Dream girl update Monday 28 March 2022

Dream girl 28 March 2022: The Episode starts with Ayesha trying to call Manav and Samar. She calls Abhimanyu. Laxmi arrives at Navrang. Atul says shall we, and holds her hand. Abhimanyu meets Ayesha at the cliff. He says its our same romantic place, nothing changed. She says Laxmi is alive, I have seen her. Laxmi covers half of her face by scarf. Ayesha says she has seen Laxmi, she would have got her, and asks him to find Laxmi and prove all blames on her wrong. He says she is dead, I have seen her body. She confronts him. He says he got the forensic reports, its Laxmi. She says what nonsense, I have seen her.

He asks what is she saying. She says I have seen her. She gets a call that Atul and writer have come. Ayesha says let them sit, maybe I won’t need this script, tell them I m coming. Laxmi waits in Ayesha’s cabin and smiles. Ayesha shows Laxmi’s message. He reads the message and smiles. He calls on that number and says its out of service. He says some fan is sending the messages, else she is doing this to fool police. She says why will any fan trap me, Laxmi is doing this, find out, its your job. He says its not my job, Laxmi is dead.

She says someone is trapping me, if its not Laxmi, then its Karan, Laxmi can’t record when I was with her in temple. He says it means you agreed that its not Laxmi. Ayesha says it was Laxmi, I m sure. He asks what happened to her, Karan is her brother, you love Karan and he also loved you, he could not hear a word against you. She says Karan has changed now. He says its not Karan, we are keeping an eye on him. She says then its Laxmi. He says she is dead, we proved its Laxmi’s body, no use as police has proof that she killed Laxmi.

He asks her to consult a doctor and rest her mind, else she can go to mental hospital before going to jail. He asks her not to call him again and leaves. She gets the message that the writer is getting restless. She leaves for Navrang.She comes to her cabin and sees there is no one. She sees her chair turned and asks who is there. There is no one and she gets relieved. Prem comes and holds her, and she gets scared. She says she came late.

He says writer left after waiting, why did you get late. She thinks she should not tell about Laxmi, and says she was stuck in traffic. He says he spoke to distributor, and that writer gave the script. She gets glad. He says writer will get the scenes, talk to her and thank her, invite her for dinner. She thinks I should concentrate on my film, and messages the writer, thanking her.Laxmi gets the message and hears it. She sends reply. Hasmukh brings flowers for Ayesha and says he does not know the sender. She gets the chit and recalls Laxmi buying the flowers. Ayesha calls Abhimanyu and says you felt I lied, Laxmi has sent me that flowers and messages.

She asks him to catch Laxmi. He says I did not see her, how can we decide if she was Laxmi. She says call Karan, he is helping Laxmi. He says I won’t support you. She says this is your work, you have to question Karan. He says fine. She says call him infront of me, I will know where he is lying, if I hear him, I will know. He asks do you think he will answer me infront of me. She says I mean call him where I can hear him, its imp for me, you have a name, if this case is successful, it will be another feather in your cap. He says he can do anything for her, he will fix meeting with Karan and tell her. She says hurry up and ends call. She says Laxmi and Karan are doing this. Abhimanyu meets Karan and Ayesha looks at them and is connected on the phone.

Ayesha hearing Karan and Abhimanyu talk. Abhimanyu interrogates Kaan and tries making him admit of his relation with Laxmi. Karan says I did not meet her after the MMS, and till I met her, Ayesha has pushed her off the cliff. Abhimanyu asks how did he get the DVD. Karan says someone left me at my door, I don’t know. Abhimanyu says it could have dropped at police station. Karan says don’t ask me. Abhimanyu says when Laxmi and Samar were marrying, you felt you will lose Laxmi, it means you had motive to kill her. Karan says Ayesha would have told this to you.

Abhimanyu asks how did he feel when Laxmi chose Samar over him. Karan says like you felt when Ayesha chose Manav over you. Karan says Laxmi is still my friend. Abhimanyu asks what, you said she is still your friend. Karan says my sister is using you. Abhimanyu asks if Laxmi is alive. Karan says then I will take her away from Ayesha Sareen. He leaves. Ayesha goes to Abhimanyu and asks did you see how Karan did not answer well, he is so smart, call him back and ask him. He says we kept eye on him. She says he is very smart, he is my brother, I know he is lying. He says he is innocent. She asks how can you decide.

He says I m saying this. She says ask him the questions what I say, call him back for our old relation. He says its nothing left in our old relation, maybe you have seen Laxmi’s lookalike, don’t talk about our old relation, I get angry. He leaves.Its night, Ayesha recalls all the incidents in her sleep and wakes up. She takes her tablets and relaxes. She recalls seeing Laxmi. She gets message from Manav that his meeting with distributors will go for more time, he will come late,

Its morning, Prem does the arrangements on the set. Manav and Ayesha look on. Manav says dad looks so excited, I m sure this film will be super hit, don’t be tensed and hugs her. Samar says this will be cakewalk for her. Prem comes to them and says its Navrang’s film. Manav tells Samar that his film will start soon. Samar says it will be incomplete without Laxmi, for now just Ayesha’s movie. Manav calls him strong.Samar sees the writer’s pic place empty and checks the laptop. He checks things for the press conference. The photo stops from downloading. She says maybe net is slow, try to get the pic else hide this vacant board, its not looking good. Manav says where is the writer. Ayesha says she will come, lets start. Laxmi comes there.

Manav addresses the press conference and tells about their new film Shakti. Ayesha talks to reporters confidently. A reporter asks is she doing this film to save her image, as she has murder blame on him. She says she signed this film as she liked the script. Karan says one question mine too. They all get shocked seeing him. Karan questions Ayesha and she answers him. She says this film is of Navrang, will we start any project where we will have loss, the case is on court and final judgement is not passed, I did not do anything, so I don’t need to be afraid, I trust the law and my fans.Samar gets shocked seeing Laxmi coming there with Atul.

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