Every Girl’s dream update Wednesday 25 January 2023

Every Girl’s Dream 25 January 2023: Raghav shoots Devraj Krisha comes in front of him. She gets shot. Raghav drives away.Devraj says Krisha.. Please open your eyes. He picks her and takes her inside. Devraj says call a doctor. Jaya says how did this happen. He says open the medical room.

Scene 3
Krisha gets treated in the house. Ugra says if she dies they will know. Naina says what if she saw Raghav? Jaya asks how is she? The doctor says it isn’t serious. She could lose her life if the bullet’s position was different. Jaya says she’s special. She saved Devraj’s life by risking hers. Devraj leaves. Naina says who could’ve shot? Minakshi says who?Ugra slaps Raghav. She says you have lost your mind. You showed your veins have your mom’s royal but your dad’s ordinary blood too. No Rathore does something stupid. How will you rule Ambikapur with this mind. Why don’t you think. He says she’s alive. Ugra says if she died I won’t have been this angry. Now she will stay here forever because of your stupidity. She saved Devraj’s life. Now Jaya will make her the true princess. You won’t do anything now. I know what to do now.

Scene 4
Jaya and Roma come to Devraj. Jaya says Krisha isn’t like normal girls. She is very innocent. Roma says I would agree too. We’ve hurt her so much, tortured her yet she risked her life for you. Jaya says can’t we let her go? Devraj is silent.Sudha says we are lucky that our daughter has a husband like you. Doctor asks them to leave. Krisha says take care papa. He says you take care. Sudha says Krisha don’t get worried. He will be fine. Yash says thank God we found that man. He helped us come here, paid the bills. Sudha says we can’t believe an unamted angel helped us. Krisha looks at Devraj. Krisha says if you need anything.. Devraj says the man who handled the rest will handle this too. Sudha saus take care. Yash hugs Krisha. She leaves. Krisha asks Devraj what are you upto? He says I don’t need to tell you. Let’s go. He leaves.

Scene 2
Krisha asks Devraj who could shoot? Do you doubt anyone? He says leave it on me. Why do you care? She says I would care for any human. He says I am not any human. I am the one who wants to take your life. Jaya says Devraj you should involve police. Devraj says it will get really bad for us if we involve the police. Jaya if there’s any danger on your life I will call the police. Devraj says Krisha’s dad also met the accident. Jaya says could that be an attack too? Did someone go to Udaypur and did this to him? Rati recalls Raghav went to Udaypur.

Scene 3
Krisha does arti and prays for her dad. Aarav says thank you for saving my brother. Krisha says I would do it for anyone. Forget it. Aarav says what if something happened to you. Devraj would be broken. Krisha says yeah where would he find another like me. Aarav says i am always there to help you. Let me know. Krisha says to Devraj I will be Maya. I will do what you ask. I can’t fight and win with you because i love you. But you only love Maya. I’ve accepted that I won’t fight over it. Devraj says so you are ready to be Maya? She says yes. Krisha says but leave me alone. I can’t stay with a man in a room who loves someone else. You won’t stay in my room. He says how can I trust you? Krisha says you’ve no other option. Krisha says I will be Maya but only till I can’t find a way out.

Scene 4
Krisha goes out. She asks the watchman she’s going to get coffee. Krisha asks the seller if he has a phone. She buys it. Devraj comes to pick her. Krisha says this time you won’t even know what I am going to do.Devraj places Maya’s photo. Jaya says why are you in such a hurr to make Krisha Maya? He says don’t you know the reason? jaya says but the way you behaving with Krisha you’re not like that. Devraj says she should hate me. She trusted me, came to with and left her everything. You should feel bad for her. Jaya says no you feel a lot more with her. I know you will forget Maya and start a new life. Devraj says my life can’t move ahead without Maya. I will make Krisha Maya at any cost. Jaya says he can’t see the girl he’s trying to change, he’s started loving her.

Scene 4
Krisha sees cameras everywhere. Krisha places her cameras in the garden. She says your eyes are on me and my eyes will be on everyone. She tries to get footage of the camera on the gate. Devraj says what are you doing? She says just walking here. He says why are you not practicing? She says you can only see what I am not doing but can’t see what I am. She comes out. She’s wearing Maya’s clothes. Devraj says good, keep doing what’s asked. He leaves.

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