Dream girl update Saturday 26 March 2022


Dream girl 26 March 2022: The Episode starts with Ayesha brought for interrogation. Abhimanyu says she can get mineral water if she gives right answers. He asks her to tell the truth. She sees water and sits. The lady asks her did she meet Laxmi last, before her disappearance. Ayesha says she won’t answer, unless her lawyers are here. He says this is not Hollywood movie to wait for lawyer, this is real life, she is blamed. She says yes, I met her and takes the water. He makes the glass away and asks why did she meet Laxmi.

She says she met Laxmi to tell her about focusing on her career, as she is Samar’s Bhabhi. Abhimanyu says you did not wish Laxmi to come in your house and become Laxmi Sareen. She says I m competitive but I m not a murderer. Abhimanyu says you had problem with Laxmi, Laxmi’s Bua has said this, you used to torture Laxmi. She says I m a very strict boss, everyone knows I mentored Laxmi and made her dream girl, Manav and Samar will agree to this.

He says it means Laxmi was talented, so you chose her, if Samar wanted to marry her, what problem you had. She says I did not have any problem, Samar was leaving his film. He says problem was that MMS scandal, and Laxmi was defamed, you did not wish Samar to marry her, was it true? She says it was. He says why did Manav say it was fake. She says no. He says it means MMS was fake, I feel you are connected to that MMS scandal. She says you are putting me under pressure, her image was spoiled and she was staining Samar’s image. He says so you did not wish Laxmi to marry Samar. She says yes. He looks at her. She says no, you are pressurizing me, I did not wish Laxmi and Samar not to marry, I wanted them to marry.

He asks why did she not wish them to marry, you had problem with Laxmi. Laxmi became dream girl and was marrying Laxmi, you felt everything will be snatched from you, so you pushed her, you accepted it. She says I pushed her slightly, I did not push her to kill her. He says you pushed her and she went missing. He says you have killed Laxmi, you accepted this. She says this is torture, I did not kill her. She screams and faints. The lady asks her to wake up, and says she really fainted, she did not eat anything. He says she is acting.

She says we will come in problem if anything happens to Ayesha. He asks them to put Ayesha back in lockup. Ayesha says she is feeling weak. The lady says she is her big fan, and asks her to have water. Ayesha refuses. Abhimanyu comes there and says he knows she did this acting to get save from his questions, everyone will doubt her if she does this. He says once he files chargesheet, he can’t change it and asks her to think. He gives her mineral water and she drinks it. She coughs and spits it.

He says maybe salt was much in it. Manav comes to meet Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu says Ayesha just slept, you can meet her. Manav says she has bear a lot, if she slept, I won’t disturb her. He asks is she fine. Abhimanyu says she is fine. Manav says I will take her tomorrow, when the court opens, give this bag to her, its her clothes. Abhimanyu says fine. Manav thanks him and leaves.The lady constables discuss about Ayesha, she is real heroine, she did not have water and food since 2 nights, she is very stubborn, see her state. Ayesha sleeps.

Its morning, Manav talks to inspector. The lawyer gives the bail papers and says Ayesha would be proved innocent. Abhimanyu greets Manav and talks to them. The lady constables apologizes to Ayesha and asks for her autograph. Ayesha comes there and Manav apologizes to her. Ayesha hugs him. He asks is she fine, sorry you had to be here for 2 days, she got the bail, they will go home now. The inspector asks Ayesha to sign. He asks her not to go out of country. Ayesha looks at Abhimanyu.Abhimanyu acting sweet to Ayesha infront of Manav. She acts cool and leaves with Manav. The media is outside the police station. Samar waits for her.


Ayesha gets shocked seeing so much media. They all ask her about the matter and make her wear garlands. Ayesha smiles and raises hand to stop them. She thanks them for supporting her. She says she is innocent and the culprit will be found soon. Abhimanyu gets miffed. Manav takes her in the car. The reporter says Ayesha’s mistake can either lift her or make her fall in public’s eyes.

Sona sees the news about Ayesha. Her friends say Ayesha is ours, but she got bail, we can’t stop people from talking, stop coming in social circle for few days, what will you answer. Sona gets angry. They backbite about Ayesha. Manav and Samar bring Ayesha home. The lady says it happens with celebrity, she will get more publicity. They act sweet to her and leave.

Manav asks Sona not to say anything now. Sona plays the news and shows them. Sona says I don’t need to say anything, she ruined everything. Manav says Ayesha is innocent, do I need to explain my family. Sona says ask Ayesha the truth. Manav saks her not to taunt Ayesha, as she was in police station since 2 days. He asks Ayesha to take rest. Manav says dad would have been hurt being here. Samar explains Sona that they know Ayesha is innocent. Sona says Laxmi’s murder blame is on Ayesha. Laxmi’s dad is angry as Ayesha came out so soon. Karan pacifies him and says Ayesha will get punished, trust me. Laxmi’s dad says we are getting punished, we did not get justice, everything can be bought with money.

Ayesha smiles and is happy seeing the world being passionate about her, she is still their dream girl. Bhatia calls her and cancels the cola ad shoot. She says even I feel the same, we will get this settle and then shoot. He says client said they can’t shoot, and will shoot with someone else. She asks does he want to replace her. He says client said so. She says I understand, its okay. He says he wants payment back. She says send anyone to office, you will get the cheque. He ends the call. She gets angry. Manav hears her and says its okay. She says I m not thinking about it, good riddance.

Manav says this will suit you, and reminds her that she has to go to kids NGO. She says yes. He asks her to meet people and keep smiling. He hugs her and asks her to get ready soon. Navrang staff discusses about the incidents going on. They don’t believe Ayesha can kill Laxmi. Nidhi recalls Ayesha’s hatred for Laxmi. They praise Sareen family, as Samar is supporting Ayesha, and Karan is getting against his own sister. Nidhi says she has to make calls and goes.

Ayesha talks to Samar and acts sweet to him. She is leaving for the NGO. Sona asks her. Ayesha tells her about NGO. Sona asks her not to go and sit at home. Ayesha says why to hide if she did not do anything wrong. Manav says Ayesha is right. Ayesha gets a call from NGO and the lady does not ask her to come, as it can badly affect the kids. Ayesha says she has o give cheques to kids for cancer treatment. The lady says trustees do not want Ayesha to come, she can come next time. Ayesha gets sad. Sona asks her did her world stop now and taunts her.

Manav asks Ayesha to rest. Samar asks Sona to support Ayesha. Sona goes. Ayesha recalls the changes post her arrest. She gets teary eyed.

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