Family Secrets Update Sunday 27 June 2021

Family Secrets 27 June 2021: The Episode starts with Dadi telling Surpanakha’s story to Laddoo. She says she has gone as a fairy, but Ram ji identified her, as he used to know people by their doings, not appearance, Laxman ji didn’t identify her as he used to stay angry all the time, we should have a calm heart then we can know people. Laddoo says Anami has a calm heart but gets angry too, is she Ram and Laxman. Dadi says she is very calm at heart, but her anger overpowers, so she does all this mess. Anami asks Laddoo to finish the homework. He says I didn’t understand, sit with me. She asks who will give my test, I m going college, your homework should be done, I m leaving.

Family Secrets 26 June 2021

She goes. Laddoo says my maths is weak, will you help. She says no. He says what should I do now.Pujan praises Baldev and says no one understands your talent, I get angry when people say bad about you. Baldev says its time to shut everyone’s mouth, I will start my new business. Pujan says our dream can’t get fulfilled, Dheeru is fifty percent share holder, he will not permit you to do new business. Baldev says I m not a servant here, dad has to support me this time. Pujan praises his courage. He says I m Hanuman of this Ram, but you had two marriages, so you are Krishna and I m your Arjun. Laddoo sits studying and recalls Anami’s words. He goes to Satrupa. She asks what happened, do you want something. He says I don’t understand maths problem, will you explain, please. Satrupa says its long time, I didn’t teach anyone, I have to see. He asks her to see first and then explain him. She says this is very simple. He says its simple for you, not for me. She explains him to check the greater number. He asks how will I know.

She asks in other words and says you know it, are you joking with me. He asks why did you get sad, I didn’t joke, I will leave. She says no, sit, I will explain. She explains him while saying a story. He smiles.Anami and Adhiraj meet in cafe. He likes the tea. He asks what happened, where are you lost, any tension about college. She says no, I m worrying for the life’s problem. He says tell me, I will help. She says my life is complicated. He says your problem is you trust everyone early, when trust breaks, you get hurt. She says you don’t trust anyone. He says no, I do, but not blindly, you go to get justice for others, did you think if any injustice happened or not. She says I got lost thinking of your words, I will trust people less and you trust more, our balance will be maintained. The cafe man says its a miracle, am I dreaming.

He goes to Adhiraj and asks him to have Gulab tea. Adhiraj steps on his foot and takes him away. He says sleep is lost by having tea, love doesn’t happen. The man asks him to leave. He says you leave your angry young man character and become romantic hero, I will get rose tea. He goes.Anami calls Poonam and asks her to do some work. Poonam goes to Sudha and says Anami called you, she got some present, come fast. Sudha says I will come, go. Poonam takes her. Sudha asks Anami what’s this kulfi. Anami says you like kulfi, have it like sweets, you are starting a new life, I will get Laddoo. She winks to Poonam and goes.

Anami checks Sudha’s bag and cupboard. She gets the pic. She finds it defaced. She leaves and goes to her room. She erases the pencil lines over the pic and sees Vatsalya. She says Vatsalya’s pic in Sudha’s room, who will do this with the pic. She sees the chess board and sits. Dada ji sees her and comes to her. He plays chess with her. He says a wandering pawn gets knocked out like this, to make one right move, heart should be calm, you got tangled in right and wrong, you are stumbling, what we see can be wrong, but what we feel can’t be wrong, you have seen Sudha’s tears and got tricked, you got her here, what’s that your heart is not understanding. She says you know everything and even then you are asking me.

He says why did you take Sudha out. She says she needs treatment. He says it means you did justice for her, I thought you do something for one who is close to you. She says I will choose justice between family and justice. He says way to justice is not easy. She says walking on easier paths is not my habit. He says one who chooses tough paths, they can’t make mistakes, one wrong move and knocked down, check and mate. He leaves. Narottam looks on. Anami goes and sees Vatsalya’s pics. She gets the same pic. She recalls Sudha and Satrupa’s words. She thinks did Sudha wanted Narottam to get Vatsalya’s place.

Anami thinking to test Sudha, if she is using me, I will not leave her. She sees Laddoo playing and asks him to stop it. She checks his homework and asks did you solve this. He says yes, else will any fairy come. She checks well and asks who has written this, tell me the truth. She pulls his ear, and asks is she the same fairy. He stops her and says I just went to understand the sums, she talks to me with love, she is clean hearted, don’t know why you get angry on her. She says don’t give me gyaan. He says I like her, I will go to her, if you stop me, I will run away. She says you are not understanding.

Satrupa comes to Sudha. Sudha says you are here at my door, that too at this time, don’t worry, I have everything here. Satrupa asks servant to fix mosquito net. Sudha says you can leave snakes in my room if you want. Satrupa says I can’t give you an easy death, Anami will make you out of here, I could have thrown you anywhere out, but how can I let you go off easily, you used my daughter, Anami will ruin you, think of this room as jail, if you try to escape…. one more thing, if you use Anami’s innocence in your cheap plans, I will give you such a wound that you can’t manage to walk. Sudha says you are doing same as your mum in law did, but she didn’t succeed and you won’t succeed either, I m not any wound to heal, I m a deep scar I will be with you forever. Satrupa says I will carve this scar and dump it.

Baldev says its my new business proposal. Dada ji says I didn’t expect you will make this so soon. Baldev says its already delayed. Dada ji says you want to make resort, Pujan did you read this. Pujan says yes, its profitable. Dada ji says I like it, Dheeru you see it once, if you like it, we will shift some funds from royal steels. Dheeru says it will be right if you feel so. He checks the file and says its a deal of loss, its better we take Royal steels business further, we know it well, its your wish. Dada ji says Baldev, we have to give bonus to staff, we will keep this proposal on hold. Baldev says I want to talk to you in private, its money of family, what’s the use if it doesn’t get useful for family. Baldev and Pujan leave. Pujan says I told you Dheeru will come in between. Baldev says till when, I will show him his place, its our business, we have right on it. Pujan smiles.

Its morning, everyone dines. Laddoo sees cornflakes and sandwich. Dada ji says Baldev didn’t come till now. Pujan says he maybe annoyed. Dadi says you can help him. Dada ji says I can’t do anything that gets loss for Royal steels, Dheeru warned me, he did well, but look at Baldev, he is getting blind being stubborn. Dadi says maybe Sudha provoked him. Satrupa stops eating food. Anami comes and asks Laddoo why did he not eat anything. He says I can’t eat this. Avdhoot says you are really round Laddoo, fat, eat this and lose weight, you will look handsome. Anami jokes. She says Laddoo likes to eat freshly prepared food. Satrupa says I told Maharaj ji to get kachoris. Laddoo eats milk and dislikes it. Kamini says village boy makes a face seeing milk… you feel pure milk is water, you won’t get pure milk in Banaras, it might be out of your standards. Anami asks Laddoo to show their standards to Kamini. Laddoo argues with Kamini.

He says we drink milk more than water. Avdhoot asks him not to boast so much. Laddoo asks him to compete. Avdhoot asks Maharaj to get six big glasses of milk. He says who finishes first will get 1000rs. Laddoo accepts the challenge and says I will see your calibre. Anami says come, we will show them who is the best. They get the milk glasses. Avdhoot, Anami and Laddoo drink the milk. Avdhoot drinks slowly. Anami and Laddoo finish first and win. Kamini sees Pujan. Pujan says he went on you. Laddoo asks Avdhoot to look after his stomach, give the prize and one rupee more as shagun.

Avdhoot asks Pujan to give 1000rs. Pujan gives money and one rupee shagun too, as Avdhoot ruined his respect. Anami says if you didn’t understand Laddoo, go and smell the cow dung. Anami and Laddoo leave.

Sudha gets ready. Naina gets breakfast. Sudha says Anami didn’t get breakfast. Naina says no, Satrupa has sent me. Sudha says I m not able to understand Satrupa’s game. Naina says Baldev didn’t come for breakfast, you played a good move. Sudha gets glad and says atleast I have control over Baldev, I can’t lose Anami, keep an eye on Anami, I want all info, this time, don’t make any mistake. Naina opens the door and sees Anami. She says I got breakfast and runs. Anami asks what happened to her, as if she saw any ghost. Sudha asks her to come in and say how does she look. Anami compliments her. Sudha asks how is Dadi. Anami says she is fine, after Vatsalya went, everyone’s courage broke out. Sudha says he was such a guy, he kept the family united, Narottam told me. Anami asks did you meet Vatsalya. Sudha says no, I didn’t get a chance, he was like my son. Anami recalled the defaced pic. Sudha says I m so unfortunate, I was away from both my sons.

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