Evil Eye Update Monday 11 January 2021

Evil Eye 11 January 2021: Divya wakes up and looks at her family. Piya says I have been searching for you, Divya hugs her and cries. Sushant says I thought you both.. Divya says she has to pay now for her deeds.
Mohana says to family that we should leave but Sushant comes there with his family. Divya glares at Mohana and says how dare you come here? Mohana says I know you have question in mind but I have forgot everything and came here with my son’s proposal for your daughter. Divya says you think I will make my daughter marry a witch’s son, I will do what I a witch hunter should do. Mohana says kids love each other, Vedsheree says they are made for each other. Divya says I will never let them marry, this witch cant do anything. Mohana says you made me witch 18 years but I forgot everything so you
can do too. Divya says your nature is to backstab others. Vedsheree says enough, these kids love each other, I will get them married tomorrow and if you love them then come in wedding otherwise dont. Mohana says to Divya that please agree for your daughter’s sake, please say yes. Sushant nods at her. Divya comes to Piya and looks at Ansh, she says if Piya is happy with Ansh then I am okay with it, all smile. Piya hugs her and then Vedsheree. Mohana smirks.

Wedding ceremony starts, all are doing preparations. Ansh comes to river and recalls how Vedsheree asked him to go river and put diya in it, he has to do it today.
Piya comes to function, all smile seeing her dressed up. Someone is eyeing Ansh on river side. Ansh steps in river and hears some noise but doesnt see anything. Some big snakes are behind him. Ansh puts diya there and leaves. Snake with many heads eye him. Ansh is in lift of his home. Snake is following him. All are enjoying in function. Snake enters his home.
Ansh enters lounge and looks at Piya, she blushes. Siblings bring them together, Neha says lets go, all leave. Ansh stops Piya and holds her hand but then leaves it, he turns to leave but Piya holds his hand and smiles, hawain plays. They both imagine to dance romantically. Snake is following them. Ansh hears it and looks around. Ansh comes in corridor and hears some noise. Piya is looking for Ansh but Mohana comes there and says I know I have hurt you a lot but please forgive me, Piya says dont say sorry, you are elder. Mohana says you will dance with me now?
Ansh comes to his room. Snake is behind him but Ansh doesnt see it.

Mohana and Piya dances on badriya ki dulhaniya. All family members join them.
Ansh finds snake in his room and hides from him. He climbs on wall and eyes him. Ansh attacks snake. Snake grabs him and brings him out of room. Piya sees it and screams Ansh. All are shocked to see Ansh in a big snake’s grip.

Ansh is being grabbed and attacked by a big snake. Piya sees it and screams Ansh. All family members are shocked. Vedsheree asks Mohana to do something. Mohana grabs snake with her braid and pull him off of Ansh. All rush to Ansh. Nishant keeps eyeing Mohana. Mohana throws snake out of house. Shekhar says how come such big snake came in our house? Priest says it was not a usual snake. Ansh says I think it was following me from river. Priest says Sarpvansh snake only attacks someone when they have animosity with them so why would snake attack Ansh? Family takes Ansh from there. Vedsheree asks Nishant what he is thinking? Nishant gets worried and says nothing. Vedsheree sees Divya coming there with shagun. Divya says sorry, I was making shagun so got late. She gives it to her. Vedsheree see wound
on her hand and asks how she got it? Divya says I slipped and wound happened. Priest says it looks like it happened from glass or knife. Nishant recalls how Mohana threw snake out of window. Divya says I am fine and leaves. Mohana glares at her and thinks that this was 3rd step of my plan.
Mohana comes to Divya and looks at her wound. She says you must be hurt, this is witch’s attack. Divya says what? Mohana says we both know that you attacked my son, you have animosity with me. Divya says if I was fulfilling animosity then you and your son would be dead, we were friends, you came to ask for help.

Flashback shows 18 years back Mohana asked Divya to help her from saving Riva vanshi (Nishant’s family) and Divya promised to finish all riva vanshi but then Divya fell in love with Nishant and told Mohana that she couldnt kill him, they have kids together. Mohana says what about my family? he is killing us? Divya says he is doing what is right. Mohana says then I will do what I have to do, then flashback shows Mohana killing Divya’s son. Flashback ends and says you told my truth to Nishant and he ended relation with me, I had to leave him. Mohana says you betrayed me and your son got killed because of you. Divya says no. Mohana says you are responsible for all that. Vedsheree is coming there. Mohana says your family destroyed because of you, you are responsible for all that. Divya gets angry and takes snake avatar. Mohana looks on. Vedsheree comes there and sees Divya in snake avatar. She is shocked and says you.. Mohana says she is a snake, Divya says it was her plan, you keep backstabbing. Mohana says I came with my son’s proposal but you tried to kill my son. Vedsheree says why you attacked him? Mohana says because she is a snake and can never forget her revenge. Divya says this is all her plan, she is a witch and would never let this marriage happen. Vedsheree says she is a witch but she is a mother too. Divya says Piya is my daughter and I cant put her life in danger so Piya will go with me. Nishant comes and says Piya will not go anywhere, Divya says understand me. Nishant says we are riva vanshi, we dont move back from our words, she will face witch here only. Divya says I wont let my daughter be with witch. Nishant says you will have to do it. Divya says nobody can stop this snake. She starts to leave but Nishant attacks her with a tool and grabs her. Divya looks at him shocked. Nishant says Piya’s happiness is with Ansh and you cant stop them. Mohana thinks this is my 4th step in plan.

Nishant brings Divya inside still grabbing her from tool. Piya comes there dressed as bride and calls Divya. She asks if they are going anywhere? Nishant says she is not feeling well, Piya asks what happened? Nishant says she is just tired, we are going home. Piya says how can I marry without you both? Nishant says we will comeback before marriage ends. Divya nods and hugs her. Nishant says lets go. Divya sadly looks at Piya. Nishant smirks at Mohana and takes her from there. His feet are of a chudail, she is posing as Nishant.
Nishant brings Divya home and says I did everything for Piya, he gives her tablet. She takes it and says you always call Piya as doll, who are you? Nishant says you caught me.. she laughs and takes Dilruba’s avatar. Divya glares at her. Dilruba throws her and Divya faints. Dilruba leaves. Divya wakes up and sees how she didnt take tablet, she says Mohana doesnt realize she is fighting a snake.

Mohana attacks real Nishant, he faints. Mohana says sorry but you wont be able to see your daughter’s wedding. She takes his phone and smirks.
Vedsheree tells family about Divya being a snake. Shekhar says then how come Piya is a devik? Chitali says it means Piya not devik? Vedsheree sees Piya coming there as bride. Vedsheree smiles and says Piya is devik so Ansh will marry her and now only.

Piya sadly looks at door waiting for her parents. Ansh comes there and says I know you are waiting for your parents but your mother is ill. Piya says but father can come and he didnt.. Ansh caresses her face and says dont worry. Ansh sees ring her hands and says who gave it? She says Maa. Ansh says may I? He takes it from her and makes her wear it. He holds her hand. Ansh brings Piya to mandap. Vedsheree kisses her forehead. They both touch her feet. Shekhar says where is Mohana? Mohana comes there and dances on dola re. Dilruba is enjoying her dance from afar. Mohana sees her and thinks what she is doing here? Nobody should see her. All clap for Mohana. Mohana says lets do varmala ceremony, she leaves.

Mohana grabs Dilruba and says I told you to not come here. Dilruba says you couldnt kill snake. Mohana says I have more powers but I need her dizzy, I am going to her so you have to here as Mohana. Dilruba takes her avatar and goes to function.
Real Mohana is finding Divya but Divya finds her on middle of road. Divya says I knew you would be searching for me so I came here. Divya says you were so scared that you had to take chudail’s help? They both attack each other. They use their powers on each other. Mohana runs to attack her but Divya blows air and freezes her with water around her.

Ansh and Piya’s varmala ceremony starts. Ansh bows to her, she makes him wear garland, he exchanges with her. Dilruba becomes jealous and says Ansh is mine, I will not spare Piya. Divya says to Mohana that you cant be saved from this attack, my son died like this. Mohana says your son is alive and only I know where he is, if I die then you wont ever find him. Divya shouts where is my son? She frees her from water and asks where is my son? tell me? Mohana smirks and takes sword, she stabs Divya..

Otherside in wedding, Piya takes snake avatar and becomes half snake as Divya’s blood drops on otherside. Saanvi finds Nishant lying in room. She runs to Piya and says there is something. She brings her to unconscious Nishant. Dilruba thinks that Ansh will marry me only. She locks Piya and Saanvi in Nishant’s room and takes Piya’s avatar.

Ansh and fake Piya sits in mandap for wedding. Ansh asks where is her ring he gave her? Piya says I lost it. Ansh holds her hand and doesnt see his eyes ablaze. He grabs her and pushes her away. All are shocked as she falls and takes Dilruba’s avatar. Dilruba says what Piya has that I dont have? you betrayed me, if you marry someone else then I will kill you. Ansh says we will see. He grabs a daggar. Dilruba runs around and grabs Chitali. Chitali cries. Dilruba laughs and says if someone tries to come forward then I will drop her. Ansh attacks her, all rush to her.
Saanvi says if dad is here then who took mom home? Piya says chudail..
Ansh asks Dilruba where is Piya? I will kill you otherwise, he is about to attack her but she runs away.

Saanvi and Piya are locked in room, Saanvi says how will we come out? Piya says there is way. Piya comes to balcony and says we dont have any other way, I have to find mom. She jumps from balcony. Saanvi screams. Piya is falling down but Ansh catches her in air.
Nishant and Saanvi comes to family. Nishant says chudail attacked me. Nishant says Ansh and Piya have gone to find Divya.

Ansh and Piya are in car finding Divya. Piya says Mohana was not home, she might be involved. Ansh says chudail is behind all this, my mother is not wrong. Piya says mom might be in jungle as chudail attacks in jungle but how we wil lfind her? Ansh says there is a way. He makes Piya jump on his back and starts jumping from one tree to another.
Nishant says to family that Mohana is not here, she is Divya’s enemy, she might be behind Divya.
Piya says to Ansh that I will go on this side, you go on that side. They both leave.
Piya finds Divya lying in blood. She runs to her and screams Maa.. Piya cries for help. Divya puts her hand in her hand and transfer her snake powers to Piya. Piya takes snake powers in her. Piya asks who did all this? Divya says Mohana.. Divya dies. Piya cries hugging her. She gets angry.

All family members are searching for Piya in jungle. Piya comes to them. Ansh asks if Divya is fine? Piya says yes, mom took care of chudail, she wants to stay here for sometime, lets get married. Ansh says we cant leave her here. Piya says I am doing what she wants, Divya have been alone for life so she cant bear crowd, she likes being with nature, we are leaving her at good place. Flashback shows Piya making statue of Divya and digging her.

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