Family Secrets Update Friday 25 June 2021

Family Secrets 25 June 2021: The Episode starts with goons attacking police. Bhima hits the constable and shoots at Adhiraj. Adhiraj shoots at him. Bhima runs away. He is about to flee. Adhiraj shoots at his head. Bhima falls down. Anami, Narottam and kids play cricket. Laddoo looks on. Anami sees Laddoo. She wishes he comes to play. Sudha sees Laddoo and goes to him. She says Anami’s team is losing so badly. Laddoo says I will not let Banarasis lose so easily. Sudha asks Laddoo to be careful of Narottam’s bowling. She asks Narottam to lose the game to make Laddoo win, then Laddoo, Anami and Lal Mahal will become of him. Anami and Laddoo play. They win. Pujan gets a call.

The man says Bhima got killed by Adhiraj’s bullet. Pujan says prepare for celebration, Bhima got killed. Satrupa keeps the bat and cap in kitchen. She goes. Laddoo comes to kitchen to drink water. She says cold water is not taken after playing, health gets bad. She gives him a stool to sit. She gives him plain water. He sees a bat and takes it. She asks did you like it, I have seen you playing well, you will hit sixes by this bat, keep it, its a prize, not gift. She makes him wear the cap and asks him to see himself in mirror. He goes and gets glad seeing the mirror.

Sudha says kids long for love, everyone here just shows their attitude. Anami gets a call. She goes to answer. Narottam says you have won Laddoo’s heart, he won, but our work completed. Adhiraj asks Anami to meet. She says we will meet tomorrow, Dadi is unwell, and Laddoo has come home. He agrees.Poonam says Dadi is calling you. Anami comes to Dadi. She says you are ill and didn’t tell me. Dadi says you didn’t think necessary to meet me. Anami says I will cut an apple for you. Dadi gets scared seeing knife. She recalls Sudha and asks Anami to keep knife down. Anami asks what happened, are you fine. Dadi says yes, why did you not come to me for getting hair tied, when new people come in life, old people’s value get less, I think someone snatched you from me. Anami says no, this can’t happen ever, your value can never get less. She goes. Madhu calls her. Anami and Laddoo talk to her. Laddoo tells about the match. He says people here are not so bad like we felt. Madhu asks them to stay fine. Anami asks her not to worry for Laddoo.

Laddoo reminds Anami that she used to give her something after match. Anami teases him. She gives him a chocolate. She says I can never forget your reward. He snatches the packet. Gems fall down. She says we will pick it, come. They pick the gems. She sees a bat and cap under the bed. She asks how did this come here. He says Satrupa gave this as reward, she is not so bad as we thought, I found her good hearted. Anami says go and return this. He refuses. Anami explains him. He says its my prize. She takes the bat and cap. He asks her to return it to him. She goes to Satrupa and argues. Satrupa says he played well, so I gave him a prize, I got him here so its responsibility to assure he is happy. Anami asks her to stop drama. Satrupa says your perception is not clear, you think everyone is planning against you, a mum’s heart doesn’t play a game. Anami says I understand everything, you want to bribe Laddoo and make him puppet.

Satrupa says you got blind, you can’t see Sudha’s game, you don’t want to see truth. Poonam comes and asks them to come soon. They go to Dadi. Dadi says Sudha won’t leave me alive, she has come with knife, look there is a scorpion. Anami says trust me, there is nothing, look in my eyes, everything is fine, calm down. She hugs Dadi. Dadi sleeps. Dada ji says its happening because of Sudha, she will ruin our family. Baldev says I won’t let her stay here, I will drop her to mental asylum. Baldev saying we have to get rid of that woman, don’t stop me today, if this anger calms down today, our family will shatter tomorrow, I will explain her my way now. He leaves. Adhiraj sits working. Dheeru comes to him and gives coffee. He asks why do you look worried. Adhiraj says no, I m good. Dheeru says you can’t lie well. He sees a picture and says Purushottam… Adhiraj asks do you know him. Dheeru says I went in his final rites five years ago. Adhiraj says but my sources said he used to sell tea outside Vatsalya’s college one year ago. Dheeru says impossible, did your sources say he was Sudha’s brother. Adhiraj sees the pic. Dheeru goes.

Baldev says I hate Dheeru and this woman, I would have killed her myself, but my hands are tied. He asks his man to kill Sudha. Baldev says work should be complete, I will give money and whatever you say. He pays money. Satrupa comes and stops the man. She asks Baldev what is he doing. She says this step will hurt family, if Sudha is attacked, Lal Mahal and Royal steels will get affected, Anami got Sudha here, she will make her leave, this is my promise. She goes.Madhu recalls Anami and Laddoo. She cries. Murari consoles her. She says its like Ayodhya without Ram. He says its few days vanvaas, Laddoo is with Anami, he is not alone. He feeds her food. She refuses. He says how will you protect children if you fall weak, have it else I will call Anami. She eats.

Its morning, Anami and Adhiraj meet at cafe. She asks why are you worried, that you shot Bhima or lost him. He says maybe by both the reasons, I have to reach to the roots of evil, big possibility to solve this case ended by Bhima’s death. She says Murari used to tell me Gita’s shlok when I was upset, the attacker will come again, if he does any mistake, you nab him. Anami gets the tea and asks the waiter what did he name this tea. She drinks the tea and asks Adhiraj to have tea like her. He smiles.Pujan asks Avdhoot to pay money to Bhima’s family, but be careful. Avdhoot says we will get Adhiraj killed. Pujan says what an idea, you want to hit head on the axe, don’t you have senses, CBI is after me, do you want govt. to get after me, Adhiraj will be killed by love, Tania will help us, Bhima was very loyal, I always pay for loyalty. Sudha sees Puja and taunts him, while talking to kids.

Pujan taunts her to be Surpanakha. He says she has badly eyed Ram ji and created a fire in Lanka, tell her story to kids also, Vibhishan is fine, but no house should get Surpanakha. He goes.Doctor checks Dadi. He says if Dadi is saying true, it means Sudha’s illness is coming back, she used to miss medicines and attack people, maybe Sudha attacked Dadi, keep Sudha where she can get monitored, just check that she takes her medicines regularly.Anami hears this.Tania and Avdhoot have a sweet talk on phone. Adhiraj sees Tania and hides. Tania sees his shadow and says we will elope and marry if Adhiraj doesn’t agree, we can call pandit home. Avdhoot says but your brother…. he imagines Adhiraj pointing gun at him.

He says he will put me in jail. Tania says none can separate us now, I have go beauty parlor before our marriage. Adhiraj says stop drama, lovers who elope don’t go beauty parlor. She smiles.Satrupa says we saved Narottam, Sudha attacked him too, she doesn’t take medicines, go and check her room. Anami says fine, she won’t go to dadi’s room again. Satrupa says till when will you keep a watch, at least think for Sudha, she needs treatment. Anami says she won’t go to hospital again. Satrupa says fine, I will get her treated here, she will stay in guest house, this will be your responsibility. Anami goes to talk to Sudha. She finds the medicines in bin. The man tells Satrupa that he did the work. He recalls putting medicines in the bin. He says Anami has seen those medicines. Satrupa and Dadi smile.


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