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Gazal asks Haider to make her wear the dupatta, he is hesitant and recalls doing it for Dua. Gazal thinks I will make him fall in love with me. Haider puts dupatta on Gazal.

Dua is screaming to open the door and says I need to go to Haider.

Gazal tells Haider that she will make him wear sehra. Haider thinks he is paying for Dua’s mistakes by breaking her heart. She ties sehra on his head.

Gulnaz comes to Ijaz and gives his knife back. She says lets end fighting, I don’t want Gazal’s plan to be spoiled. Can you please free my son? Ijaz says we will decide after Gazal gets married to Haider. Gulnaz says don’t you try to double cross me. Ijaz says if you make me angry then I can make my animals eat Ruhaan up. He asks her to fall to her knees and plead to him. Gulnaz cries and apologizes to him. Ijaz says Ruhaan has to see Haider getting married to Gazal. Dua screams so Ijaz thinks to tell Gazal that Dua is awake. Gulnaz comes outside her room and says if Gazal’s plan fails then she will kill Ruhaan.

Gazal and Haider are getting married, Ijaz messages her that Dua is awake. Gazal asks the priest to do the marriage fast. The priest asks if Gazal accepts Haider with guarantee money (meher) of 10 lacs? She says I don’t accept this amount, all are shocked. Gazal says I just want a guarantee money of 1rs, I just need Haider. Haider says no, this money is for a girl’s safety and she needs it. Gazal says I just need my honor back, you can promise me one thing? you will protect my honor right? The priest asks Haider if he accept marrying Gazal? Haider recalls Dua telling him to not betray her.

The priest asks Haider again and he accept by nodding. The priest asks him to speak up if he agrees. Haider silently cries and is about to speak up.. Haider says I accept this marriage. Gazal smirks and thinks Haider is mine from now on. The nikah is done and Haider signs on it. Gazal looks at her parents’s graves and thinks I fulfilled my parents’ dream, I have got what I wanted for days.

Dua takes a sofa and breaks the door. Rahat comes there and asks what are you doing? Dua says injustice is happening with me, I have to go now to find my Haider. She runs from there but the door is locked. She opens it and finds Dadi lying there. Dadi says take me to Haider otherwise it will be late.

Hina tells Rahat that Dua is givig us all so much stress. Dua brings Dadi there and she is walking. Ijaz is shocked. Rahat says Ammi is okay now? Rahat and Hina hug her but she pushes them away and shouts to not show love. She says I don’t have time right now. Hina says you are talking, we have missed your voice. Dadi says this miracle happened because of Dua because you all lost hope on me. I don’t have time, lets go to Haider before its too later. Gazal enters the house in a bridal dress, all are shocked to see her. Haider enters there as a groom in veil. Dua is in shock seeing them, she takes off is veil and falls back seeing its Haider. All family members are shocked.

Dua takes off Haider’s sehra and is shocked. All family members are stunned. Dadi says Haider? what did you do? Gazal is shocked that she can speak. Dua faints so Haider rushes to her. Dadi cries for Dua. Haider puts her on the sofa and tries to wake her up. Gazal is angry seeing all that. Dadi glares at her and recalls how she had pushed her from the stairs. She says you are so shameless, I will kill you. Gazal stops her. Dadi says you destroyed my Dua’s house, you will die now. She strangles her and says I won’t let you stay here. Gazal hints at Gulnaz to keep Hina away from them. Gulnaz stops Hina from going to them and thinks Dadi can’t tell the truth to Hina otherwise Gazal won’t spare Ruhaan. Gazal grabs Dadi and hugs her tightly, she says I prayed for you so much. She whispers to her that if you speak up then Ruhaan will die as I have kidnapped him, if you talk too much then you see him dead. Dadi says I am not scared of you, I am not a fool and I know Ruhaan ran away. Gazal says you can ask Gulnaz, he was kidnapped by me. Dadi looks at Gulnaz who silently pleads with her. Gazal smirks and tells Dadi that I am a poison that you can’t get rid of. Gazal says thank God my Dadi can walk now, she hugs her while all family members look on. Gazal says I know Dadi is still angry at me but Dua needs us right now.

Scene 2

The doctor checks Dua and asks Haider if she had any shock? Haider cries silently and says its.. Rahat says its nothing, you know couples fight sometimes. The doctor says Dua had faced a big trauma, he tells Haider to take care of her and says if she gets hurt then she can become mentally ill. Haider asks when can she wake up? The doctor says lets hope she wakes up otherwise.. if she wakes up then don’t give her any shock. He leaves. Hina looks at Gazal and is confused. Gazal thinks I just hope she dies in shock.

Gulnaz shows Ruhaan’s video to Dadi, Dadi says that woman is criminal. Gulnaz says that Gazal can do anything, don’t say anything against her. Dadi slaps her and says you became a witch for your son. Gulnaz cries and says I know I did sins by taking side of Gazal, when I realized then it was too late, I have already lost everything in this fire, I did a biggest mistake by supporting Gazal and I am paying the price.. my son is kidnapped by her and she can do anything. I don’t deserve to ask for anything but I am begging you to not tell the truth about Gazal to anyone, she is very dangerous and can kill my Ruhaan. Dadi feels bad and wipes her tears. Dadi says today I realized you have a heart too, he is my grandson too and I can do anything to save him too. I will not speak up. Gulnaz hugs her and cries, she says I am sorry for doing all that. Dadi says if you didn’t take Gazal’s side then all this wouldn’t have happened. Gazal and Ijaz come there. Gazal says wow its good to see you both here.

Haider sits with an unconscious Dua and recalls her pleading with him. How she didn’t allow him to marry Gazal. He says I know I am your criminal, I know I have hurt you badly and I know God won’t forgive me.. I just want you to wake up and slap me, you know I did this because of helplessness. Rahat comes there and pulls him away.

Gazal tells Dadi and Gulnaz that I got emotional seeing this reunion, I brought love between you both. Dadi says God will trap you soon. Gazal says stop counting my sins, I am taking revenge because of your sins. I am your daughter in law now. Dadi shouts at her but Gazal stops her and says did you forget what I did with you? I am focusing on finishing Dua for now.

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