Eternal Love Update Saturday 20 March 2021


Eternal Love 20 March 2021: starts with Dr. Mathur saying we have to save her, she may get a cardiac arrest, she is sinking, we need a cardiologist. Some time back, Sonakshi goes to see Rohit. She gets sad. He says you…. I have become weak, helpless, you would be glad to see me like this, no one will trouble you now. She says you can’t go easily, I have to fight with you, get well soon. She goes. He says there is no problem even if I die. She says Tulsi, we will start the procedure. He says I love you Sona.

Nishi says Sonakshi is a golden hen for you, we will get antidote from her rare blood group, Sippy hospital will get the credit and patent as well, our cash registers will be ringing then. Doctor nods and goes. Nishi says once we get antidote, we will earn crores in one night, that’s why I got Sonakshi here, else I would have killed her. Tulsi says its true love, Rohit is infected and you are his cure. Sonakshi asks Rohit loves me. She recalls his words and gets sad.Suman comes with Sumit. She says I don’t want Sona to take any risk, we have to stop her. She sees the OT lights on. She sees Veena and Nishi. She scolds them. She asks how did you get Sona.

Nishi says she herself came to the hospital. Suman says you are so selfish to sacrifice her for Rohit’s life, who will be pay for any loss if anything happens to her during this procedure. Sonakshi is injected with virus. Doctor says oh no, I think her body rejected the virus, her bp is getting down, she can die by cardiac arrest, she is sinking, we need a cardiologist. Simmi goes out and says Sonakshi is critical. Suman prays. Sumit asks her to stay calm. Suman scolds Veena.She says I will file a case on you for mental torture. Nishi says stop it, Sonakshi agreed for this experiment and went, we have papers, she has signed on it. Suman says don’t know, she signed or someone forced her. Suman says Sona will be fine, right.

Simmi goes to Rohit and says Sonakshi isn’t fine, we called a cardiologist. He says Sonakshi shouldn’t die. She says she can save many lives. He asks how can her body reject virus. He prescribes the medicine and asks her to change virus composition, inject the virus again. He says come to update me immediately.Tanya says I can never conceive. She cries. Rohan comes and hugs her. He asks what happened. She says I can never conceive, I spoke to the doctor, she said my uterus got weak and I can never conceive, I hate you. He says sorry, it happened because of my mistakes, forgive me. He hugs her. They cry. She says I want a baby.

Cardiologist treats Sonakshi and follows Rohit’s idea. Tulsi says Sonakshi’s heart is stable, we will inject virus again. New virus is injected. Suman and Sumit pray. Veena prays for Sonakshi. She says just Sonakshi can save Rohit. Tulsi says her bp is getting stable. OT light gets off. Simmi says congrats, surgery is successful. Doctor says Rohit is the best heart surgeon, he didn’t the patient and suggested this. Doctor says Sonakshi is brave, she is out of danger, when antidote is ready, we will treat her and check its effect, we will treat Rohit also. Veena says Rohit will be fine. Suman says thank God, Sonakshi is safe, we have to feed the poor. Sumit goes. Rohit says I want to see Sonakshi once.

Tulsi and Simmi say your love saved her, you can’t see her. He says please, I don’t want her to know that I came there, I beg you. Doctor says we will inject the antidote to Rohit’s body and everything will be fine. Suman argues with Veena. She praises Sonakshi. She says her fans will love her more now. Veena recalls Sonakshi. Suman goes. Nishi thinks this emotional fool can change her mind. She says you seriously think she did this for Rohit, no, she did this for publicity, she has no work, she did this to get work and reputation back, she will get a medal from the govt. I don’t care for her, I can’t forget what she did with Naren. Simmi gets Rohit to Sonakshi and says just 10 mins, no one knows you have come here.

Suman saying Rohit had come to see you, your state got critical, he told nurse Simmi how to save you, we made a mistake in knowing him. Some time back, Rohit recalls Sonakshi and his moments. He cries and says don’t forgive me, I don’t deserve you, my family and I have hurt you a lot, when I saw you for the first time, you were lying unconscious, I came to help you, and today you came to help me, how can anyone be so beautiful, understanding, I have seen you working on the sets, non stop, you didn’t complain, how do you know this, I fell in love with your simplicity and dedication, your love for dogs, you helped Raima, I didn’t feel I can fall in love again, you taught me to fall in love again, I love you Sona. Rohit says you know, we didn’t spend much time, I felt I lived a lifetime of love, I will miss you Sona. Sona tere liye….plays….


Rohan comes to meet Pari. She asks why are you so worried, is Tanya fine. He says no, she got to know that she can never conceive, I m worried for her, you can save her. She says she hates me, how. He says she hates you, not my child, this is my child, give this baby to her. She gets shocked. She says no, I won’t give this baby to anyone. He says you can punish me, I beg you, Tanya is in depression, I can’t forgive myself if she takes a wrong step, please give this baby to Tanya, please save her, I bed you. They cry.

Simmi asks why don’t you tell madam that you love her so much. Rohit says I can never say, we have just hurt her, we told such things that she doesn’t deserve, she deserves happiness, she won’t get it with me, so I want her to stay in her own world and stay happy, I will hide and manage her, but I can’t stay with her, sorry Sona. He cries. He leaves. Sonakshi wakes up and sees him going. She forwards hand. Doctor says here is the antidote, we have given this to Sonakshi, her blood has no trace of supervirus. Nishi smiles and says we have to wait for few hours and then release the news. He says but its not needed. She says do as I say. She gets a call and says yes, we can increase our production to save 2000 patients. Suman says I m proud of you, you have saved many people by risking your life, just you can do this, we shall go home now. Sonakshi says I have to know how is Rohit, did he get antidote or not.

She says maybe they need me for antidote. Suman says think for yourself first, where did you go yesterday, I thought you took a wrong step, what’s the matter. Sonakshi recalls Veena. She says not this time, tell me, how is Rohit. Suman asks are you worried for him. Sonakshi says I felt like he came here to meet me, did he come, tell me, maybe I m imagining anything, why will he come here, he doesn’t care for me.

Suman says he had come here to see you, your state was critical, he had told nurse Simmi how to save you, Rohit has saved you, even after the bad accident…. Rohit took you to the hospital, not any Suhail Behl, he has always taken care of you and we all, he has done a lot for us, we had hatred for Sippys and Rohit, we couldn’t see what he is doing for us, we did a big mistake in knowing him.

Suman says you want to change my heart for him. Sumit says its time you know the truth and accept it, truth is Rohit loves you a lot, he didn’t let you dance in the party as he couldn’t see you getting humiliated. He tells everything.

Sonakshi is shocked. Suman says he came to give statement against me, but I got bail because of him. Sonakshi asks why will he help me, why did he insult me. Sumit says he wants you to hate him, he really loves you, I have seen him in pain. She asks what’s the reason. Sumit says I don’t know, he didn’t tell me. Tulsi says he vents anger on us, he was finding you and entered quarantine ward without mask, he got infected. Suman says he loves you a lot. Sonakshi says he should have told me, we promised to not hide anything. Suman says there would be big reason for it. Sonakshi says take me to Rohit. Doctor says its time, we will inject this to antidote. Nishi says handle other patients, I want to give this to Rohit. Doctor says sure and goes. Nishi drops the antidote and says good bye…

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