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Friday 1 February 2019
Episode 47

Marisa calls Miky to let him know that they are going to stay the night at Marcelo’s house. Pato tells Jaquie that he wants a relationship with her.

Monday 4 February 2019
Episode 48

Lorenza and Tadeo try to tell their children that they are getting the divorce. At the office Lorenza causes a scene and resigns.

Tuesday 5 February 2019
Episode 49

Marcelo faints and crashes into a post while driving his car to take Nicole home. Miky goes to help him, and Nicole is alright.

Wednesday 6 February 2019
Episode 50

Edipo’s wife dies of a heart attack after finding him with Nena and his daughters reproach him.

Thursday 7 February 2019
Episode 51

Marcelo tells Marisa that he needs her by his side because he has a tumour. Bruno invites Lesly to eat at his house, but Paulina goes too.

Friday 8 February 2019
Episode 52

Marcelo confirms to Marisa she’ll be the new boss in the office. Carolina tells Miky about the salary, but he doesn’t accept it.

Monday 11 February 2019
Episode 53

Amaranta gets annoyed when Marcelo confirms that Marisa is in charge of the office. Ezequiel promises Amanda to protect her and she kisses him.

Tuesday 12 February 2019
Episode 54

Lesly goes out with Bruno without her dad’s permission. Grajales tells Marcelo that Amaranta might know something about Eva.

Wednesday 13 February 2019
Episode 55

Marcelo lies to Marisa by saying he has advanced cancer and asks her not to tell Nicole. Jeny warns Miky that if he doesn’t do something for her, they’ll break up.

Thursday 14 February 2019
Episode 56

Tino apologizes to Lesly and Bruno for his fit of jealousy. Miky offers his help to Marisa for whatever she needs during Marcelo’s illness.

Friday 15 February 2019
Episode 57

Marisa insists Marcelo should seek a second opinion with respect to his illness, but he refuses. Ezequiel tells Bruno he must work on recovering his trust.

Monday 18 February 2019
Episode 58

After arguing, Miky tells Jeny that they shouldn’t be married because of all the problems they have. Lorenza tells Tadeo they cannot continue the way they are.

Tuesday 19 February 2019
Episode 59

Marisa confesses to Miky she can’t marry Marcelo because she’s in love with him. Amanda asks Marbella to help her marry Ezequiel.

Wednesday 20 February 2019
Episode 60

Jeny tells Miky that he broke her in pieces when he said he isn’t in love with her anymore and then he confesses it to Tino too.

Thursday 21 February 2019
Episode 61

Nicole calls her parents boring for not wanting to get married, but is glad that Marcelo will live with them.

Friday 22 February 2019
Episode 62

Amaranta finds out that Marcelo will live in Marisa’s house. Bruno is glad that Ezequiel finally accepted his relationship with Lesly.

Monday 25 February 2019
Episode 63

Jeny tells Marcelo how humiliated she feels for what Miky confessed to her. Lesly wants to study, but Bruno convinces her to go out.

Tuesday 26 February 2019
Episode 64

Tapia informs Marcelo that Marisa committed fraud in the company. Marcelo warns Francisco he’ll lose his job if Miky doesn’t go back to work.

Wednesday 27 February 2019
Episode 65

Jeny tells Miky they’re separating. Ulises and Sarmiento fight until the police arrest them.

Thursday 28 February 2019
Episode 66

Marisa tells Miky she can’t be with him because Marcelo is very sick and she promised to be with him until the end. Lorenza gives Tadeo a restraining order.

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