The Evil Eye Starlife update Monday 24 June 2024

The evil eye 24 June 2024: Piya says to Ansh that you sent be divorce papers. Ansh says you sent those papers first, Vedsheree says he is not lying, he didnt send those papers. Piya says he is lying, Ansh says you are lying. Avi says Mohana must have sent those divorce papers, she wanted them to be separate. Ansh says but she went ahead and married again.

Pari says she didnt marry anyone else. Ansh says she lied about that as well. Vedsheree says you both can give each other another chance. Piya says we have moved on in life and I dont want to repeat a mistake of depending someone that I dont trust. Vedsheree says give your love a chance. Piya says love is based on trust and its useless to stay when there is no love left. She starts leaving with Pari. Vedsheree pleads Ansh to stop her. Ansh comes infront of Piya and

sadly looks at her, she turns to leave but Ansh holds her and and wipes her tears, he hugs her tightly. Sajna plays as Piya cries and hugs him. All smile but Piya pushes Ansh away. Piya recalls Ansh denying her.

She says this is anger of 6 years, it cant be removed in a day. Ansh says I am sorry for my mistakes. Piya says I might forgive you after sometime but I cant forget what you did, she starts leaving but Vedsheree says you can take your decision but dont you think Pari should be with her brother? Piya says you are right, I dont have right to separate them, Pari can stay here but I cant. She hugs Pari and says to Adi that I have to leave, they try to stop her but Piya says I cant stay, I love you both, be happy. She hugs them and leaves from there. Nishant goes behind her.

Scene 2Naman sadly comes home. Dilruba brings imli for him and says I like this most. Naman says what are you doing? I didnt see you for 6 years then you didnt remember anything and now you fell for Saanvi, when I finally lost hope, you are giving me imli now? Dilruba says dont be sad.

Nishant says to Piya that think about your kids, they need you. Piya says I cant do it, I will try to live without them. Nishant says I am with you, what about future? Piya says I am fine. Saanvi hugs her and says you are strong. She asks her to take rest, Piya goes. Nishant and Saanvi sees ashes on table. Saanvi says ashes cameback, something is happening. He gets a call and says what?

Ansh comes to Adi and Pari. They ask if he is crying? He says no, everything will be fine. Pari and Adi makes him sit and says we have to make everything right, we will patch you up with mom. Ansh says its not possible. Pari says it is, you have to with her. Vedsheree comes and says come with me.

Vedsheree says why Mohana’s statue is glowing? Avi says kids are here so we should send her away. Ansh says let me talk to kids. Ansh comes to kids. Pari says we have an idea.

Pari calls Piya and says I miss you, papa miss you too. Piya says dont talk like that. Pari hints at Ansh. Ansh goes out of car. Pari says papa is sad. Piya says stop it, she says love you and ends call. A smoke ball enters Piya’s room. Piya comes on balcony to see Ansh flying there, she says you? Ansh says we are going out of town with family, I was thinking if you could come as well. Piya says what? I am not coming with you. Ansh recalls Pari’s instructions and says kids are sleeping right now so you can come to meet them. Piya sees kids in car and says they are in car. Piya says you can try to a lot but I am not comin in your life again. Ansh says if you dont want to break kids’ heart then please agree. Piya says not easily.

Dilruba tells Naman that we are going on honeymoon after 6 years, he sys it doesnt matter. Saanvi comes there. Dilruba tells her they are going to Ali baag for honeymoon. Saanvi shows Bhasmika’s nail glowing in a jar and says she is dead but we have to destroy everything of her.

Scene 2Piya comes to kids and says you will stay with me till Ansh is out of city. Ansh asks kids to not bother mama, he hugs them. Piya leaves with them.Nishant puts Mohana’s statue in a van. They all leave with it.Piya tells a story to Adi and Pari and ask them to sleep. She leaves their room and comes in lounge to see a smoke standing there, smoke enters her mind.Adi and Pari thinks. Adi says some ideas but Pari rejects them.

Adi says there is something wrong, I dont know what but it is there.Bhasmika enters Piya’s body and says if you didnt come inbetween then I would have married Ansh but now I will become Piya and marry him, I am Piya in Ansh’s eyes. She comes out of Piya and takes her avatar, Piya shouts at her to stay away from her kids.Urvashi flies and sees family taking Mohana in car. She jumps on roof and goes with them.

Naman says to Saanvi that if Bhasmika is dead then why her nail is glowing? what if some powers of her alive. Dilruba says she might be trying to comeback. Naman looks on.

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