Eternal Love Update Thursday 28 January 2021


Eternal Love 27 January 2021: starts with Pulkit shouting to Suman after reading the news. Naren shouts on Veena. He says I will talk to Rohit. Some time back, Yash hears Pooja making plans. He asks don’t you have any female friends. She asks why this typical dad behavior now, which old movie did you watch, I get along with boys well, friendship has no gender, chill dad. Yash nods. She goes. He says men will always be the same, strange. Veena comes and says I have a surprise for you, it was there at the reception. Veena says this has a letter also….. four hours to go, I love you.

She teases Rohit. Yash says I must say, one must love this way, why is he reacting like this. Rohit says Karan had come today, Sonakshi’s ex. Raima says Rohit’s face was such cute that time. Sumit says I m impressed, you are telling your ex BF’s love story with much enthusiasm. She says forget that, I need your help. He flirts. She says I m unsure about Sonakshi, she shouldn’t feel that I made a sacrifice, else she can call off the marriage. Sumit says yes, she starts acting like Parvati in between. She says we shall do something that they get married soon, I have an idea.
Yash says Karan is a cheap man. Rohit says Karan was saying bad things, I wanted to bash him. Veena says its no unfair, Karan wants to defame her, have my FD papers, he wants 10 crores right, give him money. Rohit says I won’t give him money, I will teach him a lesson. Yash jokes and says I will come to the point, lets deal with that cheap man.

Deepa thinks of Rohan and Deepa. She meets her agent Dhaval. She says its about my family, I don’t want anyone to know. He says you can trust me. She asks him to check his phone. He says Rohan and Praniti. She says I want proof. He says you will get it. Rohit and Yash come to meet Karan. Yash says just get him out of your way before he knows fake money. Rohit says who keeps 10 crores cash, this just happens in films, where is he now. Karan comes with his goons. Yash says he has brought goons with him. Karan asks did you bring the money. Rohit says yes, we are not here for an outing. He asks Karan to sign the legal papers first, its written that he won’t release any fake news against Sonakshi. Karan asks the goons to count money. Rohit says idiots, it will be morning until you count. Karan says its fine. He signs the paper. Karan asks why this.

Yash says Rohit’s mom asked for this. Rohit says you won’t understand this. They get leaving. Karan opens the bag. He checks the fake notes. He shouts to Rohit. Rohit says you want to fight. Karan points gun at him and says you think you are smart, you won’t get spared today. He shoots Rohit. Yash shouts Rohit. He pushes the goons. Karan shoots again. Yash and Rohit get saved. Karan says messing with me could be dangerous for you, you will die now. Police comes. Karan gets away. Police catches him. Inspector says Rohit, are you fine, sorry we couldn’t reach on time, because of traffic, Veena had called us to inform. Yash says mum is a mum, thank God she called police. Rohit asks inspector not to leave Karan.Inspector asks him not to worry.

Rohit gets the dressing done. He says Sonakshi shouldn’t know about it. Tulsi and Pulkit joke. Suman and Raima come. Suman asks what happened. Rohit says the bullet had just touched my arm, I m bit hurt. Suman wards off bad sight. Rohit says now I understand, from whom Sonakshi learns dramatic acting, who informed you. They see Pulkit. Rohit says don’t discuss this with anyone, make sure no one learns this at home. Raima says I will care for you. Suman says Veena is waiting for Rohit at home, you need rest. Tulsi brings another rose and parcel. Rohit checks. Suman says I will read it for you…. we will be together in some time, I love you. Rohit says she would be landing in some time, I will leave for home. Suman says I will drop you home, you are Sonakshi’s responsibility. Rohit gets Sonakshi’s call. She says sorry, the flight got cancelled. He asks what, send me the location, I will come and pick you.

He says I would go and pick her, she must be missing me. Sonakshi comes and says I m missing you a lot, I need you… He turns and sees her. He says I missed you so much. She asks what happened. Pulkit says there was real life drama in your hero’s life today. She asks what happened. He says I got Karan arrested. She asks are you okay. He jokes and hugs her. Suman says we aren’t watching anything. Rohit says we will find our me time some how. Suman says you will get married soon, I started doing preparations. Rohit says I will ask Sukhmani to change dates. Raima says your marriage will be happening. Suman makes breakfast and is excited. Pulkit reads the news and shouts. Naren asks what’s this Veena, I told you, that actress won’t become our bahu, you fixed the marriage. She says everyone was happy, Rohit also wanted this. He says I don’t care, I will talk to Rohit. Suman says I have to tell this to Sonakshi.

A man is in the market. He hears the ladies talking about Parvati’s marriage getting fixed with a doctor. The man buys vegetables and hears the gossip. He runs away and gets injured in his foot and forehead. He gets the newspaper and sees Sonakshi and Rohit’s pic. His blood drops on the pic. Man taking Sonakshi’s newspaper cuttings and saying Parvati is just mine. Some time back, Rohit asks how did the news come out. Yash calls out Ajit and says ask Rohit not to come out, the media wants to meet him. Rohit says clear out the media, I have to go to the hospital, I will call up Sonakshi. Ajit jokes and runs. Naren comes. He says I want to talk to you. Rohit says I have to leave, minister is coming from Delhi, he has an appointment. Naren says I want to talk right now. Ajit goes to call Veena. Naren says a tv actress can’t become my bahu. Rohit says but I will marry her. Naren asks where are your manners. Rohit says I remember everything, that’s why I m sitting silent, our relation is over, its my life, I will live as I want, its my marriage, decision will be mine.


Naren says don’t forget you are a Sippy, your life has responsibility of our family, she is not our class, we are first grade doctors, we are private people, our life will always be in media, she can’t match our lifestyle. Rohit says she has integrity, she knows keeping relations, she knows keeping a marriage, honesty and loyalty are most imp, she knows this being down market, I regret that you don’t know this, you don’t agree, you are acting to be perfect husband, its until I m silent, the day I speak up, you will lose everything, better look into yourself, think and talk. He leaves. Naren says Sonakshi can’t become my bahu, I wish Nishi was here, she would have supported me. Suman says Sonakshi doesn’t let me ward off bad sight. Pulkit asks who leaked the news. Suman says Netra will be angry that Sonakshi didn’t tell her about this, I will drop you, Sukhmani called me for a talk. She sees the chillis burnt and says don’t know who is badly eyeing Sonakshi. The man Mahesh comes home. His son Krishna asks for milk. His wife asks the same. She gets angry on him. She asks Krish to eat vada pau. She sees Sonakshi’s pic and insults him. She asks him to give his earnings. She asks him to make food and not waste time. She tears the newspaper and goes.

He joins Sonakshi’s pic. He says Parvati is just mine. He eats Rohit’s pic. Naren sees Suman outside his house, talking to the media. She greets Naren. She says I know you would be busy, I will talk to Veena and Sukhmani, you will be habitual to media also. She asks pandit to come. Naren gets angry. Sukhmani asks what’s the problem between Rohit and Naren, I didn’t see them talking like father and son. Veena asks her not to worry. She says I asked Suman to get pandit. Sukhmani says they shouldn’t know that Naren has a problem with this marriage. Netra says I have no problem, its happening so soon, you know channel, they don’t want main lead to get pregnant. Rohit comes and asks Netra to sit, he wanted to talk to her. He says I don’t know much about your industry, don’t worry, Sonakshi’s work is imp, I don’t want any inconvenience, pandit will decide dates, I assure you, you will have final approval stamp, the show must go on. Sonakshi says I m so lucky, he is understanding my work. She says Netra ji, we will tell you about dates, mum reached Sippy mansion, she posted pic on photogram. Rohit asks so soon. Netra says your life is public property now. She asks Sonakshi to come soon.

Rohit recalls Naren’s words. He says I just want to decide later dates. Pandit says tomorrow is a good mahurat, you should start preparations. Suman says no, how will this happen. Veena says Naren is in tension, Nishi isn’t here, Nishi raised Rohit like her child, he wants Nishi here. Sukhmani asks for next date. Pandit says its late in December. Sukhmani says I decided, their marriage will happen next week. Ajit says you are the best. Raima comes. Tanya says Rohit and Sonakshi’s marriage is fixed. Raima says I can come home and help you. Suman says thanks, I don’t think they will like interference. Raima gets a call and says okay, I will come.

Rohit says dates are close, Netra will have a problem. Sonakshi calms down a staff man. Rohit asks what’s there. Sonakshi says the lightman sits on plank there, we look pretty because of the lights. Sumit and Raima come. Raima says I came to see the shoot. Netra says I will accommodate the dates, don’t worry, Sumit is going out for holidays this week. Sumit says yes, I have to go as a chief guest in an event. Raima says cancel the event, Sonakshi is getting married. Sumit says fine. Raima says he isn’t going. Netra thanks her. Netra announces that Sonakshi is getting married. Mahesh looks on. Everyone claps for Rohit and Sonakshi. Sumit says thank us also. Rohit asks why. Raima says we leaked the article in the newspaper. Netra says take pics, but press shouldn’t get any pics. They take pics. The photographer asks Rohit to hug Sonakshi. Mahesh gets angry and loosens the light to hurt Rohit. Rohit and Sonakshi get away.

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