Family Secrets Update Thursday 24 June 2021

Family Secrets 24 June 2021: The Episode starts with Pujan calling Bhima. Bhima doesn’t answer. Pujan worries. Anami asks Laddoo to sleep, close eyes. He asks her not to leave him alone, he gets ghosts in dream and wets the bed in fear. Satrupa looks on. Anami says trust me, I will not go anywhere, understood. She asks him to wait. He shouts. She gets a dupatta. She ties their hands. She says now I can’t go anywhere without you. She hugs him. She asks him to sleep now. Satrupa leaves. Laddoo says promise me. Anami asks why. He says wake me up before leaving in morning. She says fine, sleep now.

Its morning, Anami asks Laddoo to wake up. He doesn’t get up. Anami asks Poonam to look after Laddoo, tell him I had to leave. She goes to have breakfast. Satrupa comes and wakes up Laddoo. She says I thought to get breakfast for you. He asks Anami? She asks will you have breakfast with me. She gives him a cookie and says its tasty right. He says it doesn’t have mum’s hand taste. She says I m trying to explain this to Anami, I will take you to other room. He refuses to go. She says this is Anami’s room, she is princess, you will get a better room with toys.He says I get scared alone. She asks do you wet the bed in fear, no need to feel shy, everyone has fear, some get scared and some act of not having any fear, she runs to Sudha. He says she used to run to mum. She says she is very innocent, she couldn’t see Sudha’s truth, I heard you and Anami caught big fraud people in Banaras, how could she not see Sudha’s truth, she gave Madhu’s place to her. He says no.

She says I didn’t believe this till I have seen it myself, Sudha is clever, you can also see them, when you get scared, Anami won’t be there to hold your hand. He cries. She leaves. Sudha looks on.She stops Anami and feeds her curd sugar. She acts sweet. Laddoo and Satrupa look on. Satrupa thinks maybe I can make Anami away from Sudha by using Laddoo. Adhiraj asks Bhima to have food. He tastes it and says it doesn’t have poison, its just spicy, have it, I will not beat you, I know you are not culprit, you are a weapon, tell me who has your trigger. Bhima refuses to eat and say anything. Adhiraj says you attacked Vatsalya, and you have attacked Anami twice. Adhiraj asks do you hunt for fun. Bhima denies. He hurts Bhima and says your wound is same, which I have given you, remember. Bhima says I won’t say anything. Adhiraj says you think I won’t be able to get evidence against you, tell me who is using you. Bhima says I m loyal to him, I won’t say. Adhiraj asks him to give statement. Bhima refuses. He jokes on Adhiraj. Adhiraj says if I hit once, you will die, but I have to take you to court tomorrow. Bhima says if I reach court tomorrow, I m all yours, I will accept all crimes. He laughs.

At the cafe, Anami asks about Bhima. Adhiraj says he didn’t say anything. She says I will give him a slap. He says he has attacked you, someone is planning the attack. She says Satrupa got Laddoo to Lal mahal when she knows…. The waiter comes to them and starts the long speech about the different tea types for lovers. She asks him to get ginger tea. He keeps saying. Anami scolds him. He does shayari. She says now I m explaining you, don’t confuse me, don’t make Banarasi lose patience. He goes to get ginger tea. Anami asks Adhiraj what happened to him. He says I have dealt with many goons, I didn’t get anyone like you. They smile.

Laddoo asks Poonam to call Anami. Poonam says she came from college, you were sleeping. He asks where is she. Sudha applies oil to Anami’s hair. She speaks against Satrupa. Laddoo comes there. Anami says its strange, you and Satrupa are on either sides, Satrupa is selfish. Sudha says your hair are different like you. Anami tells what Madhu used to say. They laugh. He looks on sad and recalls their old moments. He recalls Satrupa’s words.Laddoo crying. Anami tries to cheer him by talk. He gets upset with her and asks her to get away. He runs out. She worries. Pujan says Bhima is not answering, some problem is going to come. A man calls him and says Bhima is caught up by police, Adhiraj caught his neck. Pujan says I want him out. Inspector says sorry, find some way, I can’t help.

Avdhoot asks what happened. Pujan says police caught Bhima. Adhiraj shows Bhima his family and asks him to reveal the man’s name who paid him to kill Anami. Bhima refuses. He says if I reach court safely, I will tell everything, I will have some rest now.Its morning, Anami and Poonam play in front of Laddoo. Laddoo wakes up. Poonam asks him to have breakfast fast, they are going to play cricket. He smiles seeing jalebis in breakfast. Anami and Laddoo argue indirectly. Anami says jalebis are so good, its from Banarasi shop, its fine, I will finish it after match. Laddoo says people don’t say sorry after mistake. They argue. She says sorry and holds ears. He signs her to go. She says its enough now, I m going to play match, some kids are coming to meet someone. She goes. He eats jalebis. He sees Anami and Poonam watching. They come back and laugh. Anami asks him to eat. She teases him and runs.

Satrupa gets breakfast. Anami laughs. She taunts her. She says no need to do drama, we both know why you got him here. Satrupa says you don’t need to tell me what I should do. Anami says you don’t listen to anyone, it will be good if you maintain some distance, it was our fight, don’t get him in between, Laddoo had breakfast. She goes. Adhiraj makes Bhima wear bullet proof jacket and says I will stand before the jacket to save you, you will go court and tell everything. They leave. Avdhoot and Pujan look on. Avdhoot says we will get them killed by sending some goons, if Bhima says anything, we will reach to jail. Pujan asks him to wait and watch, he has done the arrangements.

Sudha comes to Dadi, holding a knife. She says you are unwell, so I thought to serve you. She cuts apple and shows concern. Dadi says you don’t need to worry for me, leave from my room. Sudha says you will make me out of room, how will make me leave from your life. She asks shall I ask you something, no one refuses to you, don’t upset me like last time. Dadi gets scared. Sudha says I won’t ask anything precious, injustice happened with me, who knows this better than you, get me my family. Dadi scolds her. Sudha laughs and argues. Dadi asks her to get out. Sudha says I won’t go out of Lal Mahal. She asks her to be careful, as she has seen a scorpion in the room. She leaves.

A man drives the bike and comes in front of Adhiraj’s car. Adhiraj sees the police van getting away and follows. The man signs Pujan and smiles. Dadi recalls Sudha’s words. Dada ji asks her about her health. She screams scorpion. He says its your imagination, calm down. She says Sudha came and left a scorpion here, do something. He says its time to throw her out, I have to end the illness by its root. Satrupa looks on.

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