My heart knows update Sunday 27 March 2022

My heart knows 27 March 2022: Kalyani comes. Malhar puts on the sunglasses to hide his tears. Kalyani quietly tells him that Athav can’t do this. He was with her 2 minutes before he called her. He told her that he’s going to hide in bathroom. He can’t injure Swara like that in 2 minutes. It might be that she was injured and in bathroom already when Atharv went there. SB hears that and asks Kalyani what she means that one of them will beat her up? It’s generally her who goes in Swara’s room, so does that mean she did all this? Malhar asks SB to leave Kalyani. SB says so he also thinks it’s her behind all this? She asks him to arrest her then. Kalyani says no one is blaming her.

Malhar says he doesn’t want to talk about this. When Swara wakes up, they will find out. He gives her cream to apply on her wound. SB makes Malhar more emotional by telling Kalyani not to spread this outside, else who will marry Swara. Kalyani leaves.She’s sitting alone. Aao Saheb comes and says she doesn’t know where Anupriya is. It took so long her to find cream. She asks her to take off mangalsutra, so she can apply cream. She asks about Atharv. Aao Saheb says Madhav locked him in out house. Madhav comes and asks what kind of sanskaar Aao Saheb has given to her children. Aao Saheb puts him in the place saying to keep his voice down. Their sanskaar can be seen in Kalyani who is managing his mad house. Everyone comes outside.

SB sees Kalyani not wearing mangalsutra and starts drama that she knows things have not been ok between her and Malhar, but that doesn’t mean she will remove and throw her mangalsutra like that. Kalyani was giving justification, but then she sees Malhar staring at her and stops. She tells him he must be thinking same. She is tired keeping balance between both families and losing her own balance. Malhar asks did he say anything to her that she’s saying all this for him? He knows no matter what happens, she will always respect her suhaag (husband) and mangalsutra.

He applies cream on her wound and says he also has responsibility towards both families. If she supports him and work together, then she won’t be feeling helpless. He takes mangalsutra and wraps it on his wrist saying he also put suhaag’s symbol on him. Everyone is shocked.

Malhar tying mangalsutra to his hand and says this is the sign of marriage, I have tied it as I want to express and make everyone know that Rane and Deshmukh family is not just yours, but mine also. Even I have same responsibility to maintain stability and happiness in the family. He promises her that he won’t let injustice happen to Atharv. He says once Swara gains consciousness, I will ask her. He says if Atharv is not guilty then you shall beat me with the same belt and if someone else is responsible then I will not leave that person. Asawari gets worried. Malhar goes to call doctor.

Madhav asks Kalyani not to protect mad Atharv. Sarthak asks Madhav to leave Atharv and says he was already beaten up badly. Aao Saheb asks Kalyani to come with her and tells that truth will be out when Swara gains consciousness. They leave. Madhav asks Asawari why she had beaten up Swara so brutally. Asawari says she was scared that Swara might tell Radhe’s truth to Malhar and Kalyani.Later Swara comes to hall. Sarthak holds her and asks how is she? Swara asks him to stay away from her and tells that she knows that this will happen with her. She says if he has strength then he shall tell the truth to everyone and tell who had done this with her.

She says no man of Rane family have strength to say the truth. Kalyani comes and hears them. She asks Swara if she is fine. Asawari comes and hugs Swara. She asks Swara if Atharv did this and signs her, pressing her shoulder. Kalyani says Atharv can’t do this. Malhar comes there. Kalyani asks him to hear from Swara that Atharv is innocent. She asks her to tell the truth. Swara is scared of Asawari, lies that Atharv had molested her. Madhav and Asawari relax. Sarthak feels bad. Kalyani is shocked. Asawari says did you see? Aao Saheb comes and says this girl is lying. Kalyani asks Swara, why is she lying? Kalyani asks Sarthak to tell the truth to everyone. Sarthak says I don’t know the truth, first you accused me of knowing 26th july truth and now this.

Kalyani asks Swara to tell the truth and asks her to tell who is threatening her and forcing her to lie. Swara says I am not in anyone’s influence and tells that Atharv did wrong with her. Kalyani says no. Swara feels dizzy. Kalyani says this is lie. Malhar asks Kalyani to stop it and says Swara told the truth. Pallavi comes and tells Aao Saheb that Atharv is not in the outhouse.Atharv is in Malhar and Kalyani’s room with Moksh. He says everyone has beaten him badly for no fault of his. He tells that there is a ghost in the house who has beaten Swara badly. He says I will protect you using this pistol. Aahir comes and asks Atharv to give pistol to him else he will throw Moksh in the well.

Atharv says if you touch my brother then I will shoot you. Aahir acts and shouts calling everyone. Everyone comes there and sees Atharv holding gun and keeping Moksh at his side. Asawari recalls and a fb is shown. She comes to the outhouse holding the gun and frees him. She asks him to hide in his baba’s room and scare everyone with the gun. She asks him not to tell anyone that she freed him and gave him the gun. Fb ends. Malhar and Kalyani ask Atharv to leave the gun. Malhar says you are good son and Moksh is your brother. Atharv says I didn’t do anything, search that ghost who had beaten Aatya. Kalyani signs Moksh to walk towards them. Moksh walks and comes to Kalyani.

Malhar takes Moksh and gives to Kalyani. Kalyani is happy that Moksh started walking. Atharv gets happy seeing Moksh walking. Malhar promises Kalyani that he won’t do anything to Atharv and takes him out. Atharv says he didn’t do anything. He calls Pawar and asks him to bring the car. He asks Aahir to lock Kalyani’s door from outside and make sure that she doesn’t come out. Malhar tells that he will not do anything with Atharv. Asawari and Aahir smirks. Pallavi asks Malhar to tell and goes behind them. Malhar holds Atharv’s hand and takes him out.

Kalyani asks Moksh to walk again for her and tells that don’t know why kaka and Swara lying. She says why Kaka is hiding who has injured Swara. She says if Aai would have been here then she would have supported me. Aahir closes the door from outside and locks it. Kalyani shouts asking him to open the door. Aahir locks the door and takes the keys with him. Kalyani comes back to Moksh and gets tensed.Malhar sending Atharv to jail. Pallavi says nobody can take my brother from here and shouts.

Malhar says I have taken a decision and tells that Atharv will become fine there. Kalyani asks someone to open the door. Atharv tells Malhar that he didn’t do anything to Swara etc. He calls him baba and asks him to stop him. He tells that he will not steal crackers and didn’t do anything to Aatya and was protecting Balu from ghosts. Pallavi comes to Kalyani’s room to take her help, but finds the door locked and Asawari stops her and tells that it is for Atharv’s betterment. Atharv pleads infront of Malhar that he is innocent as Pawar and others try to take him to the jeep. Asawari continues to stop Pallavi, but the latter threatens her. Asawari says it is for Atharv’s betterment. Madhav stops Sarthak.

Atharv shouts calling Aai (Kalyani) and asks her to save him. Kalyani tries to come out of room through the balcony, but Aahir asks her to go inside and pushes her inside and locks the door. Pallavi breaks the lock using the hammer and asks Kalyani to save Atharv.Kalyani comes out holding Moksh in her hand. Asawari stops Kalyani and tells that Malhar and her relation can become worse or can break if she helps Atharv. Kalyani says for now, she needs to save Atharv and will not handover her son to anyone. She says she don’t trust anyone at the moment and ties Moksh on her back with Pallavi’s help. Madhav gets angry. Kalyani runs outside.

The mental asylum jeep starts. Kalyani comes out and tries to stop. The jeep stops. Malhar stops Kalyani. Kalyani tells her that she heard Kaka and Swara talking about the real culprit. She says Atharv is innocent and she don’t trust him (Malhar) now. She starts running behind the mental asylum bus. Atharv calls Kalyani and asks where I am taken away, and asks her to save him. Kalyani says where Baba is sending you, the people are good there and you will enjoy with them. Atharv says the ghost which had beaten Tatya, had injured Nani also. Kalyani is shocked and recalls the incident. She rushes back near the well and gets a tape recorder. She calls Aai. Aao Saheb comes there and tells that Anupriya was unconscious here and that’s why Parshiya took her to hospital. They go to hospital.

Kalyani tells Aao Saheb that something is wrong in the house and Kaka and Swara are hiding something. The tape recorder gets switched on by mistake and they hear RadheShyam telling that Sarthak Rane wanted to kill him and asking whoever hears please help him. Kalyani is shocked and taken aback. Aao Saheb takes Moksh from her hand. She brings water for her and gives to Kalyani. Kalyani drinks and gets dizzy. She asks her to rest and take the tape recorder from her hand.

Malhar tells Swara that he misunderstood Kalyani many times and sent Atharv to mental care. He asks did I do right and asks if she is sure that Atharv did wrong with her. Just then Swara hears RadheShyam’s voice and runs out. Aao Saheb plays recording in which Radheshyam is telling that his life is in danger as Sarthak Rane wants to kill her and asks whoever gets this recording, please save me. Malhar asks where did you get this recording? Aao Saheb says Anupriya got this and asks Malhar if he can’t see criminals in his family. She says that Madhav and others knew everything.


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