Faltu Starlife update Friday 26 January 2024

Faltu 25 January 2024: The Episode starts with Faltu saying my left eye is blinking, I m afraid. Dadi and the entire family leave for the puja. Dadi says just Ayesha is at home. She says we should have taken Ayaan and Faltu with us/ Ayaan asks Faltu to get ready for practice. She says I m not well. He says I know, we will have a mild practice, we can’t take offs, sorry to push you.

Savita says I will stay back with Ayesha. Ayesha asks her to go, she can manage. Ayaan trains Faltu. He asks her to have water. He says I have to go for some time, I got a call for a job interview. She wishes him all the best. He leaves.

Ayesha goes into labor. She shouts. Faltu hears her and goes to see. Ayesha asks Amar to help. He says wait, I will call the doctor. Faltu sees her inner self and stops. She says I have to fulfil my responsibility. She goes to Ayesha. She asks Amar to arrange a car, they have to take Ayesha to the hospital.

They take Ayesha to the car. Faltu takes Ayesha to the hospital. She says I have informed the family, they will be coming. Ayesha worries and shouts to call Faltu. Doctor says we have to do C section, baby is in breech. Ayesha says its 8 month, call my doctor. Doctor says sorry, she is on leave, don’t worry. Nurse comes to Faltu and asks her about Ayesha’s husband. Faltu says he will be here in some time. Nurse asks her to sign the bond and meet Ayesha once. Faltu signs the bond. She meets Ayesha and asks her to calm down. Ayesha says I m scared. Faltu sits talking to Ayesha and distracts her.

Doctor does the operation. Faltu and Ayesha get the good news. Doctor says congrats, it’s a son. Faltu gives the baby to Ayesha. Ayesha cries happily. Faltu goes to thank Ganesha and cries. Ayaan comes there and worries. Faltu hugs him and says you have become Bade Papa, Ayesha is fine, I was scared, it’s a baby boy. Ayaan says I got worried seeing you cry. She says sorry. He says congrats. Kinshuk calls Ayaan. Ayaan says you should be here with your wife, you got a son, Ayesha is okay. Kinshuk says dad has sent me to Ayesha’s house for some work, I m too excited to see my baby. Ayaan says Faltu has seen the baby, he is very cute.

The family comes. Savita asks how is Ayesha. Ayaan says delivery is done, you have become Dadi. Sumitra asks are they fine. Ayaan says yes. Doctor comes and praises Faltu. They all rush to see the baby. Everyone is happy at home. Dadi takes sweets for Ayaan and Faltu. Faltu says Ayesha’s baby is so lovely. He asks did mum say anything to you. She gets sad. He says I know it was imp to help Ayesha, I have a request, don’t go to Ayesha and her baby.

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