Eternal Love Update Monday 22 March 2021


Eternal Love 22 March 2021: starts with Sonakshi going to Rohit. She gets stuck in a lift. Rohit closes eyes. Doctor says Rohit is no more. Some time back, Sumit calls Sonakshi and asks what are you doing in Sippy hospital, look after your health. She tells everything. Nishi says after you die, my hurdle will be away, Sonakshi will be like dead, she didn’t get any joy from her marriage, she will be like a widow now, I will go and sleep, I will get the news in the morning, bye Rohit, your Bua loves you. Sumit asks what, Nishi wants to kill Rohit. Sonakshi says yes, please help me. Nishi gets shocked on seeing the list. She says I don’t find this nurse right, she is given Rohit’s duty, no…. Sonakshi sees Suman coming. She says I told you everything on phone, why did you come here. Nishi calls to ask about Parvati. Suman asks Sonakshi to tie the mauli to Rohit, he will be fine. She says I didn’t come to stop you, you and Rohit are made for each other, just you can save her. Sonakshi says just pray, I have less time. She sees Nishi coming. She acts and shouts on Suman. Suman sees Nishi coming. Nishi stops Sonakshi.

She asks how do you know that woman. Sonakshi says I just came to Mumbai today, that lady was giving curses, she wasted my 10 mins, you are wasting my 5mins, who are you, why do you roam around, I think admin manager, I have to meet the hospital owner, Dr. Nishi Sippy, I have to give her imp message, a big officer from ministry had come. Nishi says tell me, who has come, I m Nishi Sippy. Sonakshi says sorry, I had slapped you. Nishi says its okay, who has come from ministry. Sonakshi says you are so great, you made such antidote. Nishi asks what were you saying. Sonakshi says a big officer has come to meet you, he is waiting for you in the waiting room, go. Nishi goes. Sonakshi says I don’t have much time. Nishi goes and says sorry to keep you waiting. Sumit is in disguise. He says I m Ajay Bhargav, ministry of health, head of PR, its been a dream to write an article about young, dynamic and imp people like you, you maybe awarded, I wish you get the award, you saved many people.

Nishi says thanks, its our work. He says I will ask some basic questions. Sonakshi goes to Nishi’s cabin. She checks the place. Nishi gets a call and asks what, there is no nurse named Parvati. She says sorry, I will just come. She asks someone to catch nurse Parvati. Sonakshi gets the keys. Nishi comes and says who are you, I learnt there is no nurse named Parvati in the hospital you worked. Sonakshi asks how can this happen, what name did you say. Nishi says Sarvapalli Parvati. Sonakshi says you don’t know pronouncing our name. She asks Nishi to pronounce name right. She hides the keys. She says I m award winning nurse, say my name well. Nishi says shut up, I will call them right now and it will be clear. She calls and puts the call on speaker. She asks about Parvati again by telling full name. She says now you won’t get saved.

The lady says yes, she works with us, she is sent to Sippy hospital. Nishi says how can this happen, I just got to know she doesn’t work there. The lady says maybe some mistake. Nishi says okay, thanks. Sonakshi asks happy. Nishi asks what were you doing in my cabin. Sonakshi says I came to meet you. Sumit says so sorry to come like this, its imp interview, just few questions and I will leave. Sonakshi says finish the interview, I will meet you later. Sumit signs her. Nishi goes with him.
Tulsi asks did you get the keys. Sonakshi says yes, I was nearly caught. Tulsi says don’t worry, entire Kerala is with you, Sumit called me. She recalls Sumit telling Nishi doubts Sonakshi, do something, Nishi will question Sonakshi. Tulsi says my cousin works there, I called her and she confirmed when Nishi called again. Sonakshi says thank God, I will get the antidote, you just start the procedure. Veena asks how is Rohit. Tulsi says not good, I have to call Dr. Mathur. Sonakshi gets the antidote and says nothing will happen to my Rohit.
Dr. Mathur says he is sinking. Tulsi says Sonakshi is getting antidote. He asks where is she, his state is getting worse.

Sonakshi gets stuck in the lift. She shouts for help. Rohit dreams…. meeting Sonakshi. Lag jaa gale….plays… He says it got late, I was leaving and had to come to say bye, I have hurt you a lot, I m sorry. Sonakshi says you think I will let you go, you have hurt you a lot, you won’t go. He says time up, I love you. She says love you too. He lies down and closes eyes. She shouts Rohit… Simmi asks Rohit to open eyes. Dr. Mathur says Dr. Rohit is no more. Nishi thanks Sumit and says please send me a copy of this interview. Sumit says sure. He hopes Sonakshi’s work is done. Nishi says I have to go and meet Rohit, I have to make upset face. She sees Veena and everyone crying. She says I think Rohit is dead. She asks Veena what is the matter, why are you crying. Veena says our Rohit…. got saved. Nishi gets shocked.


Sonakshi saying fine, I will die if you don’t know me. Rohit says its not good for Naren. Sonakshi says Nishi’s game is over now. Some time back, Veena says Rohit got saved. Nishi says wow, I m so happy. Veena says thanks, this got possible because of you, you provided best doctors and nurses, so he is out of danger. Nishi asks how did Rohit get saved. Sonakshi cries seeing Rohit. FB shows Sonakshi shouting for help. Tulsi hears her. Sonakshi says I m locked here. Tulsi calls the technician. She gets the lift opened. Sonakshi asks how is Rohit. Tulsi says not good.BSonakshi gives the antidote to Dr. Mathur and says inject it to Rohit fast. He says we lost Rohit. She asks him to try again, Rohit will be fine. She shouts Rohit, you can’t leave me. She beats on his chest and cries. Rohit gets breathing again.

Doctor says unbelievable, Dr. Rohit is back. He injects the antidote. FB ends. Sonakshi thanks Dr. Mathur. He says you deserve it, we would have not known about antidote given to Rohit or not. He goes. Veena says I will see Rohit. Tulsi asks her to meet him later. Nishi says how did Rohit get saved, when I had the antidote and also the keys. Tanya says Rohit got fine, its because of baby’s coming. Pari and Tanya share the baby names suggestions. Tanya says I have chosen Samaira since long. Rohan says no more discussion, its time to have food. He feeds the food to Pari. Tanya feels bad. Pari smiles. They ask Rohan to decide the baby name. Tanya says I like Samaira. Pari says I like Anika. He says both wants girls, we will keep Anika Sippy. Tanya say right.

Nishi gets the keys and says whoever did this is smart. She asks for Dr. Mathur. The man says he isn’t here. Nishi recalls Parvati. She says she had also come in my cabin. She asks the man to get Parvati. The man gives the letter from Dr. Mathur. Nishi reads… I have given the antidote to Rohit, I m doing my duty, I m leaving the city. She gets angry. Sonakshi comes and says its a miracle that Rohit got alive, you are great to make the antidote, I m so emotional. Nishi says just shut up. Sonakshi says I have seen it for the first time that a person got to life because of love, tell me, why did you call me. Nishi says leave me alone, get out.
Veena is with Rohit. Sonakshi asks are you fine, we are there to take care of him, your son is everyone’s fav. Veena says he is my first child, he gave me feeling and happiness of motherhood, I want to talk to him. Sonakshi says Amma, sorry, can I call you Amma, you are his mum. Veena nods.

Sonakshi says go home, if your son sees you like this, he will be hurt, come in the morning, he will be glad to see you. Veena hugs her and says you look like family, don’t know why. Sonakshi asks her to go. Veena says Parvati again, don’t know how long will this name be connected with my son’s name. Sonakshi tells the full name. Veena says call me when he wakes up. Sonakshi says promise, go. Sonakshi sees Rohit and cries. She recalls Rohit.
Kaun tujhe….plays…. Rohit turns to her. She holds his hand and says welcome back. He says I love you Sona. She says love you too Rohit. He opens eyes and sees her. He asks what’s happening, I felt like I…. She says like you died. He says yes. She says not so soon, you have to be with me. He asks what are you doing here, go from here. She asks why, because you hate me, you don’t love me. He says I don’t love you. She says fine, but I love you a lot, if you don’t need me, then I will go.

She takes a fruit knife and says I will go away. Rohit says stop threatening, I can’t live without you, I love you. She says I know that you love me, now I won’t let harm you. He says stay there, I have infection, wear the mask, be careful, its not about us, if we stay together, its not good for dad. She asks what do you mean. He says Nishi Bua.He tells everything. Sonakshi says Nishi is a cheap woman, she tried to kill dad and you also, she didn’t give you the antidote, it was good that I could get it some how and then… He gets shocked. He says I love you a lot, you don’t know, I curse myself everyday for misbehaving with you, Nishi has controlled me, I wasn’t able to be with you, I want to be with you, I don’t know. She says you can’t be weak, you were alone, now I m with you, Nishi has controlled Veena, we can do anything together, Nishi can’t do what she wants, we have to stop her game and trap her, are you with me in this. He holds her hand and says always. She says Nishi’s game is over now.

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