Family Secrets Update Saturday 26 June 2021


Family Secrets 26 June 2021: The Episode starts with Sudha telling a horror story to Laddoo. Anami looks for Sudha. She worries. Poonam says I didn’t get her anywhere, we will see in your room. Laddoo gets scared. Anami comes there and looks on. Laddoo shouts. Anami asks what kind of story are you saying. Laddoo hugs her. Anami recalls the doctor’s words. She pacifies Laddoo. She asks Poonam to take Laddoo out. She sees Sudha. Sudha goes out. Anami asks how can you say such a story, you were scaring him. Sudha says sorry, I didn’t know he got scared, I didn’t get a chance to tell stories to Narottam, so I didn’t know how to tell stories. Anami says Laddoo was refusing. Sudha says I will do what he says. Anami asks her to go and rest, its late.

Narottam says I m going out for imp work, what happened.Sudha says our plan failed, Anami was showing attitude, Laddoo is not right for our aim. Narottam says we have to be careful, he is Anami’s weakness, she can get into a fight for him. Anami recalls Dadi, doctor, Satrupa and Adhiraj’s words about Sudha. She hugs Laddoo.Its morning, Sudha sees Anami and asks her to come. Anami says you regard me your daughter right, if I tell something, will you agree. Sudha asks her to say. Anami takes her out. Satrupa smiles seeing Sudha. Narottam comes and looks on. Anami takes Sudha to guest house. Kamini says I don’t understand this girl, she got Sudha and made her out. Dada ji says everyone doesn’t understand justice and injustice, Anami got Sudha thinking injustice happened with her, now she thought injustice happened with Dadi, so she took Sudha out.

Pujan says sorry, Anami did a big mistake, its not easy to forget it, she gave a wound and did cure, so shall we forget the wound. Satrupa taunts that some people sprinkle salt on wounds forever. She says Anami will just support family, she did late to know who’s her family.Anami says you will stay here for my sake.Sudha looks around. Anami says its for everyone’s betterment. Sudha gets shocked. Narottam comes and looks on. Anami says sorry, I m doing this for your treatment. Sudha says I just want family, I can stay happily anywhere. Anami says you get well soon, tell me if you need anything, I will go. She goes. Sudha gets angry. She pours a water on her head. Narottam looks on. He says this is some planning of Lal Mahal people, else Anami can’t do this, they are using Anami. She agrees. She says I had pity on Dadi, so I left her alive, but she has used my weakness, I did mistake to underestimate the enemy.

Dadi says I told you Satrupa, if there is no one to show right direction, anyone to lose track. Satrupa recalls their plan. FB shows Satrupa saying Anami won’t like if anything happens to you, we have to use your illness, there is no other way, if we make Sudha out, Anami will stand against us, if Anami makes her out herself, none can come in between. Dadi says fine, do anything you want. Satrupa says you said make own rules and play, Sudha will go far, but till the distance where we can keep an eye on her.

Anami thinking of Sudha and Adhiraj’s words. She trains the kids. Laddoo argues with a kid. Anami asks the kids to leave. Laddoo apologizes to her. She says childhood was easy, it was not tough to know right and wrong. He asks why are you worried. She says don’t know why I have grown up, I m not able to catch truth completely. He says your perception changed, I m still a kid, tell me, I will clear the matter. She asks did I do right by making Sudha out. Dadi comes and looks on. He says you did right, she scared me a lot, I would have made her leave India, mum says one who does mistake thinks so much, you didn’t do mistake, did you understand, tell me. She smiles. She gets a call. Poonam gets tea. Anami says I don’t want. Laddoo asks are you fine. She asks

him not to do much drama. He runs. Dadi comes to her. She says its just perception to know what’s right and what’s wrong, we should be careful that our wrong move doesn’t hurt a right person, have tea, you should not get scared, you should face this with courage.Munna sings a song. Adhiraj comes and sees him. He asks what’s happening, is this your inlaws. Munna says you are my everything now, will you have nuts, fine I will have it, I got a great news for you, Purushottam’s death certificate. Adhiraj says it means he is dead, what about that man’s info. Munna says I have some other news, Anami shifted Sudha to servant quarters, don’t know why, one thing is there, Anami looked much worried. Adhiraj says fine, you can leave. Munna leaves.

Pujan and Baldev get in the car. Baldev sees Sudha. He goes to her and says the way to this house is shut for you. She says but its my destination, I came to get my things. He says I will ask servant to throw it, you didn’t do right with my mum, never think this again. She says did your parents consider you as son, you are just a namesake son, you have no rights in family and business, if you had no blood tied, your existence would have ended. He asks her to stay in limits. She taunts him. Pujan hears them and smiles. She says you are ready to do anything for them, what’s your status. He says making a woman is like hitting own head, don’t try to show me mirror. She says it means you agree to me, its good, I shall leave. She goes.

Adhiraj calls Anami and says I met with an accident, come fast. She asks what happened. He asks her to come outside lal mahal gate. She comes out and asks did you see any jeep here. Adhiraj in disguise, says no, I didn’t see, have an icecream. She refuses. He asks her to have it. She scolds him. He says I m saying for the last time, have icecream, else I will call CBI. She says I will call CBI. She sees him and says you…. He says I thought you are angry, so icecream would calm you. She asks did you leave job. He says you got golgappas to my office, did I say anything, have this. She eats it. Yeh moh moh….plays….. he smiles and says sorry, I can’t see you worried, so all this. She says icecream is fine, your excuse was not good, I was so worried when you called me. They smile.

Its morning, Sudha stares at the kids. She goes out to them. Kids run away and hide. Sudha makes a painting. Kids come to see. She asks will you learn. They sign no. Satrupa looks on. Sudha asks the kids to come. Satrupa sees Anami going to Sudha. Kids show the painting to Anami. Anami says amazing. Sudha says this happened because of you, I feel free in this fresh air, I wanted to live free. Anami says I thought you will be annoyed with me, your smile made my burden on heart less. She gives breakfast.

Satrupa comes to Dadi. Dadi asks what’s the matter, you look worried. Satrupa says I have thrown Sudha out, she is still using Anami as a puppet. Dadi says we have to find some solution, what will you do now. Satrupa says I won’t do anything, Sudha will play her move, Anami will surely watch her. Sudha praises Anami. She asks her to come along, she has to show something. She shows her old clothes. Anami says I will bring light in your life. Sudha says I will spread colors in my and others’ life, I couldn’t see Narottam’s childhood, I will try to find his childhood in these children’s childhood. Anami asks what’s this. Sudha makes her drop the pictures and asks her to go college. She thanks her for this new life. Anami says don’t say thanks, just get fine soon. She sees the pics fallen and leaves. Sudha picks the pics.

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