Evil Affairs starlife update 3 June 2024

The Episode starts with Daayan asking Nikki to come infront of her. She says you wanted to give your blood to me. Nikki comes infront of Daayan. Daayan says the revenge for the blood will be settled with blood, but what about the pain which you gave to me. Piyush comes out and stands with Nikki. Others too come out and stand behind Nikki.

Daayan asks Nikki to walk on the broken glass pieces. Nikki is about to walk on it, but Piyush holds her hand stopping her. Vikram asks Piyush to leave Nikki. Prateik says let her go. Bhikshu tells Baal devi that Nikki has challenged Daayan. Baal devi says the kid learn slowly. She says if Nikki has to fight against evil, holding the truth then she shall get ready to fall and accept her defeat always. Daayan holds Sumitra by her hair and sucks her blood. She asks Nikki, if you will make me drink your blood, or shall I drink your mother in law’s blood. Nikki asks Piyush to let her go. Daayan asks Saudamini to play the song. Saudamini takes Rachna’s phone and plays music.

Nikki walks on the glass pieces and feels pain. She screams. Prateik thinks she deserves this. Vikram thinks he is not feeling sympathy for her. Nikki falls on the glass pieces. Daayan says if you want to move back and go, then can go, but then I will quench my thirst with everyone’s blood. Sumitra cries and thinks why did you do this Nikki? Daayan asks Vikram, what punishment shall I give? Vikram asks Daayan to forgive them and don’t punish them for Nikki’s mistakes. He bends down and pleads. Nikki says no Papa. Daayan says she will count till 10 and she shall reach there, else she will kill everyone and will drink their blood.

Piyush asks Nikki to walk. Nikki walks and goes towards Daayan. Daayan says you did it and comes down to suck Nikki’s blood. Piyush thinks you did it Nikki. Nikki thinks Daayan will be over now. Daayan sucks Nikki’s blood and acts as she died. Nikki thanks God. Daayan says nothing happened to me, what do you think that you will get them mukti from me and will become freedom queen. She says did you think that you can kill me like you killed Kapalika. She says Kapalika was Malik’s slave and I am his elder sister. She says nothing will happen to me even if I drink everyone’s blood. She asks who is involved and asks Prateik if he is behind this idea. Prateik swears on his child and says I didn’t do it. Daayan says your baby will think that you are foolish, if it is born. She says I know nobody is involved in this conspiracy. She says if I don’t have to get Malik’s rasams done, then I would have killed her. She says very soon Amavasya is going to come, and Nikki will do first rasam out of 13 rasams, and it is Daakini ki Shaadi.


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