Every Girl’s Dream update Sunday 26 February 2023


Every Girl’s Dream 26 February 2023: Krisha gets a call from someone who asks if she is Dev’s wife? She says yes. The man says Dev is giving away 200 crores to Kuch but I wanted to confirm and Dev is not picking up. Krisha asks him to keep the transaction on hold. Krisha ends the call and says if I go away from Dev then how will I protect him? She packs her bags and starts leaving her room sadly.Dev is sitting alone and drinking alcohol. He says Daksh promised to never leave me. I wish I could save you. I couldn’t save him so I am useless. It starts raining so Dev says don’t cry brother, I am always with you.

Krisha is leaving the house when she hears Naina stealing Dev’s expensive watch and replacing it with a cheap knock-off. Krisha thinks if I leave then these people will destroy Dev. She comes to the mandir and says I won’t let my love lose, I will protect Dev against all odds. She prays for her relationship. I will always stand by him. She says Dev is my life and I will fight against anyone who tries to break us apart.Dev talks to himself and says Krisha hurt my brother so I have thrown her out of my life and heart. He says if I try to go back to Krisha then I will pull my heart out. Dev says I will always hate Krisha and I promise to never forgive her.

Scene 2
Ugra comes to Krisha and asks her to leave the house. Krisha says I am not going anywhere. Minakshi says I will throw you out. Ugra and Minakshi try to drag her out of the house. Krisha shouts to stop, Ugra says we are not scared. Krisha says you should be. She calls the servant who took money from Naina for stealing Dev’s watch. Krisha asks him to tell the truth before she calls the police. The servant says Naina asked me to steal. Krisha glares at Ugra and Minakshi, she asks them to apologize to her parents otherwise I will tell everything to Dev. Ugra glares at her. Minakshi and Ugra say sorry to her parents and leave.

Her parents ask her to come with us. Krisha cries and says please trust me, I can’t leave Dev in this situation as then our love will lose. I promised to always be with him so how can I break that? Her father says okay as you wish. Krisha says soon I will visit you both with Dev. Just take care. her parents bless her and leave the house.Minakshi tells Krisha that you taught a lesson to Ugra but I will throw you out. Krisha calls a radio station and says I want to confess something so take me live. He says okay. Krisha tells Minakshi that I will tell everyone how you got me forcefully married and made me pretend to be Maya. Jaya comes there and ends the call.

She tells Krisha that you stoop low every day in my eyes. I became a fool in thinking you were a good person. Kuch says she keeps threatening us. Jaya tells Krisha that you want to stay here then do but please stop maligning our honor in public. She leaves. Dev comes there and glares at her. He asks her to leave. Krisha thinks I will fulfill all his wishes except leaving him.In the morning, Krisha checks Dev’s food before sending it to him. All family members sit together, Dev is lost in thoughts. Krisha tries to serve him food but he stops her and pushes her chair away, he says I wanted you to leave the house but you are stubborn so be my guest but you can’t sit with us as a family.

Dev tells Krisha that you are not a part of this family anymore so you can’t sit with us. Krisha says you are not even letting me clarify myself. Dev says no one will talk to you. Krisha says till when will you not listen to me? You are punishing me for a crime that I didn’t do, you can stop listening to me but our hearts are joined. If you don’t want to support this relationship then I will shoulder it myself, I have taken you as my own and we will be together for lives. Dev ignores her.


Dev is sleeping when Krisha comes to him and says I will always be near him to protect him. Our love can’t die like this. She recalls how she sent milk for Dev making him think Jaya sent it for him. He drank it. The flashback ends. Krisha thinks I mixed sleeping pills in it so he could have a peaceful sleep. She smiles at him. Dev’s phone rings so Krisha hides under the bed. She hears Dev taking a call and thinks this is the same number who said it’s Daksh’s friend. He says if you are listening to me then come to our house tomorrow as we have holi function.

In the morning, Jaya tells Dev that we have to celebrate holi as a royal family, he nods and leaves. The family decides their duties for the function. Jaya asks Aarav to send out invitations. Jaya says Daksh used to get wood for the pier but who will do it this time? Krisha comes there and says I will take this duty. Jaya ignores her and says anyone can do anything they want but I don’t want any drama around Dev. They all nod. Ugra and Minakshi smirk.Krisha comes to Minakshi who tells her that she has to arrange wood before 7 PM. She leaves. Krisha looks at the tree trunk and starts cutting wood pieces, she is tired but keeps going. Ugra sees her working like labor and smirks.

Dev comes there and stares at her. He asks why is she doing all this? Minakshi says she wanted to take some duty as a family member so she has to fulfill it. Dev glares at them and says I can see what’s happening here. Ugra says you were angry with her and now you are showing concern? Dev glares at them so they all leave. Dev tries to leave from there but Krisha trips so he holds her. Krisha says I heard everything, if you care for me so much then it means you still love me, I know you can feel that I am wrongly punished that’s why you can’t see me working like this. Dev drops her and leaves. Krisha keeps cutting woods and is tired. Dev hides and sadly looks at her. A servant brings water for her. Krisha turns to see Dev eyeing her, he leaves from there. Krisha thinks he still loves me. Krisha cuts more wood pieces but Dev comes there and takes the axe. He cuts the woods.

Krisha says if you don’t love me then why are you helping me? .. it all turns out to be her dream. Rati comes there and says your parents are calling.Krisha talks to her parents and says I am preparing for holi function. Her mother says you can’t lie to us, come back home. Krisha says I am a brave girl, these people are against me but I will turn this around. Her father blesses her and ends the call. Krisha smiles.Krisha comes back to the wood area and sees all woods cut up and a pier being made. She says who did it? She finds Dev’s ring there and smiles.Dev gets Daksh’s friend’s call who says I am coming to meet you. He nods and looks at Daksh’s photo. He says when I think about Krisha, I feel like I am cheating Daksh. I will never forgive her. I will find out the truth today.

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