Dream girl update Sunday 15 May 2022

Dream girl 15 may 2022: The Episode starts with Aarti hiding from Raghu. Ayesha comes in between and sends Aarti. She asks him to help her and make him wear the necklace. He says I want to tell you something, you look better in Indian attire. She thinks I have to be like aarti, bahenji types. He says you look good otherwise too, did you feel bad. She says no, I like Indian attires, simple and sober, I have to go on shoot that’s why I have worn western.He is unable to make her wear the necklace. She moves her hair. Aarti looks on. He says I never made anyone wear jewelry before. He asks her to come, they are getting late. They leave.

Ayesha sees Digambar Kaka and asks is he going with us too, I felt its just me and you. Kaka asks them to go, he will come by taxi. Raghu stops Kaka. Ayesha says I did not mean that, and asks driver to get Kaka in her car. Aarti sees the flowers left on the chair and picks it. Ayesha and Raghu are on the way. Ayesha intentionally falls on Raghu and says sorry. He says its okay. She asks driver not to drive rough. She talks to him. He thinks what happened to Ayesha, she is taking weird.

A man calls Raghu and asks him to be away from Ayesha. Raghu asks who are you. The man says you don’t know how long I can go for her extent. Raghu asks him to come infront. The man says think you will regret. Raghu scolds him. Ayesha asks what happened. Raghu says someone threatened me to be away from you. She says just such little thing, now when you roam with me, my fans will get jealous, you get habitual to attend such calls. She laughs.She gets a call and asks Raghu to talk, its Kaka’s call. Kaka says lawyer called and said its strike today, no they won’t work today. Raghu says fine, we will meet at home. Raghu tells this to Ayesha.

She gets angry. He asks her to relax, he will sign when strike ends, you are reacting as if you don’t trust me. She says no, I trust you. He says I will keep my promise. She thinks to do something to make his mood good. He asks driver to take car back home. She asks him to come for lunch or coffee. He agrees.Manav looks at their car passing. Karan asks Richa about Manav. She says she does not know. He insists to get info. She says keep my phone, but don’t bother like this. He says where did Manav go, I can’t lose him. Ayesha and Raghu come to have lunch and she gives order.

Raghu gets a call and Manav tells him to be away from Ayesha, else he will regret. Raghu asks whats your problem. Raghu looks around. Manav says I will come infront of you soon and ends call. He calls again and Ayesha takes the phone. She talks sweetly. Manav says great, this is Aarti’s way of speaking. She gets shocked.She asks who the hell are you and calls back. She gets number unreachable. Raghu asks what did he say. Ayesha says that man knows how to hurt feelings, he was talking in cheap way, lets go home. He says sure, and they leave. Ayesha stops and looks at someone sitting there. She sees just his eyes and gets shocked.

Ayesha leaving with Raghu. Her scarf falls and she bends to pick it. Manav gives it and she gets shocked seeing him. He goes. She thinks it can’t be Manav and leaves with Raghu. Manav asks Ayesha to take care. Ayesha is on the way and thinks who knows about me and Navrang, Karan or Aarti, it has to be just Aarti…She tells Raghu that she is disturbed by that caller’s cheap statement. She asks can’t any person live as per her wish, don’t I have a right to start my life fresh if my husband died. She says I m alone, don’t I need support. She holds his hand and cries.

He says you are not alone, I m with you. She smiles and thinks Aarti can try, but she can’t make me away from Raghu.Aarti recalls Raghu. She imagines him. zara zara aane lage……………plays………….. he holds her and she smiles. She closes her eyes and turns away. She opens eyes and sees he is not there. She realizes he was is in her imaginations. She gets sad. She hears Manav asking Mithi to be careful and runs to see. She sees Mithi seeing Manav’s video. Mithi asks Manav to come back and promises she will be a good girl. Aarti talks to Mithi and cheers her up. They play hide and seek.

Aarti sees Raghu and Ayesha coming home. Raghu asks Ayesha not to worry. Aarti hides. Raghu looks at her side, and Ayesha says you…. Karan says yes, I came to meet you, how are you. Raghu says she is not fine, and tells about the call. He says I think we should increase her security. Karan says don’t worry, she gets such calls a lot, she knows how to deal with it. She says yes, I m fine. She asks Raghu to take care and he leaves. Ayesha scolds Karan and goes to her room. Raghu stops and hears her. He thinks how can Ayesha talk to her brother like this and leaves.

Ayesha confronts Aarti. Aarti asks why will I do this. Ayesha says you love Raghu right, and scolds her for loving Raghu. She asks Aarti to answer her. Karan comes and stops Ayesha. Karan scolds her and asks how can she blame Aarti for that cheap call. He asks what did caller say that you got scared. Ayesha says I m not scared, we know Aarti is my sister, the caller told me why are you behaving like Aarti today, who can it be, either you or Aarti will do this, office staff can’t dare to do this.

She says I have done all this for navrang, as its Manav’s dream, if Raghu knows this, out last hope will end. She cries. Karan asks her not to take stress, her dreams won’t break, don’t worry, you need rest now. Ayesha thanks him and leaves. Aarti thinks do I really love Raghu.

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