suddenly? Ranjan says I respect girls and might have mistaken Rimjhim’s words. Lets do the engagement now. Shakti tries to stop her but Manorama asks her to shut up, lets continue. She brings the rings. Rimjhim makes Ranjan wear the ring and he makes her wear it too. Shakti is hurt seeing all that. Ranjan smirks at her. Shakti thinks why did he go outside and suddenly change his stance? why do I feel like there is trouble in my family?

Otherside Mandira smirks and says I will make sure Shakti get married to Ranjan and won’t come in Shiv’s life.

Shakti asks Rimjhim why didn’t she tell her anything before? Rimjhim says I thought you would tell Chacha and then he would tell Maa.. I thought Keertan really loved me but I must have been mistaken.. why would he fall in love with a girl like me who is cheap and have some followers? Shakti says that guy is crazy to not see your goodness, I won’t spare him for making you cry. Manorama comes there and says I heard everything.

Shiv is worried about Shakti and says her Chachi must be angry.. should I go there? no her Chachi won’t like that. I can’t even call her as its very late.Manorama tells Shakti that she should have learned her lesson now. She hugs Rimjhim and says who dare Keertan show your standard? that Keertan is a flop and doesn’t deserve my daughter. Shakti says she is totally right. Manorama hugs her too. All three of them smile. Rimjhim apologizes to Manorama, she says its okay, we all fall in love, I fell in love and married your father but that doesn’t mean you both think its okay to runaway from family. She says I knew Rimjhim had some love story was going but I thought it was some tailor.. Shakti laughs. Manorama says thank God my daughter got saved, we are all friends. She sits with them and says young girls should dream.

Rimjhim says my dream got broken. Manorama says we should dream big but we shouldn’t be stubborn about it, if God didn’t make it happen then its for the better. You should love a person who loves you more, who accepts you as you are, who is your partner and the one who you met because of God, who would care not just for you but for your family too, who would take a stand and protect you, who would love your dream as much as you do, who would always be there to fight for you, who would be unique and just for you. Shakti recalls all her moments with Shiv and smiles.

Shiv can’t sleep and says I am sure Shakti must be in stress because of her Chachi. He thinks of calling her but is confused.

Mandira tells Padma that I knew Shiv wouldn’t let you go that’s why I didn’t do anything, you can stay here and just sing my praises. Padma says so that you can use me again and throw me out? Shiv saved me and Nandu from being on the road. Mandira says so you are going to Shiv’s team now? you know what I do with my enemies right? remember how powerful Ragunath and Gayatri were but I got all their power.. it wouldn’t take me much to make you do a mistake again and then you know Dadi wouldn’t let you stay here.

Rimjhim goes to sleep, Manorama says she got her heart broken today. She goes to Shakti and sees her day dreaming, she asks what’s going on? She sees Shiv calling and takes her phone. She takes her from there and asks her to take the call. She puts it on speaker. Shiv says thank you for taking my call and sorry for calling you this late, I was worried about you. Shakti asks why? Shiv says your Chachi must have scolded you so much and must have slapped you hard right? Manorama looks on. Shakti says my Chachi isn’t like that, she is filled with love. Shiv says don’t lie, you told me that she beats up people with slippers.. and mops.. have you seen how big her eyes and can kill people with laser beam, she can’t be stopped when she talks. Shakti tries to stop him but he says she seems like a villain and mogambo. Shakti says I will talk to you later on and ends the call. Manorama laughs and says he was right about me, this guy is smart and I know what you are thinking. He is a good guy and have a clean heart. Shakti says yes, he is very nice. Manorama asks what’s going on? She takes her from there.

Mandira asks Padma if she is team Shiv or team Mandira? Padma is scared and says team Mandira. Mandira says lets play our next trick. She calls Ranjan and tells him the plan. He asks if he will marry Shakti? Mandira says I told you so and it will happen for sure, just do as I say.

Manorama tells Shakti that Shiv is very nice, he is smart and a doctor so anyone can fall in love with him but don’t you do that.. You know I will always support love stories and I can senses those easily. I loved your Chacha, he was different but we were from same background but Shiv is above our class. The love stories end up in tragedy if there is a class difference between them which I don’t want for my daughter. Shakti says we are just friends. Manorama says a girl and a guy can’t be friends only, ask yourself if you both are just friends? Shakti looks on.

Manorama tells Shakti that a girl and a guy can’t be friends. Rimjhim already got her heart broken so I don’t want the same fate for you. I know Shiv is a nice guy but have you seen his family? That Mandira and Ragunath are cruel people. She says I don’t want any drama in Rimjhim’s wedding, I never stopped you both from doing anything but I have to control you for some days. I don’t want any troubles for Rimjhim so control your heart. She goes from there. Shakti looks on and says I know what Chachi wanted to say.

In the morning, the doorbell rings, Shakti opens the door to find Shiv standing there. She says you? they both smile at each other but Shakti recalls Manorama telling her to control her heart. Ragunath comes there with Shiv. Manorama

and the family come there too. Chacha welcomes Ragunath, Ragunath says I came here to apologize to you and your family. You came to do pooja in our house and I insulted you. I was wrong and shouldn’t have insulted your family like that. He says Shakti opened my eyes, we all thought Shiv and Shakti were wrong but she proved their innocence, she brought the truth out. Shakti keeps ignoring Shiv. Ragunath apologizes to Shakti, she stops him and says please don’t do that. Ragunath tells Manorama that I know you must be angry that Shakti came to our house but she saved our honor so forgive her. He says Shakti was a blessing for us, she is very unique and always stands up for the right. Shiv says Shakti is special. Manorama eyes them, Shakti ignores Shiv. He notices that. Chacha says please don’t apologize. Mandira comes there and says its good.. she asks Chacha to prove that he really forgave him. If you forgive us then you should allow us to come to Rimjhim’s wedding, we want to take part as a family, we want to help you people. Manorama says we don’t need anything. Ragunath says we can arrange the food in Rimjhim’s wedding. Manorama says its our wish to do our daughter’s wedding. Ragunath says if you need anything then let us know. Shiv says if we can’t help with money then we will help in arrangements as a family. Mandira says I am so excited, I will make sure this wedding becomes famous. She hugs Shakti and whispers that I am still in the game and will find my entertainment. Mandira says we should leave now.

Ragunath greets them and leaves with Mandira. Shiv looks at Shakti and asks if there is any problem? She says no, its just you.. she looks at Manorama and leaves from there. Shiv tries to go behind her but Manorama stops him and says so you find my eyes like a villain? Shiv thinks if she heard him yesterday? He says I want to talk to you about something.. can I.. talk to Shakti. Manorama asks about what? he says about marriage. Manorama says you want to marry her? He says no no.. I want to help in Rimjhim’s wedding. Chacha says let him talk to her if he wants. Manorama says fine, she calls Shakti there and goes from there. Shiv tells Shakti that he wants to talk about his heart.

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