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It’s not easy to love 26 February 2023; Dadi tells Dadu that Sid took Mithai to Apeksha’s party, I got Mithai ready. Sid comes there and says I can’t understand anything, you know this marriage was for show’s sake only. You know that girl keeps creating problems. You always find her right. Dadu asks what happened? Did you fight with her? Sid says Mithai creates issues everywhere, she pushed my friend and I was insulted there. Dadu says she is adjusting with you too. Sid gets a call from Apeksha who is crying. She says my birthday was spoiled, all my friends left and I am feeling alone. Sid says don’t cry, I am coming. He leaves from there.

Girish calls Apeksha and says Sid left, just do as we planned. I promise to do what I have to do.Sid comes to Apeksha and offers her water. He says I am sorry for spoiling your party. Apeksha hugs him and cries.Dadu comes to Mithai and asks why was Sid angry? Mithai says I was called to the party to show that Sid and I are very different. They were insulting me so I pushed away his friend but Sid got angry with me only. Dadu asks her to calm down, Mithai says what if Sid does a mistake in anger?

Sid tells Apeksha that Dadu doesn’t listen to me, I am stuck in this marriage. I can’t spend time with her. I had to marry her to save Dadu.Dadu tells Mithai that Sid went to Apeksha’s house. Mithai says we have to go before it’s too late.Apeksha tells Sid that he can share anything with her. Mithai and Dadu come there. Mithai says let’s go back home. Sid says don’t act like my wife, I am at my friend’s house so go away. Dadu says enough, we are here to take you back. He thanks Apeksha for taking care of him and takes Sid from there. Apeksha smirks.

Sid, Dadu, and Mithai come back home. Abha taunts him so Sid gets angry and says you people call yourself a family? Sid says I am not scared of the truth. I won’t give a single penny to any of you. Girish comes there and says I will show the truth. He plays the clip of Sid confessing to Apeksha that he married Mithai to save Dadu. Girish says you know if this truth is taken to the court then what will happen? I had to do this because you took away our business. I am telling you to do as I say. You will give this business to me and Mithai-Indu will be thrown out of the house by tomorrow. Lastly, you will live in this house as my son and will call me papa.

Sid says you can never be my father. Girish says if you don’t follow my conditions then you will be dragged to the court and Mithai will be jailed. I don’t care about that but you have a choice. Dadu tries to stop him but Girish says my son will listen to me now. Sid won’t question me anymore. Sid leaves from there. Mithai says I was scared of this. Dadu says we will pay for this. Dadi asks him to not take any decision in haste. Mithai says I will figure something out. Dadu says you have done a lot to save my family, you won’t do anything anymore. He leaves from there.

Girish calls Apeksha and thanks her. She asks if Sid doubted me? Girish says no, I didn’t take your name. I can’t believe that Sid had to marry that cheap woman, if he could marry her then why not you? Let’s wait till the morning.Sid sits alone and recalls everything Girish said. He is angry.Mithai tries to pacify Indu but she asks her to stop it. I can’t bear all this anymore. Mithai looks on.Abhishek tells Girish that I have worked hard so you should give me a share too. Pramod says I have given life to this business. Girish says I will give you all some share, you will get 10%.

The lawyer arrives at home. All family members sit with him. Girish calls Sid there. Sid tells Dadu that this all happened because of me, Dadu says it’s okay but we will have to pay for it now. Girish asks Sid to sign the property papers. Sid recalls Mithai’s words to always read the papers. Girish says we don’t have time so just sign the papers. Sid signs the papers, and the lawyer leaves. Girish says the second condition was to throw Mithai and her mother out. Dadu says you are forcing him to call you papa but you won’t force him to respect you. Girish says I had issues with you but I never disrespected you. I might be using the wrong method but I will do what has to be done. He asks Sid to throw Mithai out of the house.


Mithai says I was prepared for it. Indu brings their luggage there. Mithai says we will leave now. Dadu says she won’t go anywhere otherwise I will leave with them. Mithai says this is your family. Dadu says you are our daughter-in-law. Girish says you can do what you want. Dadu says I will leave with Dadi no. Sid says how can you ask him to leave? Girish says he is not listening to me. Dadu says we will leave with our daughter-in-law. Sid looks on.Dadu and Dadi pack their bags and start leaving the house with Mithai. Sid tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen. Dadu says your anger is your enemy and I have to pay for it now. I have to leave now. Mithai touches Sid’s feet and starts leaving.

Sid is heartbroken and falls down. Girish tells Sid to go back to his room. Sid angrily leaves. Abhishek tells Girish that Sid might end up doing something. Shubham says this is wrong. Abha asks him to stop Dadu. Girish asks them to shut up.Sid is calling Dadu but he doesn’t pick up the call. Sid angrily breaks everything in his room. He says I am sorry, I disappointed Dadu. Girish comes there and says let’s talk about work now. Sid says you are not allowed in this room. Girish says you are my son so I don’t need any permission. Sid says I never liked you before but now I hate you. Girish says I am your father, you should learn to love me. At least try to make Dadu listen that this house is open for him.

Sid says I can see through you. My mother died because of you. Girish shouts that marriage happened against my will. Dadu forced me as he forced you. I am freeing you from this marriage. He gives him divorce papers and says just end this fake marriage. Sid signs the papers. Girish says you have 2 hours to make Mithai sign these papers too then I will get you married to Apeksha. She deserves to be my daughter-in-law. If you don’t get her sign then you know what I will do. Sid takes the papers from there.

have 2 hours to make Mithai sign these papers too then I will get you married to Apeksha. She deserves to be my daughter-in-law. If you don’t get her sign then you know what I will do. Sid takes the papers from there.Mithai, Indu, Dadu and Dadi are on the road. Mithai says we can go to my village. A man comes there and greets Dadu. He says you can come to my house. Dadu says we are going to the village now. Dadi says we should rest for some time. They all sit under the tree. Mithai asks Dadu if money is more valuable than the family? Dadu says some people become greedy for it.

Mithai says this all happened because of money, what if we remove that? Your family’s biggest issue is their greed, we have to do something about it. Dadu says I am with you. Mithai thinks some people are greedy about money so I have to bring them on the right path then I have to earn more money than them. She prays to God to help her. She gets an idea by looking at her cycle. She says there will be many cycles like these now. She tells about her idea to Dadu. Mithai says what if we have 10 more cycles then we can earn more. Dadu says I am with you. He gives her 5000rs and says we will all help you, this is your shagun. Dadi says your business will blossom. Mithai says we will work on our business first and then bring your family back on the path.

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