Dream girl update Saturday 12 February 2022


Dream girl 12 February 2022: The Episode starts with Ayesha saying Laxmi and Nandini deserve this. Nandini calls on Dhruv’s number and Ayesha’s phone gets dead. Ayesha bonds with Meera and Mithi and Nandini looks on. Laxmi takes care of casper. She asks him not to trouble her, and asks what will he eat now. Samar calls her and asks will anyone come from office to drop her, as her meeting will take much time, else he will come and pick her. She says no need, and asks about dogs caretaking. He says explain him that you are the owner, scold him and then give some food. She says thanks Raj, I will talk later.

A thief enters the office. Laxmi scolds casper and does as Samar told her. She keeps cheese and casper eats it. She falls and says now I will show who I m. The thief enters the studio. She scares casper and controls him. He runs to Ayesha’s cabin. She is shocked to see thief there. The thief catches her and she screams. He asks for all office cash. She says I don’t know, there is no cash here, its card and cheque payment. The other thief catches casper and says he is trained dog, so he was barking when he came.She says please leave casper. They take away all awards. Laxmi says please leave this, its Ayesha’s.

She sees the security alarm, else it will be big loss for Ayeha. The thief catches her and asks her to sit. The thief messages Ayesha. Ayesha says good and smiles. They take the laptop and Laxmi stops them. She worries and they leave. Laxmi sits and cries. She says no one likes me because of this, I fail to do anything.Its morning, police comes and questions the guard. Karan doubts on Laxmi and scolds her. He says Ayesha’s laptop is very important, was a dog’s life more imp than your duties. Laxmi cries. Karan asks Ayesha to give Laxmi in police. Laxmi says I did not steal anything. Ayesha says since you came, you are doing my loss and counts her mistakes.

She asks how can she trust her. Karan says no, till she does not have fear, she will be careless.He says she has to pay for the loss and says just one mistake more, she will bear the loss, it depends on what she does. He scolds her and leaves. Ayesha asks Laxmi to just go. Ayesha smiles. Laxmi sits with casper. Hasmukh says it looks they got friendship, she is great, she did friendship with a dangerous dog. Laxmi’s brother calls her and she lies about her shooting. He asks did she meet Samar and she goes far to talk to him. Hasmukh takes casper and Laxmi tells about Samar.She ends call and looks for casper. She says he is not there. Karan takes casper and sends him off to trouble Laxmi more.

Laxmi asks everyone about casper and worries. Karan throws a ball and sends casper to fetch it. He asks someone to keep casper in car till he asks him to send him. Laxmi gets tensed and thinks what will she answer Ayesha now.Laxmi looking for Casper. Karan sees her and leaves. She thinks she can’t tell him anything. She calls police. The goons take the dog and stop at the signal. Casper jumps out of the car. Nandini thinks to call Meera’s BF once. Karan asks Ayesha who will get against her and laughs. Nandini calls Dhruv. Ayesha sees Meera’s message and smiles. Casper goes to Nandini and the goons leave. Casper barks and the things fall down.

Casper eats the biscuits and her phone gets damaged.Laxmi talks to inspector and asks him to find casper, by telling a fake story about him, that he has fought battles with her husband and its very special for him. She tells him many fake stories and he salutes captain casper, saying he will find him till 6pm. Ayesha comes and asks for casper. Laxmi says he went to do potty. Ayesha says its owner, my friend Jia is coming at 6pm, then you are rest. Laxmi says call them later, casper and I have good tuning. Ayesha says how sweet, but see you at 6. Laxmi says don’t know what will Karan do and worried.

Laxmi calls some guy and buys a dog. The man sees casper and thinks its same dog as she told, I will catch this. Samar’s boss says he took tempo for the big samosa order. Casper gets inside the tempo. Samar takes the tempo. The man looks on and sees casper inside. Ayesha fools Meera and says not bad, I also feel of college romance. She chats with Meera.Nandini comes home and says she will ask Meera who is this Dhruv. She sees Meera chatting. She thinks Dhruv is making Meera against me, I will find you and see what I do, no one messes with me. Karan asks Ayesha why is she smiling. Ayesha says just having some fun. Karan says his plan.

Laxmi is with some other dog and says she will paint him, and asks him to give good climax to story. Ayesha calls her and asks her to get casper in her cabin in 5mins. Laxmi is tensed and ends call.Laxmi gets the other dog. Karan asks is this casper, it looks dull. Laxmi says he had much food;. Ayesha says I got new collar for casper. Laxmi thinks her hands will get the color and stops her. She says she will fix it and take him outside. Ayesha says she is happy and asks her to go. Karan says we can see she painted the dog, why did you let her go. Ayesha says it will be fun when she is caught red handed infront of everyone, and says they have to water the plants. He says fine, I will get it done. She smiles.

Laxmi thinks what to do, this dog does not look casper, his color is not drying. Ayesha looks on and smiles. Karan asks the man to put water on plants and Laxmi takes dog away. Ayesha calls Jia and says casper is ready for pickup. Jia comes and hugs Ayesha. Laxmi gets tensed and says how did she come now, she was coming at 6pm, what will happen now. Karan puts water on the dog. Ayesha says casper is there. Jia says this is not casper. Laxmi gets worried seeing the color come out.

Ayesha says this is not casper and asks Laxmi where is casper. Jia cries and says she wants her casper. Laxmi says casper is not here. Ayesha asks what do you mean by this. Laxmi says she was talking on phone, don’t know where did it go, I informed police and they said they wi8ll get him till 6pm. Ayesha asks was she lying all the while, whats wrong with her. Karan says she always does mistakes and lies. Ayesha scolds Laxmi and says you always did my loss, but today you have done my friends loss by losing her pet.She asks Laxmi to leave and takes Jia. Samar says this way is one way and its blocked, I have to go by other way and Navrang will come that way, its time to become Raj Singh.

He sees casper inside and all the samosas out. Casper barks on him. Samar says I was joking, and asks him to go, he has less time to deliver. Karan scolds Laxmi and says she will be punished now. He asks her what does she think.

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