Dream girl update Wednesday 23 February 2022

Dream girl 23 February 2022: The Episode starts with Laxmi saying her dreams and also planning big for Raj. He smiles and says you are thinking so much for me. She says you are my first best friend in Mumbai, person thinks about loved ones. She leaves. He smiles and says she cares for me, it means she loves me. Ayesha recalls the audition and thinks can it be Laxmi. She says but Karan would have told me, but the voice has matched her, I feel everyone is snatching from me. Nandini tries to take the sweets. Ayesha says everyone knows to snatch, but no one can snatch anything from me.

Nandini gets hurt and everyone come. Ayesha asks why did she not tell her if she needed anything, she was there. Nandini says they can’t bear her, she saw kheer and wanted to have it. Ayesha serves her the kheer. Nandini says I can’t have this, I can’t eat raisins, Sona would have removed them. Ayesha says I will remove them, as I took your responsibility. Prem praises Ayesha for forgiving Nandini and says she is indeed a dream girl. They leave. Nandini says I m really impressed, and taunts her. Ayesha recalls how she made Laxmi work for her, and now she is working for Nandini.

She says sweets are not good for you. She hurts Ayesha’s hand and says sorry. Ayesha recalls how she troubled Laxmi. Laxmi shows the audition to Bua ji and they hear Raj praising her beauty and he wishes to just see her, and he will tell her all the truth and his feelings, that he loves her a lot and can do anything to get her. Laxmi says when did he record this and recalls. Laxmi and Bua ji are stunned by his love confession. Laxmi recalls some moments spent between them.Bua ji says Raj loves you. Laxmi gets angry. Bua ji says if he loves you, he can’t help, maybe he has hit button by mistake.

Laxmi says how can he love. Bua ji says he loves you as you wanted everyone to love you, he is also a common man, tell him tomorrow that this can’t be a match, refuse to him by love, else his heart can get hurt. She makes her sleep. Laxmi dreams that she became the new Dream Girl, and people are cheering for Laxmi Mathur.She waves to everyone and wears the Dream Girl title tag. Raj comes and holds her hand. He says Dream Girl Laxmi Mathur, shall we go and shows his samosa box cycle, saying its him, her Raj Samosewala. She wakes up and says no. The dream continues. Laxmi asks raj where is he. He says I m here.

She goes to him and he turns, saying I m not Raj, I m Samar, your Samar Sareen. She gets glad and asks her does she accept his love. She says she is very happy, she just wanted this, I love you Samar. He says I love you Laxmi and falls down, and his dream breaks.Ayesha is disturbed in her sleep and dreams that contestant no. 10 is actually Laxmi. She gets up. Laxmi says whats this match, Dream Girl and Samosa wala. Samar says its best match, Samar Sareen and Laxmi. Ayesha says it can’t be Laxmi. Samar asks Laxmi to know her heart, she will know she loves her. Laxmi says she can’t love Raj, she has to become Samar’s dream girl.

Ayesha says you can never become Dream Girl Laxmi, I will not let you, I have to find who is this number 10.Its morning, Manav says results will come any day. Prem asks will that day be in top 5, she is strong contender. Ayesha worries. Manav asks is she ok. She says yes. She says she has seen everyone’s auditions and did not see number 10. Manav says I heard everyone praising her. Karan comes and greets them. He says contest results came and we got top 5. Manav says great, call them here.Manav asks him to inform the unselected people to leave and not reveal the selected one’s identity to media.

Ayesha asks about number 10, is she short listed. Karan says no, I m sorry, she is also in top 5, I forgot. Ayesha worries. Karan does the arrangements. Prem says the top 5 will come and sit on dream girl chair one day. Karan calls the girls and Ayesha waits nervously. Karan calls the last one, who got the maximum votes, contestant number 10. Laxmi walks in from the darkness. Ayesha looks at her and worries. Laxmi comes in light and Ayesha is stunned seeing her.Karan saying these are our top 5 contestants. Prem and Manav clap for thm. Karan requests Ayesha to fix the purple badge to them, as it depicts, dream, beauty, love and affection.

Ayesha congratulates them and fixes the badges. She angrily looks at Laxmi. Karan says she got the highest votes. Laxmi smiles. Laxmi thanks her and says she is near her dreams because of her. Ayesha steps on her gown and makes her fall. Laxmi falls on her chair. Karan smiles and says it looks Laxmi is eagerly waiting to sit on dream girl chair. Manav laughs.Karan helps her get up. He asks Ayesha to sit. He asks Manav if he wants to share something with them. Manav says congrats, they are the top 5, its big thing, now the competition will be tough, as they will be competing with current dream girl Ayesha Sareen, she has done much hard work and reached this place, if they all want to reach this place, they have to work hard, give your best shot, good luck.

Laxmi comes out happily and jumps. She says whom to say, I can’t tell dad, I will tell Raj, he helped me a lot. She says why is his phone not connecting, he gives strange reaction, I wish I could see him. Samar says Laxmi. She looks around and sees him. She hugs him and says her name is high on top 5. He says he came to see her shining face. She says he does much drama. He says he has to say something to her.She recalls what he said in video about his love. He says I decided the day you come in top5, I will tell you everything. She says I left my work, I will go. He says if I not say, I can’t say. She says no need to say.

He says please listen to me, I have to say that… I m not…. She gets Karan’s call and leaves. He says fine, I will tell you for sure.Karan asks where was she, she has faced Manav, congrats. She says thanks for your help. He says it was his work to hide her, but now she is infront of Ayesha and she will do everything to get you out of this competition, so they have to be careful. She says yes, I forgot this in happiness, whatever we do, its all in her hands. She says she can do anything till she has the contract. He says yes, even now you need me, don’t worry, take care.

Manav says what an event, I m so happy, all thanks to you, you gave me big surprise, you fooled me by saying wrong about Laxmi, and you have trained her, you are great. He says one heroine can’t bear any one else, and you have groomed her, it’s a big thing, I love you for that. He hugs her. Ayesha is stunned. Karan comes and says he has to ask about the contest. He asks Ayesha to see the contract of Laxmi Mathur. He reminds how they made Laxmi sign the contract and brings it in Manav’s sight. He says now she can’t work in Navrang, when she wanted to leave job, Ayesha made this and asked her to pay fine of 10 lakhs if she leaves the job. Manav is shocked.

He looks at Ayesha and checks the contract. He asks did she make it. He says its harsh contract, how can she make it. Ayesha says I thought…. Manav asks how can she think this and smiles, its wonderful idea, I m sure she made this that Laxmi does not leave Navrang and she can groom her, she is so brilliant. He asks Karan to nullify it and tears the papers. Ayesha is shocked and looks at Karan angrily.Karan says now I was thinking can we sign an NOC and can make things easy for Laxmi, she can take part in contest well.

Manav says good idea, make it, I will sign. Karan says its ready, I knew it will be needed. Ayesha gives the pen. Manav signs on the NOC. Manav leaves.Ayesha scolds Karan for the deceive. She insults him and asks why did he do this. Karan starts leaving. She says I m not yet finished, how dare you walk out when I m talking to you, and holds his collar to scold him and Laxmi. She says all this is given to you by me, he is nothing without her, he is a failure, you are a parasite. She asks him to say something. Karan says he is not angry on her today, he gets angry daily that when he leaves and thinks about her, he feels small. He says he has pity on her, he knows she has tied Rakhi to him, not for her welfare, but to feel good by tying Rakhi.

He counter replies her and says I know no one knows me, as you did not wish me to have any identity. He says about the story of Midas touch and even she is scared, if she makes him a director, he will get famous and not be after her. She says Karan. He says don’t shout and taunts her. She says how dare you, you joined Laxmi and planned against me, I m Ayesha Sareen, I can get you kicked out of this industry. He says he had all hopes on her, whats wrong to have hope from Laxmi once. She says you can’t do this with me. She says leave me. She says listen to me. He leaves. She says you betrayed me, I hate you, and gets worried.


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