Faltu Starlife update Wednesday 27 March 2024

Faltu 27 march 2024: The Episode starts with the academy chairman speaking to the family about Faltu’s mistake. He says people have high expectations from women’s cricket, if they see Faltu’s mistake, then it will be bad.

Janardhan says wait, Faltu is proved innocent. The man gives an envelope to Faltu. She asks Kinshuk to tell her what’s written in it. Kinshuk checks it. Janardhan asks what’s written in it. Ayaan takes the paper. He says cricket academy bans Faltu for the fraud. Everyone is shocked. Ayaan says now she can’t play cricket.

Tanu smiles. She acts and asks how can you ban Faltu, suspend her for some days, what’s the need to ban her. She asks Ayaan to say something. Everyone asks the man how can he ban Faltu without a proof. Ayaan says there isn’t a proof, but there is a witness, I m that witness, I told them the proof, I have seen Faltu playing as Shanaya, I can’t lie and cheat cricket, I have worshipped cricket. Janardhan asks what’s wrong, you are spoiling her career. Ayaan says I m saying the truth, if I also cheat everyone, then there won’t be a difference between Faltu and me.

Dadi asks Faltu to deny it. Ayaan asks Faltu to repent and leave cricket to save their marriage. Faltu says I will leave cricket if it pleases you. She says Ayaan is saying the truth, I have made a big mistake, I have played as Shanaya in the academy. The reporters ask why did you do this. Faltu says Shanaya’s mental state was getting bad and I wanted to help her fulfil her dream, Ruhaan threatened me, if I don’t listen to him, then he will ruin my family, he will oust them from this house. Ruhaan and Daima see the news. Shanaya cries seeing the news. She faints. Ruhaan worries and asks are you fine. He gets angry on Faltu.

Reporters ask Faltu didn’t you feel bad, what do you want to say, your husband ruined your career. Janardhan asks them to leave now. Dadi says Ayaan, you have done wrong today. Ayaan goes.

Tanu asks why did you accept it, how will you live without your dream now. Faltu cries and goes. Tanu messages Ruhaan. Doctor checks Shanaya. Daima says this happened because of Faltu. Doctor asks them to take Shanaya outside, she will recover. She says I know a rehab centre, I can talk to them. Ruhaan asks Daima to go with Shanaya. Daima says this will be right.

Faltu asks are you done by insulting me. Ayaan asks what’s the problem, you said you will leave cricket, did I send you to play as Shanaya. Faltu says I will go for my family’s sake, it wasn’t easy for me, I had seen one dream, I risked it for my family’s sake, I thought you will understand me, your love changed into hatred. He says please go, I get reminded of your cheat, I feel so cheated. He makes her out of the room and cries. Yaar bedardiya…plays… She cries. She hugs his pic and sleeps. She gets a nightmare. She says I can’t live with this stain, I lost Ayaan and cricket, I should die, Ayaan might forgive me after that.

She goes to climb the railing of the balcony. She cries. She recalls Ayaan. She jumps down. Ayaan wakes up and shouts Faltu. He says thank God, this was a dream, I have to meet Faltu. Faltu hugs his pic and cries. Ayaan comes and sees her. Ruhaan comes to meet Tanu. He asks what’s all this, why did you call me here. She says mom is in jail, so I did this for my safety, will you have coffee. He says no, I m good. She says sorry, I didn’t want anyone to know about our meeting. He asks what do you want to talk. Faltu asks why did you come, did you come to punish or scold me. Ayaan holds her hands. He leaves.

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