Dream girl update Friday 11 February 2022


Dream girl 11 February 2022: The Episode starts with constable asking Samar to come to police station. Samar worries that Manav will get to know this and thinks to do something. Karan tells Ayesha that work is done. Ayesha asks did she get hurt, I don’t want to hurt her, but just break her confidence and send her back. Laxmi tries to get up from muddy area and calls for help. She falls again and cries. Samar asks constable to listen to him, and says this box has his respect along with samosas. Laxmi says she will win and show Ayesha. She tries to come upwards.

Samar offers samosas to them and tells that he will give everyone for free. He says he will not do anything again and leaves from there. Karan says all plan flopped, she left from there. Ayesha says she will not lose so easily. Laxmi says Ayesha, I m coming, I won’t let you lose. The men stop Samar and asks him to take his order, he has to take his kid to hospital. He apologizes and asks for help. Samar agrees.Laxmi sees an old blind lady standing to cross road and asking for help. She recalls her dad’s words and thinks she will not break dad’s promise.

Samar says where to deliver. The man says address. Samar says its other way. The man requests. Samar says fine. He says I can deliver samosas anytime, and helps him. Laxmi helps the lady. The race is ending in 30 seconds. Samar delivers the samosas of the other vendor and thanks him. He says he promised Manav to be good actor, but he will not become a bad man.Laxmi comes late and loses the race. She says sorry, I was helping a blind woman. Ayesha leaves. Karan says you would have used mind, and helped many needy people by donating the money won here. Samar’s boss scolds him.

Nandini tells Manav to take them out to their fav bakery. He asks them to go, he is busy. Nandini asks Meera to come and sit with her. Meera gets angry and says she wants space. She asks Nandini not to control her, Ayesha is better and she does not act like her. Meera keeps her phone and goes. Manav asks Nandini to learn from Ayesha how to manage Meera.Nandini says I came to meet kids, I will leave now. She gets Meera’s phone and sees Dhruv’s messages. She thinks who is he, she will find him, and show Manav what she is right mum for Meera. Meera hugs Ayesha. Nandini leaves.

Laxmi comes home in muddy clothes and Bua ji asks what happened. Laxmi says she fell in mud. Samar comes upset. Bua ji asks what happened, did he also fell. Samar sees Laxmi and laughs. Laxmi says see your face, don’t laugh. Bua ji asks them to freshen up.They get freshen up and Bua ji gives coffee to them. Laxmi’s back is hurt and she is unable to sit. Bua ji says why this happens with them, they both are hurt. She goes to get warm water and asks them to use it. Laxmi asks Samar to have it. Samar says no you keep it. Bua ji says use it one by one.

Laxmi sits on the hot water bag and then Samar. They sit together and see each other smiling. She says her boss got annoyed again. He says even I did not fulfill my sales target. She says don’t know when will our dreams fulfill. They have coffee.Ayesha getting a dog and ordering cheese for him. Laxmi is with Samar and they have a talk. He compliments her. She says she is scared of animals. Ayesha tells Amrita and Karan to keep cheese on Laxmi’s desk, so that dog gets hungry and attacks her. They laugh and do as Ayesha said. Laxmi comes office and greets good morning to Karan. He says good or bad, you came here and will do something.

Ayesha makes the dog sit hungry. Nidhi tells Laxmi that today cheese is ban here, as Ayesha’s friend’s dog has come and it does not like cheese. Laxmi says she is scared of dogs. She thinks maybe he is gentle.Ayesha says she will know how does a dog behave. Laxmi smells cheese and looks at her desk. Ayesha looks on and releases the dog towards her. Laxmi asks Nidhi to check and Nidhi asks her not to make excuses. Laxmi gets the cheese in her hand. The dog runs towards Laxmi and she panics. She falls down and throws the cheese.

The dog gets over her and she screams. Laxmi cries. Ayesha asks is she hurt and sends the dog away. Karan says should we take her to hospital now. Laxmi says I m fine. Karan asks who got this cheese. Nidhi says I told Laxmi that cheese is not allowed today, maybe she got it and then acted that she is getting cheese smell.Laxmi says no, I don’t eat cheese, I swear. Ayesha says relax, its clear that Laxmi is scared of dogs and Nidhi has allergy, Amrita and Karan are busy and she has doctor appointment, who will take care of dog. Karan says Laxmi will do, she will get rid of the fear.

Laxmi says sorry, but I m really scared of dogs. Ayesha says its ok, I understand. Karan asks Laxmi what about your promise. Ayesha says its fine, I will cancel my doctor appointment, it was urgent, but never mind. Laxmi stops her. She says she will take care of casper. Laxmi gets neck sprain and even then runs to stop Casper on the roads. She gets him and he starts running. She finds tough to control him.Casper does potty and the guard stops Laxmi asking for 1000rs fine. She gets worried. She says I don’t have money, I just have 100rs, and shows her empty purse.

Casper runs and the man asks her how did she get 500rs. He takes it and scolds her. She gets sad and he asks her to clean the potty. She says she can’t clean it, and asks him to get anything else. He insists. She takes paper and lifts the potty.Laxmi brings casper back to office. Karan and Ayesha smile. Ayesha says wow Laxmi, you guys became friendly. Laxmi says yes. Ayesha says I m going to meet my doctor, and tells her that Casper does not sleep without AC, and Mithi is scared of dogs, so she can’t take him. Laxmi thinks it will be good and she can get rid. Ayesha asks Laxmi to stay at office. Laxmi asks what. Karan says no, she can do anything here.

Laxmi asks why does he say this, she always tries. Ayesha says she is trying so hard, I think she deserves this chance. Laxmi thanks her and says I will stay. Ayesha says so its settled, and Karan makes sure she should not have any discomfort. She leaves.Laxmi calls Bua ji and says she has meeting at office at night and lies to her. Bua ji asks her to take care and come soon. Casper barks and Laxmi looks on praying to Lord.

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