Dream girl update Sunday 13 February 2022

Dream girl 13 February 2022: The Episode starts with Karan saying Laxmi will be punished and she loves his hair a lot, so he will cut them. Laxmi says he can’t do this. Jia cries and Ayesha asks her to have water. She runs to see whats happening hearing Laxmi’s screams. Samar gets casper and says he will deliver samosas first and then think about him. He takes casper. Laxmi says please trust me, this is not legal what he is doing, police will find casper. Karan asks Nidhi to call police and tell them that Laxmi was here at night in office when theft happened, she can get hair again, but if she goes jail, she will regret.

He says lets give her a heroine cut down. Nidhi shows a design and they clap. Laxmi cries. Karan shows Priyanka’s Barfi look and calls Laxmi a drama queen, so lets start the superstar journey. Ayesha promises Jia that she will get her casper back. Laxmi asks staff not to do this, this is not right. Karan says we are Navrang’s employees, we do what we say. She says I will tell Ayesha. He says she is busy with Jia, don’t you dare to go there. Samar comes to Navrang as Raj singh and asks Casper to be in van. Nidhi catches Laxmi and asks her to sit on the chair. They make her ready to cut her hair.

Karan gets the scissor. Laxmi screams and says please don’t do this. Ayesha looks on and smiles. Samar come there and hears Laxmi’s screams. He says is anyone in pain here and thinks its Navrang’s office, so it will be someone familiar. He says whats happening. The group is formed around Laxmi and Samar could not see her. Samar says it might be audition going on and leaves. He delivers the samosas and gets payment.Casper comes there running and Samar does not find him in can. Casper pushes Karan down and barks on him. Karan and Ayesha are shocked.

Casper attacks Karan. Samar thinks where did dog go, did it go inside. He goes to see the dog. Laxmi cries. Samar comes inside and looks for the dog. Casper barks and Jia says its my casper’s voice, and runs out to see. Laxmi cries and hugs casper. Casper too cries.Jia comes to casper and takes him. Samar sees the lady hugging casper and thinks it belongs to her. He thinks I think he got his home here, he is safe here, take care and leaves. Jia scolds Laxmi and taks casper. Laxmi says wait, don’t take him. Laxmi says casper is my first friend in this office and thanks him.

Jia leaves with casper. Karan says her fate was good that she was saved this time.Laxmi says not fate, my deeds are good, my dad says whose deeds are good, nothing bad happens with them, I know I made mistake but I still make efforts, I believe Navrang is temple and I idolized Ayesha, I will not lose till I become Dream Girl. Ayesha looks on. She says if she falls, she will again get up and keep trying till she is alive, she is adamant now and she will not leave her dreams now. Ayesha thinks she is adamant now, she thought to leave her, but not now seeing her attitude.

Laxmi wipes her tears and leaves. Ayesha says your bad luck will come tomorrow and you will curse the day you dreamt to be dream girl. Its night, Meera asks Mithi to hurry up, they are going to have dinner with Ayesha. Nandini says she came to be with them. Meera says you come daily, Ayesha is not free daily. Nandini says her phone is broken and asks Meera for phone. She asks Meera is she hiding anything. Meera gives the phone.Nandini messages Dhruv from Meera’s phone. He writes he is going Dubai.

Nandini thinks she will find him, and takes his number. She returns the phone to Meera and says enjoy yourself. They leave. Nandini gets a new phone and uses app to know whose number is it. She enters the number and smiles.Laxmi looks at the stars. Samar asks how was her meeting, she came back after 2 days. She says it was fine, but time was bad. She says she learnt a lot today and got chance to control her fears. He says I had some loss. She says I got a friend. He says you too. She says coincidence is not possible. He asks about her friend. She says he met and went, his name is casper. He says it looks dog’s name. She says it was dog. He thinks he also met dog, if I tell her, she will think I m saying same.

She asks what does he talk to himself. He says I told, I fell and got hurt so I talk like this. She looks at the sky. He shows broken star and she smiles. She prays. He looks at her and smiles. She says I feel tomorrow will be very good. He says I also feel this. They smile and hold hands.Ayesha asking Laxmi will she become her body double, as her hand is hurt, its not easy role, and there should not be any mistake, you wanted to be like me, so I thought you would like to work. Laxmi is glad and says I will do it. Ayesha says I will call them and say.

Laxmi thinks shall I touch her feet, she is like my Lord and Guru, I will face camera like Ayesha Sareen. Laxmi gets the makeup done and recalls the childhood scene.The action director of the film John meets Laxmi and says she has to break the wooden plank by her head. She is shocked and says how. He says don’t worry, I will say this. He says its thermocool made, and looks wooden and shows her. She smiles. He says be careful, break it well and shot should be good. She says I have talent in me, I m from Jodhpur and this shot will be good. He says best of luck.

He tells Ayesha that he explained Laxmi, but that head stunt was not in film. Ayesha says its not done till now in any film by heroine. He says nice and leaves.Karan says Laxmi does not know her life is going to be sensational. Ayesha says her mouth will be broken now and he says he is going to do his work now. Laxmi thinks she is Ayesha’s body double now and then she will be with her in scene. They cover her face. Karan replaces the plank with real wooden one. They ask her to come for the shot. Laxmi says I m not seen. The media comes and asks Karan about the shoot.

Karan says they can cover shoot, but not disturb the actor. Ayesha looks on and smiles. The media thinks its Ayesha and ask how will she do stunt without any body double. John asks Laxmi to do as kung fu master says, and she knows its fake so break it by head. Laxmi sees it and he asks her to be ready for the shot.She does not know its wooden. The media praises Ayesha’s dedication. Laxmi sits there. Ayesha says go for it Laxmi, when big dreams break, it hurts a lot. Laxmi hits it with her head and gets hurt. Ayesha smiles seeing her. Laxmi thinks I think someone has kept the real one here by mistake.

Karan signs the master. He asks her to go ahead of her fears and says go. John says what is he saying, this was not in script. Karan says he is improvising, scene will be good. John says fine.Laxmi sits again to break it and thinks its last chance to win Ayesha’s trust, this wooden plank will break today. She hits it with her head again and falls down. The media think its tough task, she has fainted by the tough task and rush to her. Ayesha calls Karan and ask him to get Laxmi inside and media should not see her. Karan asks media to move back.

They take Laxmi inside. A reporter sees its not Ayesha Sareen, it means they are getting publicity by making body double work on Ayesha’s name. He clicks the pics and says this is cheat by Ayesha, its jackpot that I got the pic. The doctor checks Laxmi and says she will be mine. Ayesha asks Nidhi to not let media meet doctor. Karan asks Ayesha is this not too much. Aysha says was she agreeing. He says she could have gone in coma. She says but she did not, she will not face any camera now, her dreams will turn into fear.He says there is a problem, a news reporter took her pics.

She says what, go fast, no photo should be leaked. The reporter calls someone and says Ayesha Sareen is fooling others by using the body double, she is talented and beautiful, I took the pics, she can become new dream girl. Karan comes and asks for pics. The reporter says why, you should promote that girl. Ayesha takes his camera. Laxmi wakes up and says I fainted and shooting might be stopped, I have annoyed Ayesha, I also try again.Ayesha takes the memory card and Laxmi is stunned seeing her hand fine and no fracture.

The man says give me memory card back. Ayesha breaks it. The man asks what did you do, the girl is talented. She says what talent, she is just junior artist, she is not talented, no one can get talent to become dream girl. Laxmi is shocked and cries. Ayesha says its just one dream girl Ayesha Sareen. She scolds Karan to tell them that she will buy the pics, Laxmi’s pics should not be public. Karan says I got it, but I m saying…. She says send my makeup man to my room and leaves. Laxmi cries seeing her real face and her lies. She recalls how Ayesha has troubled her. She thinks she acted to show love for me, she hates me so much.


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