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Titu swears on Bappa and tells Anupama that Dimpy and him are just good friends and nothing more. Anupama says ok. She tells that sometimes a person needs loneliness also, and tells that she wants to be alone for sometime.

He asks about Dimpy. Anupama says I will be always with her, and says this place was not right, else I would have given a fitting reply to Mr. Shah. She says nobody can keep me away from my Baa and Babu ji, Dimpy and my kids. She says she will not let Mr. Shah keep Dimpy locked in the house. Titu starts to leave and gets teary eye thinking about Vanraj and Pakhi’s words. He goes live and asks the fans if the girl and guy can’t be friends, and asks why they have to give the proofs of their purity, and says I agree that friendship change into love sometimes.

He says we do friendship, not showing the complexion or beauty and says friendship happens when vibe and energy matches. He asks them to make everyone understand this, and says he will come live next time too.

Anuj comes to Choti and says fairies must be waiting for you in the dream fairy land. Choti says I did a mistake and hurt both my best friend and my Mamma. She tells that she heard Anupama talking to Devika and found out that Devika used to save Anupama when she used to be bullied in school. She says I didn’t support my best friend. I will apologize to Mummy and Riya. Anuj thinks only Anupama can do this. He says when I had done mistake then I had apologized to your Mummy. She asks him to help her. He asks what you want to do?

Vanraj comes home. Baa asks where did you go? Vanraj asks Baa and Babu ji to sit. He pulls the chair, lifts it and keeps it in the centre. He says I want to talk to you about something important, and says you might not like it, or get shocked hearing it, but have to follow. Babu ji asks what is it? Vanraj says Shah family any member shall not contact Anupama for any help or any work. Everyone looks on shocked.

Anupama comes home. Choti calls her Mummy and says sorry in a poetic way. Anupama hugs her. Baa asks what you are saying? Vanraj says you can call her on festivals or birthdays only, but not always. He says everything will be over right here. Babu ji says you are keeping your daughter at home, and I can’t call my help. Baa tells that Anupama helps them for everything. Babu ji says whenever they are in need of help, and Anupama only is there. Vanraj tells that Anupama feels that that house and this house can’t be run without her. He says when I am not interfering in her house, then why she is interfering in her house.

Babu ji says Anupama has done so much for this house. Vanraj says she has done so much, but I feel that she is provoking many people of this house. Choti shows the card to Anupama and says she will give to Riya and will support her and will not support the friends who bully Riya. Anupama hugs her and says kids shall listen to their parents so that they don’t do mistake. She says you are our daughter, why we will send you back to orphanage, and asks if Anuj’s parents sent him back to orphanage. She says you are our life. Choti says I love you. Anupama says I love you more. Malti Devi and Barkha see them. Barkha says Anupama has won. Malti Devi asks her to get ready to see her defeat. Anuj asks Choti to drink hot chocolate milk.

Vanraj tells that Anupama thinks that she is right and has brainwashed all the girls of the house in the name of women empowerment, be it Kavya, Kinjal or Dimpy. Kavya tells that Anupama has never influenced or adviced anyone wrongly, and helped without seeing that the opposite person has hurt her. She says she always supported us and says whenever we are in help, Anupama only helps us. Dimpy says I have done wrong with Mummy, but she always stands with me. Vanraj says I am not asking you to break her idol or don’t worship her, and says I am just asking you to stop begging infront of her for help. Baa says ok, let Anupama handle her house and you will handle us. He thanks her. Baa says she wants to keep Anupama stay away from the troubles and tells that it is best that two families stay away from each other. Vanraj says if Dimpy was there, then would we have controlled her? Baa says Dimpy got wings there.

Dimpy asks her not to say anything. Kavya says Anupama took her home and taken care of her so much. Baa says Anupama gave her wings. Kavya says what you have given her, cage. Baa says let Anupama handle her house and Vanraj shall handle her house. Kavya says whenever some problems happens, you will call her first. Pakhi says Mummy is not here, but she made the fight happened here. Baa says I am not against Anupama. Kavya asks Pakhi to be quiet. Dimpy says mummy shall not come here, when you call her. Pakhi and Dimpy argue. Dimpy asks Pakhi to go from there. Vanraj shouts enough and says nobody shall contact Anupama from now. Kavya says I will do it, I will talk to her and meet her. Vanraj shows her the door. Kavya says I will leave just as I find a house.

She goes from there. Later Anuj, Anupama and Choti have a good time. Anuj and Anupama make her have candy and chocolate milk. Babu ji cries later in the night. Kavya comes to him. Babu ji says I have memory loss illness, but how can Vanraj and others forget whatever Anupama has done. He says this house has become like hell and asks her to go from here. He feels helpless and says he couldn’t support her, Dimpy and Anupama. Kavya says you are our support system Babu ji. Babu ji cries and goes from there.

Anuj is shocked to know that Vanraj asked Anupama to stay away from the house. He says you have affection towards the house, its ok. He says I asked you not to go, but…He says I can’t see your insult anymore, and asks her love and respect them from far. He says it is enough, take a break.

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