Young Love Season Finale Update Tuesday 26 January 2021

Young Love 26 January 2021: starts with Inspector slapping Shivam and tells that your mum is innocent and he is the person who kept drugs packet in your mum’s purse. He apologizes to Krish and says you can take your mum home. Krish gets angry on Shivam and blames him responsible for his mum’s suffering. Shivam accepts that he took that drugs to the hospital, but kept that pack in the dustbin, and says he doesn’t know how it was recovered from her purse. Constable blames Nandini and says she stopped me else his mum wouldn’t have suffered.

Nandini tries to speak. Krish takes her out. Nandini says I didn’t know how that pack come in mum’s purse, but …Krish says enough. I will speak and you will listen. He says I thought every can do mistakes , but I feel you are harming my family intentionally. Nandini is shocked and says this is not true. He says you tried to save a stranger and made mom go to jail. He says I don’t understand what is your enmity with my family. You just try to be loyal with us, but it is your pretending. I am thinking why troubles come in my life since we got married. He says I told you to take care of mom, but you couldn’t take care of her. Nandini says I always thought about her betterment. Krish says my mum has suffered a lot and asks her to pack her bags and leave from his house.

Nandini is shocked. Naina Bawre plays………………Kundan smirks and thinks I told that within 48 hours, Krish will push you and throw out of the house. He thinks this is my true win in real means. He asks Karuna and Triveni to come. Nandini cries and asks Krish not to separate her from him. Kundan keeps his hand on her shoulder and asks are you fine? Nandini brushes off his hand and looks angrily. He smiles victoriously and goes. Nandini understands that it is Kundan’s work. She thinks I know you are behind this conspiracy and thinks she would have accepted Krish’s sayings. She says I will not accept defeat being Anandi’s daughter and promises that he will be standing at the same place and will be alone

Nandini comes to Shivam and says I trusted you, but you have put your blame on innocent woman. Shivam asks her to trust him. Nandini says I am kicked out of house and my husband and mum in law hates me. She says I won’t let you hurt Sudha. She says you are lying. Shivam takes promise of his mum and sister, and says don’t see me as a goon, see me as your brother. He folds his hand and asks can’t you give me a last chance. Nandini says I will give you a last chance. Shivam cries.Nandini comes home and asks Krish to open the door. Krish opens the door.

Nandini runs inside and tells Karuna that Abhayram is actually Kundan. Karuna, Triveni and Krish get shocked. She says I have hidden this fact from you, whom I was married to in childhood. She says Abhayram is Kundan. Karuna asks Abhayram, what she is saying? Nandini says he don’t deserve you and says he is a cheat etc. Krish stops Nandini. Nandini asks him to let her speak and says I have proof. Krish asks Triveni to take mom inside. Karuna asks what is happening. Nandini tells that I will tell truth to mom. Krish asks do you want to tell that Abhayram is behind the conspiracy. Nandini asks how do you know? Krish says I am habituated to hear your lies. He says Kundan is better than you. Nandini says he is a big liar. Krish slaps her hard and asks her not to return to his house, asks her to get out. Nandini is shattered. Naina Bawre plays…………She leaves the house.Abhayram looks on. He thinks my last war will happen now, and then you can’t stand on your feet.

Later Nandini comes to the temple. Kundan asks her to stop and says you came to get Devimaa’s blessing naa. He asks her to be careful and says your one wrong step and your sister will die. Premal is seen there holding match stick, and tied Sudha to the pillar. Kundan says we have sprinkled petrol on your sister. Premal threatens to burn her. Nandini asks him to leave and asks what do you want? Kundan says you…..Nandini is shocked. Kundan says I want my wife. He sits on the mandap and says I need your approval for marriage. Nandini asks have you gone mad? Kundan asks him to either take pheras or get her sister burnt. Sudha asks Nandini not to marry him and says you have sacrificed much for me, and always gave you hatred. Kundan asks her to think wisely. He holds Nandini’s hand and says sacrificing devi Nandini.

Nandini asks why you are doing this. What you will get. Kundan says revenge from Anandi’s daughter for my parents death. He asks Pandit ji to start mantras and starts taking pheras with her. Nandini says why you are doing this with mom. What she has done bad with you and asks if his love was fake for her. Kundan says I have bear her to reach you and can kill her also. He says I have done everything infront of her eyes, if she couldn’t see then what is my mistake. Pandit ji asks Nandini to come forward. Kundan takes her forward and asks her to complete the rest of the pheras. Just then they see Krish, Karuna, Shivam and Triveni coming there. Pandit ji runs from there seeing them coming.

Karuna is shocked. Krish says what did you think that I will believe you, and will leave my wife. He says it was just an acting so that your truth can come out. Kundan starts acting and apologizes to Karuna. Karuna slaps him and says not anymore. She says I don’t know why I couldn’t see your truth and trusted you instead of Nandini, but not anymore. Nandini frees Sudha’s hand from rope and hugs her.

Sudha apologizes to Nandini. Nandini asks Shankar to come and tells Sudha that Shankar loves you very much. Sudha is shocked. Nandini says if one relation couldn’t work then it is better to leave it behind. She gives Shivam’s hand in Sudha’s hand. Shankar looks at Sudha. Kundan picks the sword kept there. Sudha sees him picking sword and alerts Shankar/Shivam. Shivam fights with Kundan. Premal tries to stop Shivam. Krish beats Premal while Shivam beats Kundan. Shivam’s locket falls down. A fb is shown. Nandini recalls Anandi making them wear it. She recalls Anandi asking Nandini to take care of Shivam being elder to me. She recalls Shivam asking Nandini to give him a chance thinking him as her brother. She gets emotional. Premal and Shivam continue to fight. Shivam pushes Kundan and tries to stop Premal from hurting Krish.

Kundan picks the sword again. Karuna sees him proceeding towards Krish and Shankar, and picks Devi maa’s trishul and throws it towards Nandini, asking her to stop Kundan. Nandini picks the trishul thinking about Kundan’s tortures and stabs him, just as he is about to stabbed Shankar. Everyone is shocked. Nandini throws the trishul. Kundan falls down and closes his eyes.

Nandini looks at Shankar and shows the locket asking if it is his. Shivam nods yes. Nandini asks about his mum’s name. Shivam looks on. Nandini cries and asks what is your mum’s name…..Shivam says Anandi Shivraj Shekhar……Nandini gets emotional. Everyone is surprised to hear that. Nandini calls him Shivam. Shivam calls her Nandini…..Nandini hugs him and cries emotionally. Both of them recall their childhood and cries emotionally. A fb is shown, kid Shivam hugging kid Nandini. Kundan gets up and sees their union….

He takes out gun and aims at Nandini and Shivam. They get shocked. He is about to shoot them, but he is shot by the police. He falls down and dies. Nandini and others see Police there. Police arrest Premal and takes him. Karuna goes to Nandini. A little girl comes there and asks her to save her, and says she don’t want to marry. Girl’s father comes and asks them not to interfere, and says it is our personal matter. Nandini slaps him and asks Inspector to arrest him. She says this is not your personal matter, but society’s matter. She tells that child marriage is a curse on the childhood. Shivam says everyone should promise that there will be no Young Love. Krish says everyone shall join hands and take a stand against child marriage. They hold hands.

At home, Nandini sees Dadisaa and she says I am with you always to bless you, but I know you don’t need me anymore as you have learnt to follow my teachings. Nandini hugs Dadisaa and says a child needs elders always. She says whenever there will be darkness in the house, I will think about you. Dadisaa says you will become a big tree one day, who will make our family name proud. She kisses on her forehead. Nandini looks at the rudraraksha and says you will always be with me, and I won’t let you go anywhere.

Later Nandini writes a book on Anandi’s journey since childhood…and says my mum became Young Love, her innocence, ups and downs, she has faced everything. A fb is shown from Anandi’s childhood, marriage with Shiv and then her union with Nandini. She says I became doctor by my mum’s blessing and got married to Krish. She says we have fought with Kundan together.

A voiceover is heard, young Love is ending after making place in viewers heart. Nandini writes in her book that even though she couldn’t spend time with her, but understood her and her teachings. She writes I missed you mum and I know you will always be with me in our hearts. She closes the book Young Love with pictures of Anandi and Nandini on it. With this, Young Love ended on a happy note abruptly with Nandini and Shivam’s union, but many questions are left unanswered to the viewers.Voiceover: The journey might be long, but the end will always be fruitful as destination is seen. This feeling gives a strength to a person to start a new journey.

Thank you all for following and reading our updates on Young Love Series. We promise to keep you updated on the series which will be replacing it. Till then be sure to keep enjoying our other series as we keep you updated daily. Love from us all ❤️


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