Dream girl update Saturday 12 March 2022

Dream girl 12 March 2022: The Episode starts with Laxmi angrily packing the things gifted by Samar and sending it to Samar by the driver. She tells Bua ji that memories can’t be kept if there is no use to keep the relation. She hugs the dress and says even if she tries, she can’t end this relation. Laxmi’s driver comes to Samar and hands over the box to him.Samar takes it and gets all those special gifts. He recalls the moments. He says fine if she wants this and throws them. Laxmi stands in balcony at night and looks sad. Bau ji says I told you memories don’t end if you return the things, come and have food.

She comes to the road and sees Samar. She thinks he might have come to apologize, I will not forgive him this time. He gets the box from the car and walks to her. Laxmi’s dad and Bua ji looks on from the balcony. Samar throws the things on the ground. She gets shocked seeing this. Samar brings the kerosene box and puts it on those things. Laxmi thinks did he go mad. He replies in heart that yes, you have made me mad. Samar throws the lighter and burns the things, shocking them.

He says now your and my relation is over. Laxmi says Raj, and puts the dress in the fire, ending the relation from her side too. Samar leaves in his car. Laxmi looks on. Its morning, Laxmi wakes up and thinks she has to become her dad’s support and do her duties.Laxmi’s dad recalls Ayesha’s and Samar’s words and gets unwell. Laxmi says she will make pakodas and tea for him and reminds the old times. He recalls Samar’s anger and gets chest pain. The glass breaks and Laxmi turns to see. She gets shocked and runs to him.

She gets worried seeing him unconscious and shouts for help. She calls Bau ji and cries. She calls Bau ji and call does not connect. She calls Samar and he does not take the call, recalling her words. She calls Karan and says her dad fainted. He says don’t worry, I m coming. He runs out. Samar comes office and sees script. He asks did everyone not come.The man says Karan will see rehearsals, Manav did not come. Samar sits reading the script. Samar asks about Karan. The man says Karan came early, but he left after getting a call. Samar asks whose call. The man says Laxmi’s call. Samar gets angry.

Samar getting to know about Karan going to meet Laxmi. The man says its his scene, he can start rehearsals. Samar asks is this a joke to call me so soon, he will call Manav. He thinks not to bother Manav and starts rehearsing. He says the other lines enacting with a girl, and recalls Laxmi. Samar takes a break. Laxmi comes with Karan and says sorry that rehearsals stopped because of me. He says its fine, your dad fainted by high BP, its good Bua ji came to take care of him. Samar comes and hears them talking. Karan asks her to smile to return favor of his help. She smiles. He asks her to keep smiling, as she looks gorgeous, lets go to canteen and have good tea. Ayesha sees them and smiles.

Laxmi says we are already late. He says its ok, dream girl can make others wait, come. Ayesha says Karan says he has to unite Samar and Laxmi, and then stands between them, Samar will doubt that Laxmi is cleverly handling both of them, my work is done, she should make Samar’s doubt more firm. Samar gets hurt by the lights. He is taken in Laxmi’s green room. The man says he will get ice pack and asks him to be here. The man uses ice pack and it relieves Samar. The light comes and Samar sees Laxmi’s pic. He gets angry and throws the ice pack. He asks whats happening, you all don’t do any work.

He scolds him and leaves. Ayesha asks what happened. The man says it was short circuit, and Samar got hurt, he was cool about it and reacted when power came. Samar says he does not need Laxmi’s help. Ayesha sees Laxmi’s room and her pics inside. She finds it irritating. Ayesha spoils Laxmi’s dress for the scene and hides seeing Karan and Laxmi coming. Laxmi says nothing is going good today. He asks her to be positive and get ready.Laxmi talks to someone and turns. Ayesha leaves. Laxmi goes to her room and sees the foundation cream on the floor.

The staff man asks Samar to take break, as Karan said his lines are less, Karan did few changes in the script. Samar asks how can Karan change script, does Manav do this. He thinks Karan is impressing his GF Laxmi, but he will not let Manav’s film get ruined.Laxmi sees the dress spoiled and asks about the marks. The girl says I checked it before, don’t know how did this happen. Laxmi says when I came, foundation bottle was fallen, it means someone did this, who will do this. She comes to know Samar came here and thinks what happened to him, why is he doing this in anger, this does not suit him.

Samar goes to Karan and asks him about changes in script. Samar scolds him for changing Manav’s script to impress his GF. He asks him to keep personal and professional life separate. Laxmi asks what if she asks him the same, and asks him why did he spoil her dress. Samar asks she thinks he did this. She says just you went in my room. He says yes, I was helpless, you feel the world revolves around you.

Samar and Laxmi start arguing and he taunts her for being with Karan. Karan sees their arguments. He stops them and says they are fighting like kids. Samar says unit is waiting as heroine did not come, she has gone with director. Karan says Manav has done changes in script, and call him to ask, and we came late, it has a reason, you want to know. Laxmi stops Karan and asks him not to tell personal things infront of outsiders. She says sorry Samar, and leaves. Karan says listen to me. Samar leaves. Ayesha smiles. Karan asks what does she see like this, she should have some self respect, does she like this, they love each other and she created the misunderstanding, they will unite and no one can separate them, what will she do then.

She says thanks for your advice, I might use it. Karan packs up the rehearsals and says he has to talk to Manav.Ayesha comes home and says Karan is right, she can’t be with Samar and Laxmi always, Laxmi will not miss any chance to trap Samar, what to do to be on set and rehearsals. She says what to do to be on set rehearsals, I need a reason. Manav talks to Prem and says he had a good meeting. Karan comes to meet them and asks why are they both in kitchen.

Manav says dad is making world best’s aloo tikki. Karan says rehearsals are cancelled. Manav asks the reason, they kept it to make them serious and not get shoot wrong. Kara says Samar and Laxmi had an argument. Manav asks why. Karan says Laxmi came 2 hours late. Manav asks why so, how will this work. Karan says she had genuine reason, her dad got minor attack and was taken to hospital, I also went there, now he is brought home. Prem asks them to taste the tikki. Samar hears this and recalls Laxmi and her dad.

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