Dream girl update Monday 16 May 2022

Dream girl 16 may 2022: The Episode starts with Raghu talking to Kaka. Aarti thinks what Ayesha told her. She sees Raghu’s call on Ayesha’s phone. She does not answer call. He keeps calling. She shuts her ears. She says I can’t talk to him. He wonders why is she not taking the call. She answers call. He asks why is she not taking call. She does not talk and just hears him. He asks is she there. She talks to him. He says I was worried for you. She says I was disturbed by that call. He asks her not to worry, he will be there as her love, he means her friend. He asks her to take rest. She says fine and ends call.

He sees Ayesha’s pic and says your smile made me a human, your simplicity attracts me. Zara zara aane lage…………….plays………….. Raghu recalls her and smiles. Ayesha comes to take her phone. She asks her did she attend any calls. Aarti says I attended Raghu’s call and spoke to him. Ayesha scolds her and says he is calling to talk to me, not you, its my life, no need to interfere every time. She goes.She drinks and says when I feel its all perfect, something wrong happens, how did this caller come, who can it be, he knows me very well, if he told this to Raghu, everything would have ended.

Karan meets Manav and says so you did the call, but why. Manav says there are many reasons, this should not happen with Aarti, its unfair that Ayesha is fooling a good man, I won’t let Ayesha succeed. Karan asks why don’t you come infront of everyone. Manav says no, you know Ayesha is very clever, if she knows, she will change her plan and succeed in her plan, Ayesha will fall in the pit she has dug, have patience, see what I do next.

Ayesha says I have a magic lamp, Raghu, he will save me from all problems, I will be the best. Its morning, Ayesha asks servant to send Raghu to her room, he is coming. She thinks to show her Jalwa to Raghu and goes to get ready. Aarti sits sad. Raghu reaches Sareen mansion. Raghu sees Mithi running and saying Ayesha mom part 2. He says I think Ayesha is in that room. Mithi tells Aarti that she is missing Manav.Aarti hugs her and cheers her up. Ayesha talks to Karan and says I m in stress, that’s why I scolded Mithi. Karan says its okay, forget it. Ayesha says I will be careful that I don’t get angry on Mithi.

Aarti shows Manav’s pic to Mithi and laughs. Raghu comes there. Ayesha gets to know Raghu came and asks servant to get tea or coffee for him. She sees Raghu going to Aarti’s room and panics. She asks Karan to do something. Raghu walks to Aarti. Ayesha and Karan look on.Raghu holding Aarti. Ayesha and Karan look on. Zara zara sa aane lage……………plays……….. Mithi comes to them. Raghu gives her chocolates. Mithi says Ayesha mom part 2 also likes chocolates. He says fine. Mithi shows him the album. Ayesha and Aarti get tensed. Karan stops Mithi and takes her. Ayesha hides and looks on. Raghu and Aarti talk. He compliments her simplicity.

Ayesha says don’t know why he likes this bahenji, I get ready and he does not like me. Raghu thinks why is he wishing to meet Ayesha, does he …Ayesha thinks Aarti can tell anything to Raghu. She says I m glad you came here. She sees Ayesha signing her. Aarti asks how did he come today. He says I messaged you in morning, we have to go to lawyer. She says yes, and sees that side. He turns to see. Ayesha hides. Aarti gets tensed.He asks her to come to meet laywer. Aarti refuses. Ayesha signs yes. Aarti says fine, I will come, you go. He asks why, we will get late.

Ayesha signs her to say she will change and get ready. He says you are already ready, you look beautiful. Aarti says but we are going out, people like to see Ayesha in one way, so.. He says fine, I will wait outside, but you look good in this attire. He goes out.Karan informs Manav everything. Manav says so they are going to meet lawyer, don’t worry, how is Mithi, I miss her, send her pics. Karan says fine, and looks for Mithi. He says maybe Mithi went to Raghu. Ayesha asks Aarti how does she look. Aarti compliments her. Ayesha says Raghu would be waiting and goes.

Raghu asks Mithi to have chocolates. She says Ayesha mom part 2 get similar chocolates. Raghu asks why does she call Ayesha as Ayesha mom part 2. Mithi says because she looks like Ayesha mom. He asks who looks like Ayesha mom. Mithi says Aarti mom. Ayesha hears this and gets shocked. Raghu asks Ayesha whats Mithi saying. Karan comes and takes Mithi. He says Mithi likes people and call them Ayesha mom part 2 part 3. He covers up. Karan takes Mithi.

Ayesha waits for Raghu’s compliment and asks him out. He looks at her and compliments her. She holds his hand and leaves. He says I have sent my driver, we can spend some time. She thinks he did right thing, finally he got some sense. They leave.Manav calls Ayesha. She gets angry and scolds him. Manav says now you look Ayesha. Raghu takes the call. Ayesha thinks Raghu can know the truth and ends the call. Raghu pacifies her. They are on the way. Manav looks on. Raghu stops the car as way is blocked. They read tonight is the night. She says it means that man is near us. Raghu says don’t worry, sit in the car. A man races the bike.

Ayesha says he is the one. Raghu says stop and throws stone. The man falls down the bike. Raghu runs to catch him and holds the bike, while the man starts it and races.Raghu pulls off the helmet and its Richa. Raghu asks who is she. Richa says I came to see location. Ayesha says she is Richa, she works for navrang. Richa says I came for my work, I saw Ayesha and did not wish to show my face to her, she would shout on me. Ayesha asks her to shut up and go. Richa says sorry and leaves. Raghu asks Ayesha to come. Ayesha gets that call again. Raghu looks around and they put the call on speaker. Raghu asks him to come infront.

Manav says tonight is the night, it will be decided Ayesha is yours or mine. Ayesha asks who are you. Manav ends call. Richa and Manav look at them from far.

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