Evil Eye Update Tuesday 12 January 2021

Evil Eye 12 January 2021: Piya and Ansh gets married. Ansh fills her forehead with sindoor and takes pheras with her. Mohana smirks and recalls how she attacked Divya and told her that it was all my plan, Piya will lose her devik powers when you die so Ansh will marry Piya but she wont be devik so Ansh will follow my path only. Divya says you cant win against me, your evil powers can never overpower good.

Mohana takes her ring and says you saved it to give powers to Piya but now I have it, she leaves from there. Flashback ends. Mohana thinks that I freed Divya, I took Ansh’s proposal for Piya, then my step was to make chudail as a snake so all believe that Divya attacked him, then I killed her and took her ring so she cant be devik or have sarpanch snake powers. Ansh and Piya gets married. All are happy. Vedsheree
says to Mohana that I always took you wrong but you proved me wrong, a mother can do anything for her son. Mohana says you are right, I want good for my son. Ansh takes her blessing. Vedsheree says wish Divya was here but Piya said she wants to be alone for sometime. Mohana thinks Divya is dead then why Piya said that?
Piya takes snake avatar and says I am sarpika and we never forget our revenge, I will take my mother’s revenge.

Mohana comes to Dilruba and says why did you meet Piya as Divya and told her that you are fine? that is great thing. Dilruba gets happy and says yes I told her that in room. Mohana says Piya went to jungle to meet Divya so you are lying?
Mohana says I took snake ring from Divya so Piya cant do anything. Mohana sees ring breaking and says it was fake? did Divya give real ring to Piya? is Piya a snake?

Ansh is searching for Piya but finds Piya doing aarti with family. Vedsheree says she didnt forget this ritual. Mohana comes there and throws aarti plate, she attacks Piya and starts beating her. All are shocked. Ansh rushes to Piya and asks if she is fine? Vedsheree asks Mohana what she is doing? Mohana says she is not devik, she is sarpika and is poisonous. Ansh says what are you saying? she is devik, what is sarpika? Mohana says ask Vedsheree. Vedsheree says if Piya’s mother is sarpika then it doesnt mean Piya is too. She tells Piya that Divya is sarpika, sorry to tell you like this. She says to Mohana that Piya is devik. Shekhar says Mohana made Piya marry Ansh because she thought is she a sarpika and throw her out of house. Mohana says you are not recognizing her, she is devik. Ansh says enough, Piya is devik and your daughter in law, her insult is my insult, I did a mistake by not trusting her before, I recognize her fully, she is daughter in law of this house so dont insult her, you gained my respect by saving Piya so keep that intact.

Vedsheree says to Mohana that I was wrong, you can never think about others. Ansh lifts Piya in his arms and takes her from there. Piya smirks at Mohana.
Nishant comes to Saanvi and says Divya cant leave without telling anyone, he says I found this sword in jungle, chudail never attacks with a sword.

Ansh brings Piya to their room and makes her sit on bed. They stare each other. Ansh sees her wound and says sorry on my mother’s behalf. Ansh says I will bring ice pack, she says I am fine, he says I will be back.Nishant comes to dark room and finds someone in casket. He looks on.
Nishant checks sword that was used to kill Divya. He looks in book and says this cant happen. Nishant and Saanvi comes to dark room. Nishant attacks a box and throws powder on it, they see snake skin on box. Nishant says this sword was used to kill a snake, it was found in jungle where Divya, it was used to kill Divya.

Mohana sees Piya in her snake avatar. She is stunned and says you are sarpika, I will tell everyone. Piya says I will also tell them that you killed my mother and then what will Ansh think about you? She grabs Mohana and says you played, you did all this so Ansh cant marry a devik, you snatched my mom so I will snatch your son, he will hate you most, its time for sarpika to play.

Nishant says to Saanvi that Mohana killed Divya. Saanvi says we cant stay silent, Nishant says she will bear punishment but dont forget that Ansh is Piya’s husband, we have to think about him too, I know how to punish her.
Ansh brings coffee for Piya and says I hope you like it. He applies balm on her wounds. Ansh says you have had to bear a lot and now this, I am sorry, dont know how your mother
is. Piya cries. Ansh says I promise to be with you always. Piya hugs him. Ansh says you trust me right? She nods. Ansh makes her lie in bed. She sleeps.
Nishant shows a root to Saanvi and says this is a poisonous tree root and can kill Mohana. He hides in a jar with smoke around it.

Mohana grabs Piya and says you cant win against a witch. Piya tries to beat her but Mohana says you will die like your mother.. it all turns out to be Mohan’s dream. Mohana thinks I will kill her but without losing Ansh’s trust.
Nishant says to Saanvi that we will finish Mohana but dont tell anything to Piya, her life can be in danger. He hides roots in gifts.

Vedsheree and Chitali comes to pack gifts but Mohana comes there and says I did everything, I am sorry for what I did, I will take Piya as my daughter, I made kheer for Ansh. Vedsheree recalls how she made kheer earlier to make him evil. Mohana says this kheer have nothing, only my love, if you dont trust me then I will eat it. Vedsheree says its okay.

Piya is prays. She turns to see Ansh bringing many pots. Piya says what is all this? Ansh says you remember you asked me to get herbs, you said it makes you closer to your mother, I brought them so you dont miss her. Piya cries and hugs him. Ansh says dont cry, your father is coming, he might take you back. Piya smiles.
Nishant and Saanvi comes with gifts to Ansh’s house. Nishant asks if she is happy? Piya nods. Nishant gives gifts to everyone. He comes to Mohana and gives her gift. Saanvi gives sweets to Nishant. Mohana is tensed. Saanvi makes everyone eat sweets from other pack while Nishant takes other packet to Mohana and asks her to eat sweets. Mohana says I dont need anything from your hands. Vedsheree says why are you saying all this? Mohana says what if he mixed anything in sweets? Ansh says please, for me. Mohana is tensed but takes sweet from him. She silently throws it away. Chitali sees saree Mohana got and says its nice, she puts it on Mohana.

Flashback shows how Nishant poured root powder on saree and planned to keep her focus on sweets. Flashback ends. All leave from there. Mohana starts feeling dizzy and thinks that he attacked with patal roots.
Mohana comes to jungle, she looks at tree and says witch tree roots can end effect of these roots. She tries to touch that tree but there is an invisible circle around it. Nishant and Saanvi comes there, flashback recalls how they created a circle around tree. Nishant says to Mohana that what you did with Divya, same will happen with you, we will just take revenge, as you die, danger will go away from Divya. Mohana says help me, someone.

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