Dream girl update Thursday 3 March 2022

Dream girl 3 March 2022: The Episode starts with Raj taking to Laxmi. She says she was going to return the dress to Karan and he asked her to wear it in the round. He asks her not to explain. He says come home soon, I will be waiting. She says fine. Karan comes to her and asks is that Raj your BF, you said you don’t have BF. She says no, he has come here to sell samosa here, he is my best friend. She asks did she refuse him for Raj, does she love him. She says she does not have time to fall in love, she has dreams, its true Raj is my good friend, he has helped me a lot always.

Karan says there is no place for such small things. She says but small things are needed to dream big. Karan says no, he has come between your dreams., She says no, I did not answer him yet. Karan says when two people are trying to make lives, this is not right, they will try to change the status, you will be dream girl, but Raj is not such. He fills her ears against Raj and even then she does not care. He asks her to go and change her dress.Karan gets mesmerized seeing her and she asks how is she looking. He says wow. Manav and Ayesha come and call her a diva. She taunts Laxmi on her costly dress and jewelry. Laxmi goes. Ayesha and Manav talk about K jo’s party and she suggests Karan to go. Karan asks how will I go alone.

She asks him to take Laxmi along and show her their world, if she wants to become a dream girl, she will be keen to come in this party. Karan smiles.Laxmi comes to Karan and says she has kept the dress in green room. He asks can we test again with this dress, as world should know the dream girl, shall we go together in a party. She asks party? He says K Jo’s party, and she gets glad. She imagines herself with Karan Johar. She says she will come for sure. Raj calls her and asks her to come home soon, its urgent. She tells Karan that Raj called and said its urgent. Karan says what, you want to miss K Jo’s party, Raj will not know such parties. She defends Raj. She says she will get party chance again, thanks for inviting me, but my friend needs me now. She leaves.

Laxmi comes home thinking about the urgent thing. Raj laughs and she asks whatrs urgent. He says he will say, did she return the dress. She says its not in her hands, what happened. Bua ji talks to her and asks the same. She says they are just after the dress. Laxmi scolds him and Raj takes her to the balcony. He asks her to close her eyes, he has surprise for her. She says she does not like surprises. He shows a similar dress to her and he says he has found it everywhere and he finally got it, so he called her. She asks did he call her here for the dress, she run and came here like a fool. He says you like it. She says you did big loss, I was invited in K Jo’s party, do you know him, you don’t know about this, I left everything and came. He says I did not know this.

She gets angry. He says he saw her sad and got this dress, so he came to office to make her smile, I m sorry for your loss. He gets sad. Laxmi says I lied to him, and he did so much to keep my heart, its wrong. Laxmi holds the dress and asks how do I look. Zara zara………….plays……….. Samar says there is no value of it if you don’t wear it. She asks his rate. He says its designer’s copy, I will manage, I wish to spend all my earnings on you. Bua ji asks them to come and have dinner. Samar says you are happy. Laxmi says I m sorry to shout on you. He makes her smile and they laugh. They go to have dinner. Laxmi thinks about him.Ayesha thinking Laxmi will get blind by money. Samar calls her and she asks about Laxmi going in party. He says no, she has left K Jo’s party. She says what. He says yes, I just called her and she came for me, she is not like others, she will choose love over money.

He ends the call and Ayesha throws her phone. She says Laxmi did not go in party because of Samar, impossible, how can I be wrong about her, does she really love Samar. She says she will sink by her passion. She will not let love win, and if this is her thinking, then she will change her thinking.Its morning, Ayesha talks to Prem, Karan and Manav. She says she read an article in paper, and she should teach them to handle the glamour. Manav says very good point. She says she has an idea, if she takes any actress to share about their personal life, and teach them of Don’t do things. Prem says yes, but whom to call.

They discuss about them. Prem and Manav agree. Ayesha tells Karan that Laxmi missed a party, now after this story, she will know what big mistake she did, we have to change her thinking. Karan says fine, I will go office and leaves.Laxmi comes to office and meets Karan. She says I m sorry for yesterday. He says its fine, even I did not go. The contestants are called by Manav and she goes. Ayesha asks the girls to know from the actress Priyashree. Prem tells them for Priyashree. He asks them to listen to her well. Priyashree talks to them. She says she came to become dream girl, she got success and her first film was superhit, she did a mistake by falling in love with her driver, as love does not see status, I remember Prem stopped me, I left big movies as my husband did not like me working with heroes, and I felt I will be just his wife, he did not have job as he was her driver. She says he has beaten her and took her earnings.

She says she does not want them to do these mistakes, the life partner should be understanding and know the dream girl commitments, just like Manav, Ayesha is on dream girl place because of him. Ayesha smiles. Sania says her eyes opened, and Laxmi recalls Samar. She hears Priyashree asking Manav to contact her if he has any role for her. Karan tells Laxmi that this is real side of dream girl’s life, I know I spoke a lot about you and Raj, but this is the truth, see Ayesha, she is big dream girl, but Manav is behind her, he is her support, I can become your support, think about it, I will respect your dreams. He leaves.

Samar sits to have food. The peon from Navrang comes and Samar turns. The peon says he has come to give Laxmi’s pics and Samar takes it. He sees Laxmi wearing the dress gifted by Karan and is shocked. He recalls Laxmi’s words and says it means she has lied to me. Laxmi comes home sad. He hides the pics. She asks Bua ji for food. He says Bua ji is not at home, food is cooked. She goes to take home and he asks her about Karan’s gifted dress. She gets angry and lies again. He is stunned. She says where did Bua ji go to timepass. She says I have headache, don’t disturb me. He recalls Laxmi and Karan’s pics.

Ayesha smiles seeing the same pics and calls Samar. She asks why is he sad. He says nothing. She says people hide things in love. He says if anyone lies to you, even after knowing the other person loves her, then what does it mean. Ayesha says lies does not have any place in love, maybe hiding truth means not to hurt you, did anything happen between you and Laxmi. He says Laxmi has lied to me for the first time. She says she has competition stress and may have told anything. He says she has denied the truth. She asks him to give her some time, he has also hidden that he is Samar Sareen.He says he wants to know he feelings. She says I asked you before, do you trust this relation. He says yes, its not a big matter.

She says everything will be fine. He says Laxmi’s trust will be strong for me, thanks for talking, I m feeling light. She ends call and says she will create many hurdles. Laxmi thinks its imp to have a right life partner, everyone is saying right, Raj is my best friend, but Karan’s aim is like mine. She says maybe Raj will not understand my dreams and prays to Lord to solve her problem.

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