Eternal Love Update Monday 1 March 2021

Eternal Love 1 March 2021: starts with Sonakshi reading the note and getting shocked. Some time back, the guard says there is no on here. Sonakshi leaves in the car. The man is still there and says Sonakshi left for the shoot. He laughs. Its morning, Rohit says its a high profile patient, its a rare case, I spoke to commissioner, they will cooperate. Sonakshi says Shankar, tell me when we reach home, I m sitting with closed eyes. She gets shocked seeing some road show. Shankar says these people beat themselves for money. She sees the same man there. She says where did he disappear. She asks Shankar to take her home. Shankar says there is a fight happening there, I will take you. The man comes and puts his hand on the window. She gets scared. He puts a note. She reads… I know the truth of your father in laws, now the world and his wife will also know.

Naren takes care of Veena. Sonakshi comes home and sees them. Veena says I m sorry. She asks Sonakshi was everything fine at the shoot. Sonakshi says yes, actually a scene is written in such a way that I don’t want to do it. Veena asks what’s the scene. Sonakshi says Parvati’s Sasumaa has made a lovely family, Sasumaa’s husband is cheating, he is having an extra marital affair, Parvati knows it now, Parvati always supports the truth, she wants to tell the truth to her mother in law, but she is scared that her mum in law will break down, when I think of it as Sonakshi, I feel Parvati should tell the truth, if Sasumaa knows the truth, she will feel cheated, she should tell the truth right. Veena says I think Parvati should do as her writer told her, she shouldn’t tell the truth, if its a lie, then let it be, why to snatch her Saas happiness, that’s what I feel, its your wish. Rohit looks on. Sonakshi sees him.

He gets a call and says I m leaving for Pune. Sonakshi says maybe Rohit heard everything, I m sure he is upset, I have to tell him everything. She goes and hears him shouting on Tulsi. He asks what nonsense, what are you saying to mum. She says no, I didn’t tell her, I was trying to understand her, she can’t accept this. He says I agree, I m not in any frame of mind to discuss anything, its imp surgery, I hope I do it well, I m feeling nervous. She says of course you can do it, just you can do it, you are the best, I worship your hands, it gives me a lot of strength, you can save the patient’s life. He thanks her for always supporting her.

Tanya says I had to do something, Rohan knows about the car tracker, I made him believe that he is more smart, I learnt that he meets Pari at his friend’s flat, I have fixed a spy cam there, I want to catch them red-handed, I want proof. Deepa asks proof. Tanya says yes, Rohan will deny and blame me, I will show Rohan and Pari’s live show to everyone. Deepa says we will talk to Sonakshi. Tanya says no, Sonakshi should also know what Pari can do. Sonakshi wishes Rohit all the best. She says I will meet you at the hospital. Rohit goes. Ajit says wow, the case is not easy, why are you giving false hope to him.
She says no, I trust him, he treats patients with sincerity, why are you upset, you should also have hope, you are marketing head, you should be there, Rohit and Naren will need you. He says dad doesn’t need me. She says he is your dad, don’t drag the matter, at least go for Rohit’s sake, this surgery will be successful, we should plan his interview. He says if anything wrong happens. She says no, I trust Rohit, just handle the media, I will send my journalist friends, get ready. She goes to her room. She says how shall I know about this man.

She hears the same sound of the road show and goes to see. She sees the same man and shouts stop. She runs and says how can he disappear. Vimmi holds her. Sonakshi gets scared. Vimmi asks whom are you finding. Sonakshi says nothing, go. She asks watchman about the man. The watchman says I just went to get water, don’t know who kept a letter for you. She asks him to sit on duty. She reads the letter…. meet me tonight, I m not just threatening, I have sent a parcel for Veena, stop it if you can. Sonakshi runs to Veena. The media covers Rohit’s high profile surgery. Rohit goes in with the organ box. Ajit handles the media. Sonakshi asks about the parcel. She runs after Vimmi and asks where is the parcel. Vimmi says I have kept it in Veena’s room, she has gone to the hospital with Naren. Sonakshi says everything is fine, we shall make everything of Rohit’s choice for dinner.

Sonakshi checking some newspaper article. Some time back, Sonakshi gets the parcel and reads the note… Pooja is Naren’s illegitimate daughter… She tears the note and worries. She says this man can do anything, he knew he isn’t in the room, he could have told her directly, what does he want from me, this matter can’t come out, I have to meet him. She goes to meet him. Sumit is in another car. She says thank God Sumit is here. He says what’s this new problem, she isn’t telling anything, she is my friend and I have to support her. The man looks on. Sumit says why did she get down the car. Sonakshi gets Veena’s call. Veena asks where are you, you and Ajit organized the press conference, you aren’t here. Sonakshi says I m stuck in some work. Veena asks her to just come. Sonakshi calls Sumit and waves to him.

The man sees Sumit. She says I don’t think that man will come, Veena called, I m leaving, you also go. Sumit says fine, take care of yourself. He goes. She also leaves. The man calls someone and says she tried to double cross me, fine, I will do that. Sonakshi comes. Reporter asks will Rohit do the surgery successfully. Sonakshi asks her to wait for Rohit, he will come and answer. Rohit comes out of OT. Reporter asks him how is the patient, is the surgery successful. Rohit asks Sonakshi did you call them. She says yes. He asks them to take Sonakshi’s pic, the surgery would have been not possible without her. He smiles and says honestly, I was in tension, but she believes me a lot, that’s why I m successful.

Sonakshi asks is the surgery successful. He says absolutely. She hugs him. He gives the interview. She sees the man going to Veena. Reporter asks did you read about complicated surgery. Sonakshi says no, I don’t know about this field, sorry, I will just come. She asks Pooja where is Veena. Pooja says she was just here. She goes to find Veena. Veena says I went to loo, why are you worried. Sonakshi says nothing. Ajit comes and asks them to come. The man pulls Sonakshi inside the record room. She asks him to open the door. He says look at your state when I didn’t tell the truth to Veena, what will happen when I tell her. He laughs.

She says its my husband’s hospital, if I shout, then you will be gone. He asks her to shout, media is also there, the headlines will be out, Pooja’s real dad exposed, her uncle is her dad, I have come with the proof, I have DNA test report of Pooja and Naren. She asks him to stop nonsense, what does he want. He says I want money, one crore. She gets shocked. He says give it to me tomorrow, don’t tell police or Rohit, don’t get co star Sumit along. She nods. He says I will tell you where to get the money. She asks how do you know this truth. He goes. She says who is this man. She goes to Rohit. He asks where did you go, I thought you left for home.

She asks how can I go without you. He hugs her. She says mum was tensed for you. He says I can do anything for her smile, I love her so much. He asks is she jealous. She says stop it, I know she is your first priority, she should be more imp than me. He says I love you. She says I love you too, we shall go home. He says I need to stay here all night with the patient. He asks for a reward. She kisses on his cheek. He says something is bothering you. She says nothing, Pooja would be waiting, Nishi and YK are with Soluchana. He thanks her for taking care of Pooja. He says I know my superwoman will manage everything. She says I will, don’t worry.

Suman says Sonakshi didn’t resign. She answers reporter. She says Sonakshi isn’t leaving the show. She gets a message and says one crore, how can this happen. She goes and calls the manager. She asks what, Sonakshi broke the one crore FD, why did she need it, I asked Pari to be with Rohan so that she gets news for me, what’s happening. Rohan and Pari are together in the bed. Pari gets Suman’s call. Rohan says tell her that you were with me in a meeting.

Sonakshi comes home. Suman calls her and asks what was the need to get one crore. Sonakshi sees Rohit sleeping. She asks Suman to trust her. Suman asks are you in trouble or donating the money. Sonakshi says I will tell you everything, don’t share details with anyone. Suman says what happened to her. Sonakshi says I didn’t know anything before. She goes to keep the bag. Some files fall down. Rohit asks what are you finding. She says I forgot some shooting items at home. She picks the papers. She sees newspaper pic. She sees the same man in the pic. She says this man is standing with the family, it means they know him, who is he.

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